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MORTAL KOMBAT!! (Tournament)


Kneel Before Zod
Hello everyone! This is your future supreme overlord Dredge coming at you with the celebration of 30 Days of the horde! But I will get more to the point! The Horde is hosting a tournament on our new planet Echidna and we invite you to join.

Players may enter with 2 alts.
Every round is different from settings and biomes to weapons given to the duelists if any at all.

The winner gets their very own beast, weapon, or armor, shaped by the Yuuzhan Vong. It can be anything you want we will even submit to the factory just for you!

Final round:
After fighting and destroying all your competition the player, (that's you) gets to fight the legendary Gorog!! So if you wish to sign up the tournament will be. Held this weekend and you are all invited!

Chris Tolaran

Joyfully insane
Interested in joining with this character and/or @[member="Emily Beleren"] . However, one question. How is the winner decided before hand? I ask this because we all know players will be hard pressed to let their characters lose if they're promised Vong weapons as rewards.


Kneel Before Zod
@[member="Chris Tolaran"] A panel of judges will decide how the duel goes.

@[member="Isis Fontana"] Feel free to bring whoever

@[member="Darth Onyx"] Come on by

@[member="Darth Vornskr"] Yes, yes you can