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Romeo Sin

So I'm moving Friday. With a friend. I don't know how long it'll take to get back on but I promise to be on asap afterwards. .y characters beside Sin is
@[member="Sairis Flair"]

Reasons for the move is I can't stand my parents, specially step dad. Some know how I feel. So don't count me gone forever. Just bear with me. Its gonna kill me to not be able to play everyday like before. But I'm expecting internet there, which means better role playing
And some stress free environments and fresh ideas which means better role playing.
Also the guy I'm moving in with wants to play this @Owen Star he just never has the ability to..yet. till then @[member="Rolim Crow"] is leader of the Silent Hand as well as @[member="Thomas Hunter"] which Rolim you needs to make him Mod in the faction page. I'll be here till Thursday night...IMA miss y'all its been a great months of interestingly fun rping. I consider you guys masters at what y'all do and awesome fans of Star Wars.

The staff...well we as players and writers couldn't ask for better staff members. Y'all are amazing and bring our ideas to life. I know I'm being dramatic but Star Wars means a lot to me, as well as Chaos. The staff are kind and generous, funny and the most helpful staffs I've seen. Stay frosty guys!!!

Adan Jax

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Baby come back you can blame it all on me. lol