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Mission: The Abyss

Coci Heavenshield

Dawnguard Grand Master
Mission Name: The Abyss
Mission Location: Abyss derelict
Mission Difficulty: Medium
Mission Objective: Investigate the Starship Abyss an old model Interdiction class star destroyer adrift since the Dark Time
Mission Slots: 2-4 Padawan with Knight or 2 padawans with knight and master

Hello everyone,

I am going to take on this Mission, and now asking who would like to join me. Please sign up here if you do. :)


Coci Heavenshield

Dawnguard Grand Master
@[member="Flint Dexen"] and @[member="Darrin Onyx"]

:D Of course to you both.

But I will have to close this mission now for sign ups. So the team is:

@[member="Darrin Onyx"] @[member="Tallia Farn"] @[member="Flint Dexen"] @Iella E`ron @[member="Meta"] @[member="Aika Kawakami"]