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Most Serene Republic of Manda

Havicl Baobab

Most Serene Republic of Manda
Type of Government: Oligarchic Republic​
Head of State: Doge​
Executive Branch: Great Council​
Legislative Branch: Senate​
Judicial Branch: Council of Ten​
Capital: Manda
Primary Official Language: Bocce
Secondary Official Language: Galactic Basic Standard

Formed From:
  • Baobab Family
  • Baobab Merchant Fleet

Overview Description:
The Most Serene Republic of Manda is inspired by the historical real world Mediterranean Republics that had arisen during the Middle Ages through the power of securing and forming trade routes. Likewise, the Most Serene Republic of Manda is focused on the essential core fundamentals of these real world Merchant Republics. Focusing primarily on Mercantilism with the mandate of expansion through peaceful means by the expansion and establishment of new trade routes and trading ports.

With their primary focus on legal means of commerce, they seek to maintain a neutral stance throughout the Galaxy. It is their view that by maintaining Neutrality during the course of conflict between other factions, they will ensure their continued security and safety by not choosing a side. Likewise this should not be seen as a means for one to bully their way into prosperity and wealth as the Most Serene Republic of Manda is more than capable of defending itself. Be it through its own fielding of armed merchant vessels or the hiring of mercenaries.

An Oligarchic Republic which is led by a Doge; a position in which the holder is elected to the position for life by the Aristocracy of the Most Serene Republic of Manda. The primary holder has normally been a member of the Boabab family. The Doges are granted great power, however there is a system of checks and balances put in place to ensure that actions are in the name and for the best of the citizens of the Most Serene Republic of Manda.

These checks and balances are seen through the Great Council of the Executive Branch, the Senate of the Legislative Branch and the Council of Ten which form the Judicial Branch. As such each branch is granted power through the laws of the Most Serene Republic of Manda. With further laws ensuring that no one single branch or member of such a branch grows in power greater than what is already provided for them. This is to ensure that the Most Serene Republic of Manda is acting in the accordance of the greater good and prosperity for the Citizens.

However each branch is also limited as to whom can freely participate or act within. The Great Council is formed by the Aristocracy families and is a hereditary right; with any new family needing to first be approved by sitting members before being allowed to join. As such the Doge is also capable of vetoing any denial decision made if they feel such a decision was made in haste or from bias.

While The Great Council is a hereditary right by Aristocracy family, it is countered in the extent of its power through the Senate. In counter of The Great Council, the Senate is formed by the common man. They are charged with the power of creating new laws for the betterment of the citizens of the Most Serene Republic of Marda, as well as containing the expansion of the powers sought by The Great Council.

As a final means of checks and balances, the Council of Ten form the Judicial Branch. This council is open to all members of citizenry, as anyone being from any background is capable of earning a seat should they have the back and following of the people. This position is not held through hereditary nor is it held specifically for the common man. It is through the Doge, The Great Council and the Senate that the members are choose. The Doge is granted the power to choose three sitting members while The Great Council and the Senate both are granted the power to choose four sitting members.

Merchant Fleet of the Most Serene Republic of Manda:
The Most Serene Republic of Manda maintains a sizable Merchant Fleet which is formed primarily from the already established Baobab Merchant Fleet, along with the addition of both personal and private Merchant vessels of those families and members of the Most Serene Republic of Manda. As the sole purpose of the Merchant Vessels is as such stated, the Most Serene Republic of Manda does not maintain a large military force. Rather those vessels that are armed are often converted Merchant Freighters with starfighter escorts that are fielded to maintain a level of security and anti-piracy patrols.

Likewise for those times when it is absolutely required to field a more proper military force, the Most Serene Republic of Manda will supplement their converted merchant vessels and starfighters with hired mercenaries and personnel to bolster their defenses and allow them to project their power when needed.

However each vessel is not completely unprotected. As such; the Most Serene Republic of Manda maintains a standing sizable Marine force. However these forces are often stationed on orbital Trading Ports or on priority treasury and merchant vessels. Each member of these Marine units are therefore highly trained to ensure the security of the contents on board.

Lotus Command:
While the majority of the forces employed by the Most Serene Republic of Manda are either armed merchant vessels and a small force with a reliance upon Mercenary forces; there is however the Lotus Command. As such it is the primary command of all starfighter wings that are fielded by the Most Serene Republic of Manda. It is thus charged by the Most Serene Republic of Manda to ensure that all starfighter wings are maintained and all pilots highly trained to ensure the protection of the assets of the Most Serene Republic of Manda, as well ensuring the safety and security of its citizens.

Force Users and the Mandari Guard:
Those that are Force Users or Force Sensitives are often welcomed with no harsh feelings or ill will; as their monetary status is the same as all beings whom pass through the realm of the Most Serene Republic of Manda. If you've credits or another means to pay for goods then you are more than welcomed. However there is a secondary look towards Force Users as a tradition has slowly grown throughout the years.

Enter the Mandari Guard. A core force of beings that are capable of using the Force and whom have been trained since birth to give their lives in the service of the Most Serene Republic of Manda to ensure the safety and security of its citizens and the state. Much like the ancient Jedi practice, the Mandari Guard takes the children at a young age to be trained to show absolute loyalty to the Most Serene Republic of Manda. Likewise the Mandari Guard also encourage their members to wed and have children with one another or others that also have a strong connection to the Force to ensure that the off spring will also have a strong connection to the force.

It is thus not uncommon for whole family dynasties to be seen serving within the Mandari Guard.

The Most Serene Republic of Manda is a Merchant Republic with an Economy that is strongly focused on a heavily trade centric economical system with a limited mercantilism influence. The operation of which is through a highly deregulated system in which all citizens receive a share of the profits in exchange for lower taxes and less state intervention in certain areas. With a primary focus upon the following areas.
  • Building a network of colonies
  • Monopolizing markets with staple ports / Acquisition and establishment of priority ports
  • Promoting Manufacturing and Industry
  • Maximizing the use of Domestic Resources

Population and Citizenship:
While there is a large populace within the Most Serene Republic of Manda; not all members of the population are citizens of the Most Serene Republic of Manda. This is due in part to the Economical structure and practice in which citizens are granted a portion of the profits. As such there can not be an overly large pool of citizens; which in turn creates a social dynamic. This in turn separates the population into the following categories.

There are two unique categories that fall under "Citizen." There are those that are Citizens, and those that are Hereditary Citizens. Likewise the total percentage of the population that are citizens is roughly 10%.

Hereditary Citizens are those of the Most Serene Republic of Manda whose citizen ship can not be taken from them for any means or through any action; with as the name implies the title of Citizen immediately being granted upon all members of the original title holder's family or dynasty. As such these Citizens are often those that serve in the Political structure, are members of the Aristocracy or Wealthy Merchant families; or are members of the Mandari Guard.

Citizens are those of the population whom have gained their title through the "service guarantees citizenship" moniker; in which they served the Most Serene Republic of Manda and were granted the rights that come with the title of Citizen. These are often those whom are members of the Marines, Merchants, or those Commands of mercenary, non-citizen and droid forces that are called upon to protect and serve for the betterment of both the state and its citizens.

Protected Population:
The protected population are those beings that reside within the confinements of the space marked as the Territory of the Most Serene Republic of Manda; whom are in turn protected by the aforementioned governmental entity, however lack the title of citizen of the Most Serene Republic of Manda. Likewise they are capable however of becoming citizens through their actions and service to the Most Serene Republic of Manda. As such they are the largest; covering a percentage of 70%.

Those beings that have willingly and without force or other means of coercion; openly signing such documents that otherwise for a limited time repeal their rights for the means to produce upon the debt that they themselves have accrued. As such they make up a small percentage of the work force that operates within and throughout those worlds, ports, vessels, and all properties of citizens or the Most Serene Republic of Manda itself as a means to work off the debt that have created. Their total is roughly that of 20% of the overall population.

Foreign Affairs:
Seeking to maintain a neutral stance throughout the galaxy, the Most Serene Republic of Manda is focused on maintaining a neutral stance towards all governments in the Galaxy. Seeing their strength and power through maintaining their neutrality to ensure the safety and security of its citizenry. Likewise they are seeking to establish non-aggression pacts to further maintain their neutrality while also swearing off alliances to any single faction. Their economy is focused upon and based around the need to secure raw materials from all factions to further their output of their manufactured goods.

  • The further acquisition of raw materials to continue the production and sale of manufactured goods
  • The acquisition and establishment of priority ports
  • The establishment of lucrative trade routes and new hyperspace routes
  • The founding and funding of local merchant guilds, manufacturing industries and other local industries

If there are any questions that you may have I am fully opened to answering and replying to those questions and concerns to the best of my ability as it will allow me to do so.

Havicl Baobab

It's good to see the first new member. I welcome others to join as well, or ask questions if you have any. As I mentioned, I will do my best to answer them.

Havicl Baobab

I edited the Council of Ten around so it serves as the Judicial Branch rather than it being the historical Council of Ten. In the future though with the growth of the faction I may revisit the thought of having a secretive Council of Ten to arrest people.

Havicl Baobab

I've edited in the following.

The Economy is no longer solely Mercantilistic or heavily dominated by Mercantilism; as it is now more heavily reliant on a Trade centric Economy with only limited mercantilism influence.

The addition of descriptions of the Population and Citizens of the Most Serene Republic of Manda.

Darth Voracitos

Chaos-God of Gluttony
I like this. Interesting.

So many kriffn' factions, and retirement, and rabble rabble rabble... (continues to mumble about all the reasons why he can't make a char for this)

Anyway, good luck!

Havicl Baobab

Darth Voracitos said:
If I were to join this, I would want to start at the bottom and work my way up to become a Doge. T'would be cool and such. Would that even be possible?
It would be possible in theory. Though it would mean going from a member of the Protected Population to becoming a member of the Great Council and getting the other members to vote for you to be the successor of the sitting Doge. It would take time though.

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