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NPC Review Martin Conell

Taji Nelson

Elemental Blade

  • Intent: Create a Telemarketer NPC who will harass people at random intervals.
  • Image Credit: Here
  • Role: Guy who will pop up and spam call a lot of people.
  • Permissions: N/A
  • Links: N/A
  • Age: 25
  • Force Sensitivity: NFU
  • Species: Human
  • Appearance: See above
  • Name: Martin Conell
  • Loyalties: N/A
  • Wealth: They're very wealthy, and it comes from driving people insane via telemarketing calls.
  • Notable Possessions: His phone.
  • Skills: Hacker, Telemarketer, General Annoyance.
  • Personality: Martin Conell loves to watch the people of the galaxy suffer as he and his band of telemarketers call them all hours of the day and the night. He's arrogant, and a jerk. He's also a bit of an ass, and will harass them with random calls, and try to sell them useless things. All in all, he loves to irritate people and bother them.
  • Weapon of Choice: Phone
  • Combat Function: While in direct combat they would be a liability, they have the ability to drive people insane via telemarketing phone calls.
  • Master at annoying people
  • Survival ability of a cockroach.
  • Not Combat Based
  • Stubborn

Originally an individual who was looked down upon by the galaxy at large because he loved to make prank phone calls or comm messages. Martin decided eventually he would make a business out of the harassment of others, and driving them insane. So he became the CEO of a small telemarketing firm and has started driving people to the breaking point with calls, texts, emails, and the like in attempts to make himself wealthier.
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Taji Nelson Taji Nelson Who doesn't love to hate telemarketers? :D Just a few notes before I can approve this;
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