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Approved NPC Meryl Jones

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  • Age: 49
  • Force Sensitivity: Non-Force User
  • Species: Human
  • Appearance: Meryl Jones looks good for his age, though it's starting to show. His hair is pretty much grey at this point, and his hands are calloused and his face looks tired, stern but tired. He stands fairly tall, and when not pressed in an urgent situation he walks with a very noticeable limp like his left leg is slowly ceasing to work.
  • Name: Meryl Jones (Captain Jones, mind you!)
  • Loyalties: Himself and his family
  • Wealth: As a capable smuggler, Meryl Jones is rather wealthy, a comfortable middle or lower-upper class depending on the day. Since going into hiding he has lost much of his wealth to hide away his family, but overall he's still lower-middle class in terms of his credit supply.
  • Notable Possessions: One DL-18 blaster pistol, one YT-2400 freighter
  • Skills: Extremely talented smuggler, capable of hiding and evasion, expert pilot. His skillset is directly related to his profession as a smuggler, or ex smuggler, with an emphasis on hiding away.
  • Personality: Meryl comes off as, nervous, to say the least. He spent much of his life on the run, hiding from crime lords and clients he failed miserably. His family has long since been hidden away, but the man still remains, calmly looking over his shoulder wherever he goes. He does seem to have a view that he's superior to everyone, but truthfully he tends to wallow in his own ineptitude, struggling to come to terms with many of his past mistakes. When given a chance to be free of his fears, he acts no different from an old man regretting his past deeds.
  • Weapon of Choice: Wits and a DL-18 blaster pistol
  • Combat Function: Talented at hiding away, Meryl Jones is rarely a liability in a fight. However, he's only a decent shot, slightly better than average, preferring to rely on clever tricks and manipulation of the area (usually by explosives or traps) to maintain his state of living. When able, he will set up defenses and hide behind them, only taking pot shots to distract his opponents. As he runs out of defenses he will begin to run away, taking advantage of the area to make his way to safety.

Meryl Jones was always an unremarkable man with an unremarkable life, at least that's how he'd advertise himself. From a young age he'd learned to pilot his father's light freighter, and to handle a blaster, among other tricks to the smuggler's trade. He always looked up to his father, and did everything in his life to become just like him. By the time he was twenty, he'd more or less accomplished as much, including marrying his wife Nia.

Unfortunately, shortly after the birth of his first child, he came under a fair amount of debt, with a small bounty on his head. It only grew as he failed several missions for various criminal organizations, until the family went into hiding on Arkania to escape detection. Living there under pseudonyms, they had their second child, young Aaron Jones. Living on this planet for many years, the man left with his family to escape the pursuit of a bounty hunter he had learned was coming for them.

Yet despite taking all the care he could, he left something valuable behind, several things, but one above all others left him broken inside. The absence of his son, Aaron, who had been abandoned by accident on that frozen, frigid world. The very moment he had been able, he made every attempt to safely return for him, but to no avail. By the time he arrived on the planet once more, Aaron was no more.

Shattered, he separated himself from his remaining family, keeping in contact only through encrypted messages, on a self imposed exile from those he cared for. The loss of his son had left a wound that refused to heal, and he would work through it alone.

Now he hears of potential profits near the Commenor system, and seeks to use his old talents to try a bit of piracy, so that he could perhaps use the supplies to make amends to the galaxy in some tangible way.
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