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Approved Lore Meir Greim's Holocron

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  • Holocron Name: Master Meir Greim's Holocron.
    • Also known as: The Vornskr Holocron.
  • Alignment: Dark Side.
  • Origin: Dark Jedi Master Meir Greim.
  • Affiliation: Palm-Imer.
  • Gatekeeper:
    The holocron's gatekeeper is the consciousness of Master Meir Greim herself, an elder human woman with white hair and a stern face. Tall and gaunt looking, the effects of her fall to the Darkside are evident: dark rings resting beneath her harsh eyes and a consumed aspect granting her daunting features. Her unhealthy appearance would make her look frail, if it wasn't for the power and determination that shines behind her fiery amber eyes - the trademark of those who follow the path of the Dark.

    Her appearance would seem to be a good reflection of her personality, distant, judgmental, and severe. The gatekeeper treats those who address her holocron with condescension and contempt, sometimes going as far as dehumanizing those it deems unworthy. However, its instructions are very clear and direct; Master Greim had an outstanding gift when it came to teaching and passing knowledge, marred only by her lack of patience, hatred of failure and heavy hand were punishments where concerned.
  • Description:
    Pyramidal in shape, Meir Greim's holocron is covered in a pure aurodium layer decorated by intricate carvings that cover its five faces. The carvings give way to the crystalline material that makes up the holocron, and light up in a dark red light when in the presence of a force user, varying in intensity depending on the individuals attunement to the Darkside of the Force. It exudes an aura of pure wrongness and corruption. It was created with the purpose of counteracting and, judging by Dark Jedi Master Meir Greim's remarks, ridiculing the teachings of Jedi Master Gro Slubb's holocron; among other things.
  • Accessibility:
    Master Greim's holocron will open up to any force-sensitive that holds it and meditates upon the object. It will open almost instantly for darksiders, while those neutrally aligned will take longer and those who lean towards the Light may take months or even years to summon the holocron's gatekeeper.
  • Security:
    Master Greim's consciousness gatekeeps the holocron, and is more than ready to harm and corrupt those it deems unworthy of her knowledge. The holocron in itself was imbued to possess tremendous corrupting properties who will affect anyone who has direct contact with it, lightsiders specially. While this may empower those who already lean towards the Dark, its a mighty influence to battle for those who don't.

    Upon her death, Meir Greim's spirit was bound to the holocron, her consciousness and soul becoming its gatekeeper. Still being able to use the Force as some force spirits have been known to, she will judge those who open the holocron and wish to access its teachings. Should they not meet its standards, the holocron will discharge force lightning against them in an attempt to kill them. After this, the holocron will close itself and it will become nearly impossible for the same rejected individual to open it again if they managed to survive the attack. Meir Greim was known for being meticulous to the point of fastidiousness when choosing her apprentices, and upon the most severe and unforgiving Masters one could expect to have. She reflected this in her holocron, refusing to accept those unskilled or weak in the Force and willing the artifact to dispose of those who, while undeserving, foolishly thought themselves worthy of her teachings.

    Alternatively, if the Gatekeeper chooses to allow an individual to access the holocron's stored information, it will adopt the role of a Master and punish its pupils should it be unsatisfied with their results. It can do this either by torturing them with force lightning or through Force Diminish, depleting them of their energy and vitality almost to the point of death.

  • Master Meir Greim's Teachings and Recollections:
    The holocron contains Greim's teachings, missions and trials she would put before her apprentices and her philosophies and views on the Force, her own interpretations heavily influenced by Sith doctrine. From theoretic knowledge, to dark meditation practices to the use of the Force; Meir Greim shares her vast wisdom in full. Some of the highlighted skills passed on to whoever opens the holocron are Force Drain (particularly dark healing) and Inflict Pain. The holocron, however, does not offer much in the topics of dueling and lightsaber combat, only granting guidance in the psychological aspects of confrontation and how to seize them.

    The holocron will force anyone who opens it to begin at the lowest and most basic levels, not allowing them to access the more advanced information until the Gatekeeper is satisfied with its pupils' grasp of what is taught. This is the reason why it would take a tremendously long period time for an individual to access the holocron's most powerful and key contents. No matter if they are Apprentices, Knights or Masters they will have to sit through the lessons of Meir Greim and pass her trials and tests to prove themselves worthy, lest the Gatekeeper be displeased and ban them forever from the secrets of the holocron.
  • Hidden Teachings:
    Meir Greim was renowned for her proficiency at Force Sensing abilities, resulting in her fondness of Myrkr's native predators: the Vornskr. Although the basics and major aspects of sensing abilities are mentioned and explained frequently throughout the many lessons of the holocron, Greim's darkest teachings are reserved as a prize for those who earn them. Once the one who opens the holocron clears through Master Greim's seemingly infinite requirements, it will pass on knowledge about advanced and complex techniques in Force Sense and Telepathy; utilizing the Darkside as a conduct for said skills to augment their power. It particularly focuses on the use of Force Sense against other force users, or those who would hide their presence in the Force, inspired by the ferocious Vornskr of Myrkr. It also teaches how to use two of Master Greim's favored skills: Force Shadow, the ability that allowed her to find her apprentices, and Force Phantom, the end result of her force draining skills.
  • Talisman:
    Once all of Meir Greim's teachings are completed and the Gatekeeper decides the pupil is ready, the holocron's plates readjust into a new form and it becomes a talisman, an encrypted map and instructions hidden in the newly shaped carvings becoming the last test of the pupil right before the Gatekeeper self-destructs, freeing Meir Greim's consciousness from the holocron and rendering her teaching inaccessible forever. The map and instructions lead to an artifact somewhere in the galaxy.


"Do not disrespect me with your futile attempts and misspent energies. No one can hide from my shadows."
- Master Meir Greim

Meir Greim was born on Myrkr, around the year 522ABY. A force sensitive child, she was found by a Jedi Knight visiting the planet and taken to the Jedi Order; where she would grow up following the teachings and tenets of the Jedi Code. Resolute and tenacious, Greim advanced through the ranks of the Order; a true testament to the Jedi's strength and valor. Yet there she had always been more vulnerable to the callings of the Darkside than her fellow Jedi were. Passionate even in her coldness, and prone to holding a grudge. Despite this, her resolve was unwavering and her actions within the Order admirable and unquestionable, so much so that one day she became a Jedi Master.

And just like all dark stories, her downfall began with love.

Jedi Master Greim had been known for her gift for teaching, younglings gathering around her like moths drawn to a flame. Each mind she touched she cultivated with care and gentleness, unchaining potentials in a way no one else could. However, she had always refused to take on a proper Padawan; limiting herself to tending to the initial stages of a youngling's preparation before allowing them to go on into the hands of another mentor. Until one day the Force called to her, and lead her far into the southern end of the galaxy, to a lost moon wherein she found a child.

Barely more than a babe, but the Force flowed from its diminutive form in waves. Touched by the infant's vulnerability and loneliness, young Master Greim took it with her back to the Order; so that they may follow in the same footsteps she had walked. She named the child Moyric, and watched over Moyric's growth with the same care and dedication she granted every youngling. Yet the bond between the child and the Master was strong, and so when Moyric's training as a youngling had concluded, he became her padawan. Meir grew to love the boy as her own son, bringing the eye of the Council upon her for the feelings that she harbored.

As Moyric grew, Master Greim began to be plagued by visions and whispers of an untimely death. Her affinity to the force and her peculiar ability to interpret its messages and warning had never failed her, yet for the first time denial blinded her. The Jedi Master became frantic and paranoid, and the darkness began its advance over her heart and soul as she tried to shake away the terrifying signs of an unavoidable danger and protect the one she saw as her own child. She failed.

Moyric, soon to become a Jedi Knight, was killed by a rogue Sith during a failed mission. Meir could feel his life snuffed out through the Force, and her grief and her ire consumed her from the deepest corners of her core. Lost to anguish, the Jedi Master fell from the Light to be dominated by the Darkness, trying to find comfort in the death of those who had killed her son and those who had failed to protect him, her own fellow Jedi. Hatred for the Order that had distanced her from her adoptive son and apprentice and blaming them for his death, Meir turned willingly to the Darkness and began studying the ways of the Sith in addition to her own, renewed views on the weaknesses and lies of the Light.

Her power grew beneath the unbridled energies of the Darkside, and Greim returned to her home planet Myrkyr where she established her home and her school hidden deep within the deepest and most inhospitable terrains of the jungle. Obsessed with finding one who could replace Moyric, the corrupted woman would seek apprentices and subject them to her teachings, a tasked made easy by her Force sensing skills. But the patient and gentle mentor was no more. Many an apprentice perished beneath her tutelage, those who tried to escape her suffered terrible faiths, and only a select and almost mythical few survived her...yet they were never taught her darkest secrets, for they were undeserving.

Once in her elder years and knowing that her end neared her, Meir refused to part from this realm without finding someone worthy of her legacy and the many secrets she had kept. So she set herself to the task of producing an artifact that would ensure her teachings lived on, and poured her wisdom and knowledge into it while making sure no rotten, worthless individual could access the secrets that had been meant for her chosen apprentice, the one she had lost and could never find again. It was halfway through her work that she felt a the presence of a wretched Jedi in her midst. One Master Gro Slubb.

The dark woman sent her pack of bonded Vornskr after the Jedi Master, following soon after with every intention of destroying the vile light-sider. But the man, a coward, had resorted to the ysalamiri that plagued the jungles of her home-world to escape. Seething in her fury, she found out that the Jedi had made his own holocron praising the skills of the forsaken lizards that dare restrain the flow of the Force. It was then that she decided to further deepen the subject of force sensing in her own holocron, ridiculing the Jedi Master's delusion that someone could fully hide from the one entity that connected all. The purifying corruption of the Dark would find them all, none could hide from it.

Upon her deathbed, Meir Greim entrusted her holocron to a loyal servant and made the ultimate sacrifice to ensure her own consciousness would be preserved in the holocron. Completely and truly, and not just as a mere copy of her mind. The instructions had been clear, for the servant to take the artifact to the same ruins wherein laid the holocron of Master Slubb, so that the deluded who sought to learn the Jedi teachings instead found her own and were corrupted by her. And if they were strong enough to open it, either learn her ways or perish for failing.

Meir Greim is believed to have died sometime around 663ABY, having lived a long life fueled by the life force of those she drained.

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Hi! My name is Judah Lesan and I am here to review your submission.

I am training so this will need an additional review!

This is a fantastically written submission. I love the lore, the attention to detail, and the history.

Your links check out as does the use of the template. I’m not seeing anything here that needs some tweaking, so I’ll pass this up!


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This is a wonderfully detailed submission and I loved reading it. I just have one question that I'd like some clarification on please.

When talking about the submission you state that:
The gatekeeper will judge those who open the holocron and wish to access its teachings. Should they not meet its standards, the holocron will discharge
force lightning against them in an attempt to kill them.

It can do this either by torturing them with force lightning or through Force Diminish, depleting them of their energy and vitality almost to the point of death.
This is a very cool mechanic, however, as far as I was aware a holocron is a data retrieval device only. Do you have any canon examples which show them being able to manipulate the force in this way?


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I do not nor could I find a suitable source to back that up. The ideas I've come up with to justify the mechanic would be either having the holocron be force-imbued to possess those abilities or making Master Greim's force ghost be bound to the holocron and attributing them to her. If you think either of these could work, I'll add and explain them in the sub but if not then I can remove the force powers from the security measures.

John Locke John Locke

John Locke

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The wookieepedia article on Gatekeepers actually does state the following:
The gatekeepers of Sith holocrons were sometimes the consciousnesses of the certain Sith who actually created them.
So I think having the spirits of Master Greim bound to the holocron should work since we've seen Force Ghosts are capable of using the force, for example Yoda and Exar Kun.

If you adjust the submission to include this I think we're good to go.


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I added the wookieepedia article on gatekeepers to the Links field and made the following changes in the Security section (highlighted):
Upon her death, Meir Greim's spirit was bound to the holocron, her consciousness and soul becoming its gatekeeper. Still being able to use the Force as some force spirits have been known to do, she will judge those who open the holocron and wish to access its teachings.
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