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Master Vote Shinju


Thus Saith the Lord
I think shinju has worked hard for this and as such I am recommending her/Him/It.Her credentials are listed bellow
1 )
Master dossiers.
Training given/received/self-trained
Dominions/Invasions/faction threads

Other threads

2) Staffers note

3 ) A Master project/accomplishment
  • To be the sites go to interrogator and enjoy sitting in the new model dungeon ship once the factory is ready to be reopened.
  • Aided in the creation of a hyperspace wormhole on Elrood during the Brawl of the Dead becoming the adopted mother of a baby girl after her mother got infected.
  • Aided in the final fight of the Dark Harvest overtaking a star destroyer single handed against the infected and sending it into the moon of Dagobah to stop the enemy forces.
  • Found and escaped with a black ship returning it to the fringe.
  • And Shinju Ayasha, for screwing a cannibal alien bride, then stealing said bride; eating the former maid of honor and taking her place; becoming Empress of Rakata Beta; using Bando Gora drugs on her own homeworld; and all manner of other excellent nastiness. Bravo, Shinju.
  • Helped Mikhail Shorn defeat Tyrin Ardik in the coup
  • Helped bring Dharma Vessia to the Fringe
  • Self training thread for consuming powers

4) Fight a master
5) "I can testify that Shinju has been an active participant within the fringe"


Like Lightning
Forgot me! Newest one here. But, I'll go ahead and vote as well.

YES! no doubt about it. I have seen alot of the Roleplays that she has participated in Each one made me laugh, or cower in fear with the cannibalistic character. (only for a while though) She has clearly made a name for herself with the Sith, and the Fringe. Sometimes it seemed where she was even under powered, but still came on top with tactics, or the occasional threat. I'm all in for this one.


Like Lightning
Lucien Cordel said:
I say no she is too much of a threat
Threat? Yes. Scary? Hell yes, Sexy? Why would you even ask? and last of all, the perfect master? Yeppers.

*Mentions that you could try and kill her in secrecy*