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Master Nomination for Trextan Voidstalker

I would like to nominate [member="Trextan Voidstalker"] for Master. My vote is yes.

His threads are below:

  • Alliance invasion of Coruscant (as an NPC) Trextan is finally found by his father in a One Sith training facility. He fails to see reason and tries to strike Jacen down. Instead he is stunned and carried away.
  • Mechanical Introduction Thread [Complete ~15 posts] Trextan and a group of padawans deal with rogue droids at a facility on Sullust
  • Dominion of Kaeshana [Complete ~2 posts]
  • Rebellion of Kaeshana [Complete ~25 posts] A young Trextan is caught up in the fighting. He fights against two Ren, following his Sith training rather than the Light side and is punished for his impatience. He loses his entire right arm saving Jacen
  • Dominion of Mechis [Complete ~10 posts] Trextan is caught up in a firefight with rogue droids on Mechis
  • Galactic Alliance dominion of Devaron and Aleen [Complete ~10 posts] Trextan works with an undercover team to assault an imperial bunker on Devaron
  • No man's land [Abandoned ~7 posts] Trextan and fellow Justicar Sunka investigate a gang war on Coruscant
  • Galactic Alliance Dominion of Terminus and Manpha [Complete ~5 posts] Trextan wakes up after losing his arm on Kaeshana
  • Let the wookie win [complete ~32 posts] Taheera Sollo consoles Trextan after losing his arm at Kaeshana
  • Dominion of Tython [Complete ~5 posts] Trextan fights dark forces on Tythin
  • Rebellion of Polis Massa [Complete ~45 posts] Trextan meets brash Rogue pilot Choli Vyn and they escape the medical facility on Polis Massa to try and help with the Rebellion on Skor
  • Common Ground [Complete ~60 posts] They they continue to escape the medical facility
  • Stranded on Devaron [Abandoned 2 posts] Trextan greets a new force sensitive at the sullust temple
  • Moonlight Lekku [Complete ~220 posts] Trextan meets Choli once more in hospital after both suffering grave wounds on Skor. He declares his interest.
  • Ye of Little Faith [Consuption of Valley of the Jedi] [Complete ~3 posts] Trextan encounters the spirit of Dredge once more as it attempts to stain the Force Nexus
  • Shoring Up [Abandoned ~1 post]
  • Invasion of Mustafar [Complete ~10 posts] Trextan fights against the invading forces on Barkesh
  • Hope [Complete ~10 posts] The Alliance rallies after Mustafar
  • Enemies in High Places [Ongoing ~7 posts]
  • Invasion of Skor [Complete 12 posts] Trextan guards the King of Skor during the First Order's unsuccessful invasion
  • Tentative Steps [Ongoing ~15 posts] Trextan starts to train a new padawan
  • Doing something [Abandoned 1 post] Trextan and Taheera abort their plans to infiltrate Barkesh
  • Change of Plans [Ongoing ~16 posts] Trextan and Taheera Sollo crash on Felucia
  • Roots [Ongoing ~33 posts] Trextan returns to his family's roots on Tattooine to come to terms with becoming a Jedi
  • Take the Long Road [Ongoing ~4 posts] Trextan takes a new padawan on an outing to Dagobah

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