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Major Faction Application: The Sith Ascendancy

Name: The Sith Ascendancy

OOC Hierarchy

[member="Tirdarius"] (Faction Owner/Administrator)
[member="Ignus"] (Faction Administrator)
[member="Krest"] (Faction Administrator)

IC Hierarchy

Governed by the Circle of Lords, itself constituted by all those that have attained the rank of 'Sith Lord', the Ascendancy functions as a political meritocracy: those with skill, power and cunning are those who rule. The Military, Sith Intelligence and all lesser branches of Government answer only to the Circle, with each Lord contributing their resources for the good of the entire Ascendancy.

Requested Planets: Bastion (TSA Capital), Dubrillion, Echoy'la


Interested Members:

| [member="Adelram Thul"] | [member="Ahren Panteer"] | [member="Antherion"] | [member="AR-3752"] | [member="Arioch Cain"] | [member="Asharad Graush"] | [member="Atlas Velarian"] | [member="Butterfly"] | [member="Bjorg The Traitor "]| [member="Damien Daemon"] | [member="Darth Abyss"] | [member="Darth Carnifex"] | [member="Darth Doom"] | [member="Darth Malleus"] | [member="Darth Prazutis"] | [member="Darth Pyrrhus"] | [member="Darth Raxis"] | [member="Darth Venefica"] | [member="Darth Voracitos"] | [member="Dravis Rosilla"] | [member="Eldaah Aderyn"] | [member="Etheriud Yvvera"] | [member="Ignus"] | [member="Iron Knight Loarko"] | [member="Judas Foster"] | [member="Kith Verloren"] | [member="Korogum"] | [member="Krest"] | [member="Lark"] | [member="Lassiter"] | [member="Loxa Visl"] | [member="Lyra Naerys"] | [member="Malcolm Akintola"] | [member="Maleagant"] | [member="Malok"] | [member="Nick Imura"] | [member="Otho Rendoro"] | [member="Satia"] | [member="Serenity Loveheart"] | [member="Stedar Kurdal"] | [member="The Slave"] | [member="Vanja Del'Vaan"] | [member="Victor Mors"] | [member="Waide"] |​

Please see above.

The Pitch

Building on the foundations established with the old minor faction 'The Sith Order', TSA is establishing itself as an alternative rival faction, commited to focusing on the positives of the Sith, painting them as something other than your archetypal 'bad guys'. Open to positive diplomatic relationships with all other Major Factions, our aim is to re-establish the Sith as a force to be reckoned with.

Taking our cue from The Sith Empire of old, we wish to establish a Sith faction with a strong hierarchy, but one that focuses on the good of the Empire, rather than the individual ambitions of our members: there will be no challenging for the role of 'Emperor' or 'Dark Lord', for all will participate with a commitment to a singular goal: making the Faction as strong as it can be, above all other considerations. This, we feel, has served as a problem with Sith factions of the past, and we seek to correct those mistakes.

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