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Motivation and Inertia

So, when we went major, it was because a lot of people wanted to see it happen. Which was great and we did the thing!

I don't know if folks are super busy, or lost interest, or if the faction isn't doing the things that work for them muse wise. But I'd like to know, and hear from you if there are things you'd like to see happen.

Looking for more small faction threads?
DMed threads?
​Opportunity to hop into war zones?
Exploring and mapping out Monastery?
OOC related discussions?

What are *you* looking for from the OSL?
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I connect always two days or daily depending of the situation, in two weeks i have exam week, so my activity will reduce a lot. I think that everyone else is busy, although i dont know why not telling everyone they are RPing with tho.
Would be cool to create threads about repairing cities or creating defense options. Idk

[member='Bethany Kismet']
I really like this faction, it's different than what Kahne has been a part of. It's been a good change. I've just been really busy at work all the while being incredibly sick. And it has just been draining my muse to post at all. I hope that changes in the coming weeks but I'm not gonna put any credibility on that simply because I'm not too sure.

My apologies again.

[member="Bethany Kismet"]
Factory Judge
[member="Bethany Kismet"], Been busy myself, and I am an Admin, and a Faction Owner for two other factions.

You also have to take account that many are having finals done, schooling completed, and many people are getting married around now *or it seems to be that way since I know like five people who are getting married*

However, I will try to be more active with Darren over here to help you guys.
Oh, I *absolutely* understand when IRL is just too much. This isn't me getting annoyed or upset cause people are busy in their own lives, just wondering if there is anything more that can be done for you folks on my end :)

Elisea Apollodor

I have like a bunch of things going on in other factions, and I almost always go: I need to post somewhere, I can feel it. And it's usually this girl, will try to get caught up with all posts on this one soon!
Speaking as someone who joined after being major, and something that will be hard to hear, but when I joined all I got was hi. There was nothing to point me in where to go, what to do, who to connect with. I watched as others joined to the same lackluster fanfare. It gave off the impression my participation wasn't needed or wanted.

To be fair, [member="Bethany Kismet"] was quick to to say hi, but at the time she was the only one doing so.

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