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Need A Weapon Tester!


I'm Sexy and I Know It
Alright, so, I need someone to test a weapon for me. Multiple someones are fine, too. Long and short, it's a thermal cannon that needs a dev thread. Anyone interested? Payment is twofold. Credits for the first payment, then one of the cannons to keep for yourself if you'd like. If you don't want to keep it or if the weapon isn't approved, I'll swap it for more credits. Any takers?


I'm Sexy and I Know It
The more the merrier lol Just a heads up, the weapon is a thermal cannon (I think I said that already) and is capable of bypassing class 10 armor without thermal shielding or dispersion abilities. I need some people to run it through it's paces and generally test it on the range and in different weather, etc.

I will say this, though, IC'ly, I'm gonna have all weapons testers sign a legal document not to produce, manufacture, or design anything similar. It's all IC, so the worst that'll happen is an IC copyright infringement/breach of contract lawsuit that has no bearing on OOC at all :p

If that interests you guys, lemme know and @ me below and we'll get started :p

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