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Master Nomination: Alen Na'Varro

Ashin Varanin

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  • This guy spent years on a forum where it takes years to get Knight. I RP'ed there for a while, and it was awful. He's earned Master twice over, by our standards -- there, you had to be buddies with someone. And he's nearly earned it all over again since coming to this board.
  • He didn't want to include his earliest work, but I suggested he do it anyway to mark his effort and show how far he's come as a writer. If a thread looks unimpressive, check the date stamp.
  • Since he joined, he's been pretty darn active in our faction and done a great job.

Fringe-related threads he's done since his recent joining of the faction:
http://starwarsrp.net/topic/20403-test-drive-lords-of-the-fringe-dominion-of-javin/ (which he started)

Full dossier available here.

Obviously I vote yes.
RPed with him with a few other characters and he has proven that he is a labile asset. He has alot of potential as a Master here, and saying no would be just pain stupid.

If I could vote more than once, every one would go to him.



Professor of Alchemy
I can't say I know this man very well, but I read a few of his threads and liked what I saw. Though it's not on here he's put in the work and I can see the talent. I vote yes.

Like Mikhail below me, Fringe is Valik's biggest affiliation, but I'm still not sure if my vote counts, but he has it.

Lord Ghoul

I Fell Into Your Brown Eyes
SWRPG blows, but it takes a ton to level up. Was on there a while back.

Without the Sith Empire in play I'd consider this Mikhail's main faction for now, whether my vote is taken into consideration is up in the air. Nevertheless, I say aye for what it's worth.
The Admiralty
I have not had the pleasure of RPing with the man, but looking over all the shit he has done here -and- everything on that other place? I think he has deserved it thrice over, so I vote yes.

Aran Finn

Cheers for the support so far, guys :). The Fringe feels like home to me and to Alen, and I'm glad I found my way here after years in the wilderness.

Also massive lols at the SWRPG references. Yes, that place blows.


Eater of the Dead
I've been sick the past three days, still am but if it counts still I give a yes. Now first duties Alen is to make me more rancid soy chicken noodle soup.