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Morian Marr

This is the actual Morian Marr character page. The other one was posted from my other account.

Name: Morian Marr
Age: 38
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Height: 6'2
Weight: 220
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Hazel
Skin: Light
Force Sensitive: No
Faction: None

Biography: Morian was born on Concord Dawn, to the small, and largely fractured Marr Clan. Made up of only direct biological descendants, Clan Marr was always a small clan. No outsiders were allowed, and and cooperating with any other clan was considered a great weakness and failing on their part. This tradition had continued for many generations. It often led to conflict with other clans due to their rigid ways and beliefs, and Clan Marr has been pushed to the brink of extinction time and time again.

Morian's family fought in some of the last battles of the last great Mandalorian faction, seeing conflict and loss across the entire galaxy. By the time Morian was old enough to join the fight, the Clan Marr had been wiped out in all real sense. In honor of their loss, he painted his own armor gray, and for the actions to come, green. He set out from his families home with a single goal in mind. Rebuild his Clan, in any way he could.

From that point forward, Morian took up bounty hunter work, doing any job that took his interest, and amassing money to help him rebuild. Wherever he went as well, he looked for any possible warriors to recruit to his Clan, breaking tradition with his ancestors.

1. Morian has a talent for close quarters combat. He is well versed in the use of short swords and knives, as well as unarmed combat. This comes from his preference for getting close to his enemies, and fighting them eye to eye. He feels it is more honorable that way.
2. Despite his preferences, he is also talented with pistols and short range blasters. He is a good quick draw, as well as a snap shot when needed.

1. Morian is not good with medium to long range weapons, spending minimal time practicing these areas. This leads him to being forced to fight in a very specific way.
2. Morian is rather hard to get to know. He is more often than not going to kill anyone who tries to pry into his business. This has often led him to being in trouble with local authorities, and he is wanted on several worlds.
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