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Malachor Unitum sub Imperii

Success or Death.

A silver sky hung over Malachor III’s Capital, illuminated by its singular sun.

For all the mysticism of Malachor V, it was Mal-III that governed this system, that they remained loyal to the Sith Empire, and that the secrets of Mal-V did not fall into the wrong hands. This was why Darth Ophidia had come to cement her hold of a system some chose to call “barren”. She would disagree; it simply issued a challenge to its inhabitants. Only the strong could thrive, and thrive they did.

Her shuttle, a simple Omicron for the purposes of this diplomatic journey, touched down in Malacaput, the capital of Malachor III and largest spaceport of the system. The Queen of Shadows herself did not spearhead the march, but followed on the left hand of a red sith diplomat with an ornate chain of golden blades and precious gems hanging loosely around his shoulders.

He was the puppet, she held the strings.

Behind them followed others, convinced of the charade's legitimacy. It was a new dawn for a neglected gem in the Sith-Imperial crown; a new dawn for the Malachor System: One Malachor under the Empire.

But first, her dog had to jump through the hoops.

Success or Death.
Before the procession, doors yawned open and faces of many colours, grey, white, brown, blue, green and red, and every shade between, turned to behold the procession of the man who claimed that he would take the Malachor System out of its rut and bring it into the full glory of the Empire.

At the end of their march there were four individuals: One a Mirialan in white robes and kind face, but shrewd eyes. He represented the Imperial Mission. Another was a woman, skin red and head shaved. Her lip and ears were pierced with studs of gold, and around her neck hung black horn jewellery. She represented the Ancient Sith population and the Sith-Imperial Historical Restoration Society seeking to explore the pure and ancient roots of the Malachor system. There was also a Quarren, one taloned finger stroking his tentacles as his burning eyes beheld the procession. He was a representative of the Sith Brotherhood, a Lord to ensure that this all went along with the Sith-Imperial tenets. By his side was a Nezumi, easily missed, but dangerously watchful - One of [member="Darth Saarai"]'s little friends.

Darth Ophidia did not betray her knowledge of them each. But each one she did know, after all, she had orchestrated their presence. The Nezumi was the one she knew the least, but as long as this all went by the book, the little rodent would have nothing to report to Saarai that was out of the ordinary.

"A new day for the Malachor system." "A new era of safety and prosperity under the grace of our Sith Emperor"

Her puppet spoke so gracefully, so perfectly reciting the song she had carved into his conscience. The man of the Mission nodded in agreement, having long pushed for a revival of Malachor himself.
Success or Death.
"And may this day stay forever in the memory of our people"

He held up the symbolic contract that they were about to discuss, letting the light shine off the protected flimsiplast.

"As the first day of Malachor Unitum sub Imperii!"

It was a reference to an old and vastly successful campaign in the Sith Empires of old. It had been revived in the birth of the new Sith Empire. Now, variations were spreading out through the Empire, uniting systems and reforging old domains under the concept of a united Empire governed by a seemingly immortal Sith Emperor and the Sith caste. Places like Malachor saw this as their chance for renaissance. Sith like Ophidia knew it was a chance to seize their inheritance and forge their legacy.

The procession entered the discussion chambers, backed by roaring applause from the peoples of the Malachor system.
Success or Death.
In all negotiations there would be debate; she counted on it. Without debate, without strife, both the Sith Brotherhood and the Saaraishash would walk away disapproving and suspicious. Conflict was the glue that brought this Empire together, after all.

Her puppet was well armed for these matters, speaking with grace and sense.

Most of the debates fell under the banner of who would reap what benefits and sit with which responsibilities. Of course, the Sith Imperial Historical Society wanted first rights to all ancient ruins for catalogisation and preservation. The Sith Brotherhood disagreed, arguing that the Sith should have first rights and call the Society to watch over the ruins after the Empire have had their curiosity filled. The Brotherhood had all rights to demand, but the Sith populace sided with the Society.

The argument: "The Sith Brotherhood are needed to protect our citizens and expand our borders. Allow the Society and the locals to investigate the ruins as long as we maintain the stipulation that all active artefacts of the Force shall be reported to the Brotherhood and that the Brotherhood shall have a representative present in all excavations"

The Quarren agreed. The Society and the locals agreed.

But there were more issues on the line.

"Who shall rule where?"
Success or Death.
It was a veritable minefield, deciding who shall rule where and by what decree. However, mines could be cleared, if so only by throwing countless sacrifices on them until a path through is revealed.

In the end, it was decided that the System of Malachor would still be ruled from Malachor III. Malachor II would be controlled by a new triumvirate, and all other celestial bodies would remain under their previous authority, which would from now on answer to the new High Lord of Malacaput. Malachor V, a world much sought after and little discussed, was placed under a warden:

Darth Ophidia.

The quarren Sith Lord leaned back, hand stroking the outer two tentacles as his gaze met Ophidia's. He could protest, make a case against her. By agreement with the Pale, he did not.

"It is with humility that I accept the task of custodian of Malachor V." "I will work tirelessly to preserve its legacy and protect it from all those who would do it harm."

Those were all the words she needed say before signing her part.

The remaining structure only served to protect her hold as she raised her puppet as the High Lord of Malacaput and warden of the Malachor system. Her interest was for her own gain, and in the history of Malachor V and the surrounding systems. So many Sith forgot that Malachor V was but one planet in a greater eco system of ancient Sith worlds.

So many believed they had to change V, when all they could dream of was on its sisters.
Success or Death.
It was agreed, mostly.

Before the doubters could coalesce into a united front against the decision, a planted argument ignited. It was a dispute concerning how the mining operations of an asteroid field would be distributed. It was formerly monopolised by the Harmanah Trading Company, and they had considerable influence. However, with the influx of the Sith Empire, their power was fading.

This was the last sting against their power: Breaking down the monopoly of the mining efforts by bringing in corporate powers from beyond the system. The competition broke the last of Harmanah's power, and non-state monopolies were not looked on with favour by the Empire.

Bickiering resumed, at least three death threats were given, but by the end of the night, the accords were signed.

It was a new day for Malachor

Malachor unitum sub imperii.