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Military & Secret Police

Kainan Wolfe

Shadow of War


Discipline is the cornerstone of any great military.
Battles are won by those who manage to stay in control,
of themselves and thus, of the battlefield.



A navy officer in uniform

Commonly the first section of imperial society that outsiders come in contact with and quite often, the last, the Eternal Empire’s legions of troops and fleets of ships are known as one of the most disciplined military forces in the galaxy.

The military of the Eternal Empire is made up of volunteers and divided into several branches, most notably the Eternal Army and Eternal Navy, although technically, every institution in the Empire is an extension of the armed forces, down to the education department and healthcare institutions. Within the military, there also exist a number of special divisions made up of elite, or specialized forces, which are better equipped than the rank-and-file, but overall, the armed forces of the Eternal Empire are well-equipped and well-organized.

The navy of the Eternal Empire consists of several specialized ship classes that are designed to work together and form a greater, cohesive fleet, increasing their lethality and efficiency in combat by covering eachother’s weaknesses and supporting their strengths.

Lacking the numbers to match other, more populated nations in the galaxy, the forces of the Eternal Empire rely on a mixture of discipline, combined arms tactics, specialized equipment and force multiplication, most typically in the form of heavy artillery and dedicated close air support, in order to combat enemy forces and increase their odds of victory. Well-trained and fanatically devoted, the Empire’s soldiers are the nation’s primary instrument of both conflict and diplomacy.

On the front lines of the Empire, are the Ultranaut Corps, the nation’s equivalent to Stormtroopers, who are supported by a variety of special forces and combat engineers, making use of a wide variety of heavily armed and armored vehicles and deploying numerous types of heavy weapons and enough artillery to inflict devastating damage upon their targets. Cold, brutal and efficient, the Ultranauts are the Empire’s most recognizable and well-known troops, having fought all over the galaxy during the years since the Empire’s founding.




Highly disciplined and relentless, the Wolfguards are the Eternal Emperor's most famous and feared warriors. Undergoing a lengthy and difficult training process, Wolfguards are taught to master a wide variety of weapons, ranging from slugthrowers, to blasters, explosives and swords. Trained by Echani and Mandalorian battlemasters, Wolfguards are masters of a variety of combat techniques, a fact made especially apparent by their stunning skill in handling their distinctive Nelvaanian Longswords.

Wolfguards are easily recognizable by their armor and unique, wolf-head hooded cloaks, which give them a feral and frightening appearance, one that contrasts heavily with their legendary discipline. Other than that, they are equipped with modified Sk-UL Mk3 armor and utilize a number of additional technologies such as the KC-VISR optics system and LK Phantom camouflage system. They carry a wide assortment of weapons into battle, although they rely primarily on their hybrid rifles, weapons designed to counter Force Users.

Fanatically loyal, Wolfguards undergo a lengthy and subtle indoctrination process as part of their training, instilling into them a complete devotion towards the Eternal Emperor, even unto a complete disregard of self-preservation.

A highly mobile and effective strike force, Wolfguards are best suited for surgical strikes and missions that require swiftness and efficiency, as well as providing security to VIP's. Originally drawn from amongst the veterans of the Krayiss II campaign, particularly those who were the first to subsequently pledge their allegiance to Tacitus, their numbers have oscillated over the years as they suffered casualties and new recruits were raised.

They are typically seen accompanying the members of the Nelvaanian ruling dynasty as well as high-ranking officials, though the Emperor sometimes has them carry out tasks of a particularly delicate nature, such as assassination and capture.


The Eternal Army's Ultranaut Corps are the most recognizable, respected and feared military forces amongst the serving under the banner of the Eternal Empire. Starting out as a shipboard defense unit amongst the refugee fleet that would eventually form into the Eternal Empire, their doctrine has evolved drastically throughout the years since the Exodus in the aftermath of Krayiss II.

A far cry from their ragtag origins, the Ultranauts have gradually morphed into one of the most disciplined and effective fighting forces in the galaxy, capable of maintaining unit cohesion and keep fighting even under the most dire of circumstances, regardless of casualties or odds.

The standard two years training regime of the Ultranaut Corps is amongst the toughest and most difficult amongst any mainline military units in the galaxy, comparable to most special forces. Ultranaut recruits undergo a grueling drilling routine amongst some of the harshest environments known to the galaxy, in the harshest conditions possible, preparing them for a variety of combat scenarios, ranging from planetary assaults and sieges, to shipboard and EVA combat in high-G and low-G battlefields.

The 103rd Battle Droid Regiment came into being as an answer to the Eternal Empire's manpower problems, which became easily solved once its predecessor government relocated to the planet of Nelvaan and joined the Confederacy of Independent Systems.

The particular variant of B1 Battle Droids that the Eternal Army employs, is manufactured by Karavin Concern, a military-industrial conglomerate within the Empire, in the company's specialized droid factories. They do not differ much from other B1 variants, other than having a different paint scheme, using slightly different optics that glow and being outfitted with the company's KC-47 hybrid rifles, which have become the standard issue service weapon of the Eternal Empire's military, as well as the programming to use them.

Additionally, the droids manufactured for the 103rd Regiment are also outfitted with sonic detonators and concussion grenades. These weapons, along with their new rifles, give them a somewhat increased performance against Force users, although they still are not much of a threat to them, unless massed in great numbers.

Formed shortly after the reorganization that took place after the Shrouded Republic's exodus from the icy moon of Winter, the aptly-named 72nd 'Death Guards' Infantry Regiment consists almost entirely of Nelvaanians, volunteers from the Eternal Empire's now-lost homeworld that have elected to embrace their new government's values and beliefs of discipline, order and justice without mercy, thus enlisting in the military.

Organized and intended to be deployed as a shock troops unit, the 72nd Infantry Regiment is well equipped and periodically engages in military drills under the harshest conditions of their homeworld, as well as various other locations throughout the galaxy at large.

The deadly shock troops of this regiment have a much feared reputation because of their unadulterated, brutal savagery in combat, being trained to show no mercy to their foes and to torture any prisoners they capture, civilian or military, in acts of genocidal rampage.

Outfitted with hybrid rifles that fire both slugs and blaster bolts, like all of the Eternal Empire's military units, the soldiers of the 72nd Infantry Regiment are more effective against Force users, than soldiers outfitted with regular weapons and their training reflects that.


The gradual morphing of the Eternal Empire into a militaristic police state, brought with it the passing of laws such as the Counter-Insurgency Resolution, which allows the government to institute crackdowns against problematic individuals and groups that are deemed as challengers to the Empire’s officially-sanctioned set of values and ideology. Blackwatch is essentially the iron fist of the regime, given the mandate to maintain order and suppress foreign plots.

Nowadays, Blackwatch is known for its use of special police units that are little more than government death squads, a brutal tool of repression which the Eternal Throne makes liberal use of in order to suppress infiltrators, criminals and Jedi agents. Externally, they fulfill the role of intelligence agents, saboteurs and assassins, manipulating events at large so that they occur along the lines which are beneficial to the Eternal Empire’s interests and detrimental to its enemies.

Like the armed forces, the Eternal Empire’s dreaded Blackwatch is divided into several branches, handling tasks ranging from internal logistics and communications, to the compromising of enemy databases for a variety of nefarious purposes, to political policing and interrogation.


Easily recognized by the uniform trench coats that they wear over their Sk-UL armor, emblazoned with the all-seeing-eye emblem of their unit, Psi Corps operatives are a special branch of Blackwatch, the Eternal Empire's espionage and secret police organization.

Chosen from a pool of Force-sensitive individuals who show an aptitude for mental abilities, but who's other talents are too weak for admission into the Wardens of the Shroud, the Psi Corps are a special interrogation and communications unit that are embedded amongst the various regular branches of the military, intelligence and occasionally, law enforcement as well.

Undergoing a grueling training and indoctrination regime, Psi Corps operatives are brainwashed into fanatical loyalty towards the state and are taught to use their talents for communication, investigation and interrogation, allowing them to serve as a biological communications network of sorts, which can relay information back and forth between individual operatives, bypassing electronic communications jamming altogether.

Additionally, Psi Corps operatives excel at the task of interrogation, making use of a combination of torture, psychological coercion, manipulation and their mentalist abilities in order to extract information from captives, although this comes with a double-edged sword, as a Force User that is skilled enough in mentalist skills, can easily turn their own abilities against them.



Eternal Cross with Laurels
The military is the beating heart and the lifeblood of the Eternal Empire. Service in the armed forces, while not mandatory outside the aristocracy, is expected by society and promoted by the government. Sacrifice in the service of the nation is seen as the highest honor and those who give their lives on the field of battle are elevated to the status of heroes and celebrated as martyrs of the Empire. In order to reward acts of bravery and courage, the Eternal Empire has, like many other nations before it, created a system of commendations and awards.

Such commendations are awarded for actions and conduct of exemplary service to the nation and are proudly worn by those few who have received them. In the militaristic, stratocratic Eternal Empire, they are a status symbol, respected and desired by all who serve within the ranks of its formidable military.

The Eternal Empire's various awards and commendations are listed below:

- Army (Bronze, Silver, Gold)
  • Infantry Assault Badge
  • General Assault Badge
  • Armoured Battle Badge
  • Close Combat Clasp
  • Shocktrooper Badge
  • Anti-air Badge
  • Enforcers clasp
  • Snipers clasp
  • Wounded Badge
  • Tank destruction badge
- Navy & Air (Bronze, Silver, Gold)
  • Escort Badge
  • Capital Badge
  • Blockade Runner Badge
  • Line battle badge
  • Pilots badge
  • Fighters Badge
  • Bombers badge
  • Navigators clasp
  • Close air support badge
- Eternal Cross

  • 2nd class

  • 1st class

  • Imperial Cross

  • Imperial Cross with laurels

  • Imperial Cross with laurels and arms

  • Imperial Cross with laurels, arms and eagle

- Eternal Legion Shield (awarded for loyalty, ideology and supportive conduct)

- Medals
  • Campaign Medals
  • Service Duration Medals
  • Distinguished Service Medals (high)

  • Offence, Defence, Security, Duty, Training

  • Commendation Medal (medium)
  • Achievement Medal (low)
  • Emperor’s Citation (unit or individual)
  • Unit/ship (Meritous, valorous, Gallant) Award

  • [member="Efried Halbrecht"]: Awards and commendations

Kainan Wolfe

Shadow of War

  • Cpt. [member="Khorde Drago"]
- High Command:
  • Fldm. [member="Wulf Orlock"]
- Senior Officers:
  • Gen. [member="Ren Vexx"]
- Junior Officers:

- Soldiers:
  • Cpl. [member="Saabossi"]
  • Pvt. [member="Nerulic"]
  • Pvt. [member="Jersan Acklhus"]
- Director:
  • [member="Ingrid L'lerim"]
- Psi Corps:
  • [member="Darth Velneire"]
- Operatives:
  • [member="Corran Conner"]
  • [member="Ilsa Visel"]
  • [member="Jardann Lancus"]
- Senior Officers:
  • [member="Tiberius Bayne"] - Grand Admiral
  • [member="Rath Exigo"] - Admiral
  • [member="Gerhard Manndorf"] - Director-General, Experimental Research Division
  • [member="Goonch Bagarius Yarrelli"] - Commodore
- Captains:

- Junior Officers:

To join a branch of the military or Blackwatch, please post a request in this thread, along with a mention of which branch you are choosing and the desired rank.​

Ancient Exarch
Name: Efried Halbrecht
Rank: Colonel of the 82nd Ultranaut Regiment
Why? Because I love the design and want to expand the officer corps with a ruthless but efficient commanding officer.

[member="Darth Tacitus"]
Name: Ingrid L’lerim
Rank: Blackwatch Director
Why? This is confidential position, and Ingrid is trustful, and loyal to the end. She is Tacitus’s apprentice, besides that she is a good agent and I think she can handle the problems that may come with this job. And of course I can invent some adventure for the members of the Blackwatch.

Darth Velneire

The Inner Darkside
Name: Darth Velneire
Rank: Agent of the Blackwatch Psi Corps
Why? My character is a rather stealthy person, and is skillful in persuasion which is a trait that a Psi Corp agent/member may usually harness. I also think it will overall benefit my character roleplay as I’m good with espionage and interrogation, and my character is often ruthless and will go to a very lengthy extent to retrieve intel from any given target.

[member="Darth Tacitus"]