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Master Nomination Vote: Lucien Cordel

Ashin Varanin

Professional Enabler
My personal criteria for nominating someone for Master in the Fringe is fourfold.

a ) They give me a full list of their threads, with emphasis on training given/received, and dominions/invasions/faction threads.

b ) They get a staffer to clear them as drama-free for at least three weeks.

c ) They give me a Master project, something big that they've done.

d ) They fight a Master and do a good job of it.

@[member="Lucien Cordel"] has, to my mind, fulfilled all four criteria. His thread list is found here. I vote yes.

@[member="Spencer Jacobs"] @[member="Dranok Lussk"] @Tricia Kalamack @[member="Anara Valnor"]@[member="Anaya Fen"] @[member="Dharma Vessia"] @[member="Mikhail Shorn"] @Valik

Please vote 'yes,' 'not quite yet and here's why,' or 'abstain.'

Tricia Kalamack

Sleeps all day.... yawns all night
I think he is doing well in this, he actually if anything underplays being powerful in exchange for great moment of mustache twirling villainy. I vote yes and hope you make it Lucien.

Judas of Vahl

Beyond Broken
@[member="Lucien Cordel"] - Yes:
I vote Yes because you've been around even before I was. You even trained me until I hit Knight, and from what I could tell, you did an outstanding job. If I was basing the rank Master on virtues such as maturity, perseverance, effort, and know-how, then you would have got it the moment I met you. I've witnessed a lot of effort from you, especially when it's the old trio comprised of You, Shinju, and me.

You've experienced good and bad, held strong in your ideals and progressed. That is why I vote yes.

Lord Ghoul

Ah, once you were but the learner, my former apprentice.

I vote yes. Two things make him stand out 1) being the only underpowered Sith I've seen and 2) the insane amount of apprentices he's trained.


Judas of Vahl

Beyond Broken
@[member="Isis Fontana"] @[member="Morna Imura"]
He hasn't got it yet, RPJs and Admins still have to judge him. In that case, he'll still probably get it :D he worked for it.

Judas of Vahl

Beyond Broken
@[member="Morna Imura"] @[member="Isis Fontana"]
You both make sure your progress trackers are updated, I need more Masters to shine my white shoes and make sure my Green Power Ranger outfit is clean and ironed.