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Major Faction Major Faction Seeks Dashing Rogues For Adventure, Profit (Dental Coverage Included)

Do you like adventure? Do you like money? Are you looking for a way to combine your desires for adrenaline and worldly riches?

We at the First Order Security Bureau would love to help.

The galaxy is full of people who need assistance. Whether from anthropomorphic lobster people genocide, sectarian feuds between Force cults, or plain old natural disasters, it seems like every other headline is some sort of catastrophe, and there's only so much a government can do to help. Or at least, there's only so much they can do to help officially.

We here at the Security Bureau have never been known for our fondness of politics or red tape. We see a problem, we fix it. If we can't fix it, we make other people filthy rich to fix it. That's where you come in, brave adventurers.

Are you a smuggler looking to make the haul of a lifetime? A mercenary tired of working for psychotic warlords? A Force User tired of the endless war between Jedi and Sith who wants to really make a difference? We're only happy to help. In exchange for crossing borders to help those who need it most, we're willing to pay you exorbitant sums of money, provide gear and equipment to get the job done, and give you a safe place to rest and recuperate when you're not on the job. We also offer a comprehensive benefits package, including hazard duty pay, retirement plans, complete healthcare coverage (yes, including dental), and so much more.

What's that? You're not looking to get into PvP? My, aren't we feeling meta today. Fear not, friends. Under our Mynocks program, participation in PvP threads, including but not limited to Invasions or Rebellions, is completely voluntary! (Truth be told, we're not angling towards that sort of thing anytime in the near future anyway.) So by all means, come check us out, see what we're about, and find your home in the First Order!


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as long as you don't make me work for the hapano industry management i might be interested. also because you are about to absorb my house or Terminus