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Maelridae (TSA Training)

Of all the abilities to learn as a Sith, being able to bend the minds of lesser beings was often an overlooked and almost ignored by learners. Why waste time learning how to make a Bantha run the way you want with a wave of a hand when you could be firing lightning from your finger tips or choking someone from across the room? This was something Krest found foolish, and after a commissioned Sithspawn had been completed, he knew it was time to pass along that training.

Before a dark cavern Krest stood dressed in his usual outfit, hunched over his cane as if he was a helpless old man. Many of the apprentice had already learned that this was a lie enforced to make others underestimate him. But that wasn't what those who came would notice first. Beside him was a large black creature with a permanent scowl, no eyes, and razor sharp claws standing near three meters long. A Maelridae, a creature made to be tamed by Sith and used as a weapon or mount. This day those who came would make one of these horrid creatures there's, or die trying.

Darth Sarcophago [member="Dravis Rosilla"] [member="Orion Darkstar"]


Darth Genesis is one of the first to the scene.. eager and willing to test his abilities in a public display of power, and a reward of such a ferocious monstrosity of tempered genes and flesh? Too good of an opportunity to pass up.. Although a little nervous, not in his abilities, but who will be initiating the test.. his long fingered hand hovering only a few inches from his saber, encase he must use it.. just encase he underestimated the beast before him, as he approaches the cavern's entrance and the elder man.. a little disappointed at the frail form of the man in front of him.. but he had founded this great unity of Sith, so he was at least to be respected for that.

Ariealla's darkness heralded her arrival long before her footsteps could be heard, or her form shrouded in royal purple regalia could be seen clearly. Over her form, a large duffel bag could be seen, giving off an unholy scent, pungent and vile to the body, like a toxic cloud. Amusingly, while she carried this, much of her usual apparel of weaponry was missing. She clearly held confidence in her capabilities, or otherwise had decided her path required a more firm test of mental resolve.

Or she was bored, as she often was in this day and age of false Jedi and sith. When she was close, she lifted her arm, and offered a dignified, old styled bow, swinging her arm down into a light curl as she bent forward. "Nuyak Ari. (My Lord.)" She offered to [member="Krest"], her pronunciation of the old language quite perfect, all for a show of respect. Krest was well beloved, respected. In many ways she felt he had earned respect.

[member="Darth Genesis"]
Serenity was next -- or rather Darth Mara -- to enter the arena, stadium, playground, whatever you wanted to call this little gathering. Yes. This beast would prove to be a fine addition to her collection, sharp, tall, big, scary, intimidating. Yes. All of the qualities that she wanted in her own little pet. The company that was presented with her though, left a bit to be desired. Wannabe Lords who were obviously trying to impress Krest, or at the very least, trying to prove their self worth by carrying the bare minimum. This wasn't a competition, and if it was one, she wasn't informed of it.


She stood idly with her hand on her hip, awaiting further instructions. With her, she had her usual setup, lightsaber, minigun and sidearm. Nothing extravagant, and as always, she had the upper hand of a fully functioning brain that could make justified decisions over this beast.

[member="Darth Genesis"] I [member="Krest"] I [member="Ariealla Vareldi"]
To bend a mind. Some viewed that skill as an unnecessary waste of time, but those that could truly see elevated it to an form of art. Darth Abyss, the Mindeater, was certainly one of those individuals, possessing a mental fortitude rivalled by few, if by any. [member="Krest"] was one of the sith the metal figure held the most respect for, but when it camer to this specific ability he was the one with true expertise. From the shadows he emerged as always, suddenly standing besides the Zabrak in the fully glory of his hollow, twisted armor.

"My friend, word has reached me that you want to pass on the gentle art of breaking a mind to our youth. Allow me to be of assistance."

Teaching was one of his greatest passions, but that eas barely the reason for him being here. The aspect of war was fully capable of doing that job himself. This was an opportunity for Abyss to get another small piece of insight. He has heard that both [member="Darth Mara"], his former apprentice and now knight of the order, and [member="Dravis Rosilla"], his current apprentice, had signed up for his lesson, allowing him to see how they would do in direct comparison. The calm, collected bith on one side, the chaotic and almost erratic human woman on the other, two sith with widely different skillsets, talents and methods. [member="Ariealla Vareldi"], an ally of his, was also there and she was one he would like to see profit from the knowledge he had to offer.

Silently he stood besides the other lord, waiting for the lesson to begin.

[member="Darth Genesis"]
Orion looked down at the small parchment in his hands. Another order from his master [member="Krest"] to attend a new form of training. He knew not what awaited him atop the rocky mountain. In all his months of training, he had yet to stand face to face with a creation that was molded by the darkside of the force itself. In the time he spent studying, alchemy became a secret hobby of his own. Orion knew of the applications such tedious experiments could manifest. In fact, without guidance he killed many captured beasts trying to twist and contort them into dangerous, obedient puppets. Although most of his tries resulted in was necessary failure.
Orion wasn't stupid, failing at such a rigorous tasks was a means to an end. Eventually he would see results. With the last hurdle over the edge of the mountain he gained ground and lifted to the sky. His tall looming stature exactly as it always had been, perfectly postured and straightened. The seeping ooze of the force that filtered out from the opening of the cave before him, meant either he was in the right place or the wrong place. Either way, he came prepared, lightsaber at his waist and other hidden tool beneath his black cloak. His viridesecent eyes stared into the pitch black, the cave remaining silent. He sighed, a white ghastly cloud escaped from the slits of his chrome mask. The temperature dropped dramatically in the time it took him to climb to the top.
Orion slipped into the darkness, swallowed by the caverns sturdy, stone walls. A few hundred meters in and he was greeted with a tiny group of people. They were non-existent as Orion's eyes caught sight of the beast. A Maelridae. A smile creased onto his lips. He read about the fast and agile beast years ago. They were vicious for their size, carnivores at heart, and rare. Orion crept slightly closer before the creature seemed to lift its head in a defensive way. He needed to be careful as he kept his distance. He turned his head to look at his master.
"You called for me?" Orion paused, glancing to the beautiful creature near him. "Master?"
Orion would do anything to get one...even if it meant risking his life.
[member="Krest"] | [member="Darth Abyss"] | [member="Darth Mara"] | [member="Ariealla Vareldi"] | [member="Darth Genesis"]


Saint of the Damned
[member="Orion Darkstar"] [member="Darth Abyss"] [member="Darth Mara"] [member="Ariealla Vareldi"] [member="Darth Genesis"] [member="Krest"]

The mind of a human was so easily manipulated, so simple to toy with, especially when one's convictions were as feeble as a brittle snack eaten by children. A blank canvas to be painted on as one saw fit. Lark had childhood experience of bending the minds of others to his will. But not using the Force. He was not yet powerful enough to obtain that particular skill. Simple words had sufficed in swaying others to join his unrighteous cause, his silver tongue was a weapon as sharp as his sword.

The mind of a beast was a different riddle. It was less complicated that the minds of more sentient beings, but in it's lack of complexity it looses basic forms of reasoning. And thus it's will is not so easy broken by mere words. That's why Lark was here. He had a perverse interest in controlling others, manipulating their own desires to match his own, using them like pawns.

A small band of Sith already waited within the dismal, comfortless caverns. More noticeable than them was the beast lumbering above them, a barbed monstrosity with talons that looked as though they could shred through the most durable metal and fangs that could devour the burliest man in a single gulp. Lark had read of them, but images were impossible to come by in the small library that resided in the orphanage he was raised in. It was an impressive beast.

And I will make you mine.
Once a suitable number had shown the Zabrak would smile and nod to each. A slower more respectful nod was given to [member="Darth Abyss"] , a fellow Lord. It was proper. The apprentice of his apprentice however held much more respect from Krest than the normal. Very few could survive [member="Darth Ophidia"] 's training, and Abyss had earned his keep from it. "Your assistance is very welcome. I know how to bend the minds of beasts, but men are a different story. Same application, but different at the same time, no?"

There was a chuckle from the elder as he stepped over to the group of learners, his cane tapping away with each other step he took. "What you see here is a Maelridae, a fast, powerful Sithspawn who will be a faithful companion to any Sith who can tame them. That is not an easy task, so before you get your own I will test you and make sure you can tame them before I send you to a needless death. The test will be simple. My Maelridae here, named Bha'lir, will be given an image in it's head from me. You will break through it's walls and tell me what the creature is thinking of. Then you will tell it to sit through this connection. If he sits, you pass. Simple right?" It was simple, but that's how Krest's training often began. A simple task to make the acolytes feel comfortable. If only they knew what the real task would consist of.

"You will form a line in the order you arrived. If Abyss has any other hints or tips, he will tell you. Otherwise, this is all you're going to get. When you invade their mind, do not hesitate or loose focus for any reason. Otherwise, you will be killed by these beasts. Now, Kamino, begin." Krest would wave [member="Darth Genesis"] over. His image would be a fish. [member="Ariealla Vareldi"] would see a simple ball. [member="Darth Mara"] a gun, [member="Orion Darkstar"] his fathers tomb, and [member="Lark"] a dagger. Some were obviously more personal than others, but now it was a matter on if the could see it and convince his Maelridae to sit or not.


Although Darth Genesis had arrived first, he definitely had no intention of going first until now.. he liked to sit and wait, patiently observing what little he could gleam by other's experiences in such simple matters as this.. but now that was put to rest. His eyes scan the man in front of him as if for absolute confirmation, his long fingered hands clenching ever so slightly as he assesses the situation.. no he must do this.

"Yes M'lord.." Genesis Says, the man of few words stepping up in front of the others.

His previous training had never consisted much with what he was about to accomplish, or at least, attempt to. And what he planned on doing was not delicate conversion, no, brute force had always been his style, a tactic used by the best predators hunting down their prey. So with outstretched bony hand he begins. His eyes training on the beast's snarl, and then his forehead, channeling his energies through his arm and out into the beasts head, his prey would submit to him easily enough- or so he thought. Not nearly prepared for such a chaotic mind of a beast he stops himself from visibly cringing at the sudden surprise of the intake of smells, sounds, and sensations coming with entering another's mind, especially that of such a chaotic mind as this.

Any mental barricades he finds he uses sheer will power to overcome, although difficult here and there, and he definitely has to retry on one or another, but after a few minutes of steady progress he bursts down the last barrier and finds what he assumes is his symbol, a fish.. in water, funny joke he bitterly thinks as he remembers his dominated home world yet shakes the thought soon after, forcing the beast to sit down as he mutters-

"I believe you gave me a fish.." In a less than pleased attitude to [member="Krest"]

[member="Orion Darkstar"]
[member="Darth Abyss"]
[member="Ariealla Vareldi"]
Dravis was uncharacteristically late.

As a businessman, he was used to and good at arriving on time for meetings. To be late meant that Drav was extremely preoccupied, either with negotiations, or his own thoughts.

The Bith stepped up to the group, his footsteps slow and unsure, in an attempt to be quiet. His simple black tunic billowed around him, as he had forgone his usual bombast of purple silks for the honest cloth. He looked to the Sith Lords ahead of him, [member="Krest"] and [member="Darth Abyss"], and bobbed his head in apology, his eyes sharp and cold, ignoring the other learners. Then his large head craned up to see a massive beast, and despite himself, he felt a bead of fear.

None of his experiences with large animals had ever ended well.

Dravis Rosilla crossed his arms, arriving into the conversation just in time to hear the Zabrak Lord's instructions. The task seemed simple, especially considering Dravis rudimentary training in peering into the minds of sentient beings. He felt that perhaps this would be a different creature entirely.

Both literally and figuratively.

With bated breath and still disposition, the Bith Sith waited in line for a possible slaughter.

In a way, the thought was exhilarating.

- [member="Darth Genesis"] - [member="Lark"] - [member="Orion Darkstar"] - [member="Darth Mara"] - [member="Ariealla Vareldi"] -
"Yes. Some beasts posses minds so feral and chaotic that they can not be bend, only broken. More advanced beings on the other hand often can fall apart with a single touch at the right place."

In theory there wasn't much difference between beasts and men, but when it came to such a complex art as that of mentalism the reality was quite different. The simplicity of an animal's mind could be more of an obstacle than the layers upon layers of feelings, thoughts and memories that made up sentience. While precision was more important when probing into a human mind, that was also the crippling weakness that came with it. Enforce a single feeling, be it fear, hate or even love and they would break. He ended his explanation with a piece of advise to the acolytes.

"Other than the physical world minds can not be seen by common eyes. Many of the order less blessed with the gift of intelligence fail to master the mental arts, not because they lack power, but because they can not comprehend this abstract layer of our reality. With time feeling and altering minds will become second nature to you, at least to those gifted under you. For now I would advise you to visualize your thoughts. Do not think about a foreign mind, but a fortress. Do not think about your mind as a chaotic collection of ideas, but as a dagger, a dagger that pierces the armor's weakest point."

With that the metal figure stepped into the background again. The trick he had explained had also been his first step into the ways of the mentalist, and while he had ascended beyond such a simple level by now, even he still used it from time to time against extremely durable opponents.

[member="Krest"] [member="Dravis Rosilla"] [member="Darth Genesis"] [member="Darth Mara"] [member="Orion Darkstar"] [member="Lark"] [member="Ariealla Vareldi"]
What a display of brute strength of the mind. Effective, but so inelegant. Hardly her style at all. Still, dominating a mind was something she knew well enough, even if her new body hasn't been yet conceived back then. She offered Krest another elegant bow, before moving to take her turn.

She deposited the foul smelling bag beside herself, moving just barely out of range of the Maelridae, and folded her hands in front of her, a classic meditative stance. She bowed her head, eyes shut, and indulged in her dark aura as she gently coaxed and pressed her mind against the creature. She was not a hammer, a weapon throwing itself into the barriers of the mind. No, she was careful, calculated, focused. She found the chinks, drilling her way through the soft parts, until barrier after barrier fell before her relentless, focused assault.

A smile graced her lips, before she turned her head up to Krest. Her yellow eyes opened, and she cocked her head slightly, almost like the modern, holovid obsession with cute when she spoke. "A ball, My Lord?" The beast sat yet again as she spoke, before raising again for the next in line.

[member="Krest"] [member="Dravis Rosilla"] [member="Darth Genesis"] [member="Darth Mara"] [member="Orion Darkstar"] [member="Lark"] [member="Darth Abyss"]
"I hope this isn't an insult to my intelligence" smirking to herself and outstretching her hand. It did nothing more than form a symbolic message that she was directly interfering with the creature, though many force users used it, it was merely more a tradition rather than apart of the technique itself.

Though she had probably spent longer training than the individuals here, she actually wasn't as adept at this particular skill. Strange. Especially since her former Lord, [member="Darth Abyss"] was known as the mind eater. I suppose in comparison, she was rather tame in her use of it, rather than going all out like those who had went before her did. With a few prods, sneaking through some knicks and crannies she could see it;

"It's a gun." flicking her hair back behind her head, which had slowly lifted though not by much above her shoulders, and as the hair fell back down the beast sat.

[member="Ariealla Vareldi"] I [member="Dravis Rosilla"] I [member="Darth Genesis"] I [member="Krest"] I [member="Lark"] I [member="Orion Darkstar"]
One by one they lined up, ready to adhere to the instructions that were clearly given. For some time, at least in the past; Orion had the opportunity of learning from a different master. He was gifted in the practices of telepathy, capable of far greater feats than just simple communication. Unfortunately, she abandoned him, left to learn the other adept applications of telepathic warfare. Such things prevented him from pursuing darker, stronger invasions of the mind. Today, he would get a chance to. It made him anxious and before he knew it, he was next.
The Maelridae stared at him, it's hollowed out sockets confiming it's blind nature. It stood scrapping it's claws across the damp, rough floor. Orion knew how dangerous they were and how fierce they could be. The only thing he didn't think about was how invading the beast before him would pan out. He looked into the dark sockets as he went to spread his feet. His back straightened, his left arm bending upward as his hand rested on his mask. Orion fell into silence, everything and everyone around him vanishing as he began.
It was the pinnacle of executing any tedious lesson. There were few that understood the effort it took to really invade other minds. Whether it was an animal or person, either way it came with it's prices. Still, Orion breached into the first inner wall of the dark beings internal thoughts. He was pulled into the beasts domain as the image of a tiny room filled with black melted tar greeted him. The shrieks and screams that ruptured throughout the dark area became close to unbearable. He felt the beast resisting the urge to show what truly resided inside it's mind. A defense mechanism against those gifted in the force. Orion shifted his gaze to a small, untouched portion of the wall, tar free from it's cracked and indented crevice. This was it, the key to breaking through.
With a swift flicker of his hand he waved it through the air, Orion's mind sucked back into the cavern they all resided. The flashing image of what truly hid behind the grotesque beasts mind. Orion stepped back, aware of the image that was implanted there. His master was clever, but the mirage that presented itself made Orion disgusted. His father's tomb combed over in dust like it always had been. The sheer resentment that pulsed through him, made him freeze. As quickly as it came, Orion forgot it. He left his father behind long ago. Even plagued with his sporadic visions, Orion kept strong. Blocking it all out to remain a Sith.
His head slightly turned to his master and spoke.
"The tomb of my forgotten father..." Orion said, his voice cold and gritty.
Then, like a commander giving orders to his crew, he forced the beast to sit. Its skinny hind legs bending as the tail bent upwards to give room for such action. Orion tightened his fist, walking to the side. This only meant one thing...
[member="Krest"] | [member="Darth Abyss"] | [member="Darth Mara"] | [member="Ariealla Vareldi"] | [member="Darth Genesis"]


Saint of the Damned
Lark stepped and and gazed into where the eyes of the beast should be, and the beast stared back. Lark didn't flinch back from it's monstrous gaze. He was the last one to prod into the mind of the Maelridae, would the gates already be broken? Would Lark be able to stroll in like he was taking a leisurely walk through town, or would he have to tear down the walls with his own metaphorical hands?

Can you even understand me, Lark thought as he infected the beast's mind. It was a magnificent creature, even compared to the other beings that roamed around the galaxy. In the wild it might have been a proud warrior, but here under Krest's control it was no more than yet another pawn in the galactic game. Perhaps it didn't even qualify as that. Even if you can't, there's nothing stopping me from speaking to you. He navigated around a maze of corridors, searching for whatever secret image was waiting to be discovered. He saw memories of blood, of battles and shared feasts along with it's pack. You used to be a king in these lands, didn't you? I too used to consider myself a ruler of sorts. But I burned that all away long ago. And now, look at what you've become. Does servitude please you? Or do you long to fight alongside your master?

The creature stared back at him, but of course could say nothing. Lark had gained control. He rounded a corner inside the mind of the Maelridae, and was confronted with a familiar scene. A misty dagger hovered in the air, covered in a scarlet coating. A shrouded figure lay beneath the weapon, and had it not been so formless perhaps it would've been possible to see a red smile on his mother's neck.

Lark turned away from the scene, he had what he came for and would rather not linger longer than was necessary. The maze had dissipated, and only a straight hallway led towards the exit of the beast's consciousness. Drifting back into reality, Lark was brought back to facing the Maelridae's foul breath. He didn't remember stepping closer. One day, perhaps you will run and fight once more. But for now, you are nothing, nothing but another stone for me to step over.

Lower your head.

The beast looked towards the ground, and sat down on the dark, dusty ground. "A dagger," he said to Krest with a mellow smile. The dagger my mother used to end her life, after I convinced her to do so. She had bled herself as Lark watched with young, inquisitive eyes. He chuckled lightly. "You gave me a dagger."

[member="Orion Darkstar"] [member="Darth Mara"] [member="Ariealla Vareldi"] [member="Darth Abyss"] [member="Dravis Rosilla"] [member="Darth Genesis"] @Krest
Krest nodded after each completed the task. They were all here because they had the skill to do the task, be it well or not so well. Regardless, only those who would succeed would survive the next test. [member="Dravis Rosilla"] would be waved forward to complete the simple test as the others had, though his image wasn't an image. Instead, it was a song, the first thing the elder had thought of when he saw the Bith.

Regardless of the late comers success, Krest would usher the others towards the mouth of the cave. Once, the Kinrath owned this cavern as the home to their hive, clicking and communicating with one another in such a way that it could be heard by those who passed by. But now there was only an eerie silence. "You will leave your weapons here and enter the cave. Find a Maelridae before they find you, tame it, and you will be allowed to exit." The lack of weapons was more for the acolytes well being than he would say. The Maelridae were not lightsaber proof, but they were fast and this was their home. To kill one would only invite the rest to avenge it's killer. They wouldn't stop with just the killer though, and it would eventually lead to them being unable to be tamed for some time.

"Remember, the ones in this cave are most likely hungry. Unlike this one here, they wont simply wait for you to get in their head. Force them to submit fast, or die. Oh, and the last group is still in there. If you find any stragglers, remind them they have to succeed to get out." There was one last kind smile from the Sith as he ushered them forward. How many would survive this time?


Ah.. A culling, this is what this was. Separating the weak and pathetic in death, letting the strong and powerful continue on as true members of the Ascendancy.. or at least, with a ravaging pet. This was something he could get behind, a true sith tactic and he could feel the blood rushing through his body, the excitement of battle nearing..

His long bony hand detaches his saber, going to place it on a rock a few feet away before going to be the first in the cave. These creatures were everywhere, he could sense them as he trudged into the darkness boldly, his mind trying to find the closest one but there were too many and it proved difficult.. but after a short minute of searching his foot hit something soft, and he froze, glancing down.. what remained of a previous acolyte, robes ripped, flesh eaten, only a few clothes, meat, and bones on the corpse. But there was a tail, a trail of blood.. several actually but this was the freshest, and so he followed it, this would be EASY he thought to himself, a piece of ca- and that's when he felt it on him. A Maelridae was on his shoulders gnashing at him ferociously.

He tilted his head away from the gnashing jaws, before using the force to push it off of him, it slamming against the wall and he could sense more coming, he had to do this quickly. He glared at the creature, putting his arm out as if to guide the invisible powers toward it as he began to break down it's walls one after another, it's mind not too different than the one he had already dominated, and he was anxious, and a little pissed as his shoulder bled, those emotions channeling into his powers, the creature charging him now and before it got to him it crumbled.. his command reaching through. And it slowly stood after that looking defeated, but still drooling. "Shadow-Maw.. that is what I will call you.." And with that he goes to leave the cave, and quickly, Shadow-Maw following him on command his face still stained with blood, obeying his new master, even as they enter the sunlit outside where Krest is waiting.

[member="Orion Darkstar"] [member="Darth Mara"] [member="Ariealla Vareldi"] [member="Darth Abyss"] [member="Dravis Rosilla"] [member="Krest"]
Dravis stepped forward when it was his turn, a bit too much pomp in his walk, under the circumstances. He could very well die here, in front of his master, [member="Darth Abyss"], failing at the one thing the Sith Lord excelled at.

That would truly be poetic.

Dravis stared daggers at the thick-skinned predator, evaluating. The specks of gold floating in his endlessly-black eyes dulled ashe stretched his senses out, letting them wash over the Maelridae. He felt the various indentations in the beast's defenses, where others had broken through. One was a pushed-open door, displaying the ferocity of [member="Darth Genesis"]' tactic. The careful, consistant drilling of [member="Ariealla Vareldi"]. The cracks, squeezed through by [member="Darth Mara"]. The simple, yet tasteful breach of [member="Orion Darkstar"]. The understanding that had passed between the beast and [member="Lark"].

To impress the Sith Lords, Dravis had to find another tactic. Thankfully, ever since he had become Darth Abyss' apprentice, he had been reading ancient and not-so-ancient tomes on a strange form of mind-control.

He was reminded of the story of a large wooden horse.

Dravis pictured the coming battle in his mind. His thin figure, standing against the tall fortress that was the Maelridae's mind. Dravis felt the side of the wall, felt the impenetrable stone underneath his clawed hand. And he smiled, concentrating hard.

Outwardly, Drav's eyes began to sparkle with yellow energy, the Dark-Side corruption showing prominently in the obsidian orbs. The cinders began to swirl in lazy circles, until galaxies of golden stars twirled hypnotically in his eyes.

Dravis sculpted a thought, a beautiful, magnificent thought, and pushed it with all his might into the Maelridae's subconscious. Instead of breaking the tower's defenses, the thought grafted onto the impregnable wall, creating a door as the novice's practice of Mind Twist took effect.

You cannot refuse me, no matter how hard you try.

Dravis placed his head against the imaginary door, concentrating. He could feel the Maelridae's mind stressing against itself, trying to defend itself, but it's subconscious had been twisted into servitude. He heard... music. Lifting, upbeat music he hadn't heard before.

- - -
The Bith stood completely still, focused on the being before him. Then, he began to hum, a beautiful sound, lilting and dropping in unexpected ways, sounding as if he should belong singing in front of a cantina. Drav's concentration broke, and he snapped back to reality. "Mmm. A good song."

Drav followed behind the bunch, hesitating when [member="Krest"] told them to remove their weapons. With a finality to his movements, Dravis levitated his lightsaber and his shock-whip to the floor, leaving them behind him as he entered the cave, rendered blind with nothing but the Force to guide him.
Ariealla smiled lightly, setting the duffel bag down not far from the cave entrance as Lord Krest explained their collective task to achieve. Reach was to take a beast, quickly, or to die horribly. How, archaic? Simplistic in nature to be certain. Not to say the once mighty Sith Lord didn't appreciate the method, it was refreshing to partake in the simple pleasures.

She had brought no weapons, save her mind, so she was among the first to enter, the darkness outside providing cool comfort as it overtook her entirely. Silence befell the cave, as she moved silently through the stone den and tomb. The metallic taste to the air sent her into a shiver of delight, blood... human blood. Her mouth began to salivate, and she became distinctly aware of how long it had been since she last had her medicine. Too long... She, with shaking hands, reached to her hip and removed a pill bottle, openint it and forcing a pill into her mouth.

It went down slowly, but she could feel her beasts recede, the insatiable desires, the degradation of time. Her mind was still hers, and with her freed mind she could once more feel the dampness, soaking her down to the bone. She felt acolytes, living and dead, and malevolence, the maelridae deeper in.

She licked her lips, and pressed on.

[member="Krest"] [member="Dravis Rosilla"] [member="Darth Genesis"] [member="Darth Mara"] [member="Orion Darkstar"] [member="Lark"] [member="Darth Abyss"] [member="Krest"]
She dumped all of her gear on the ground, save for her clothing, as instructed, and stepped cautiously into the cave, making sure not to trip on any foreign objects.

The cave itself was not illuminated at all, the only light so far coming from so very, very dim torches and the entrance. She couldn't even tell if it was wet, dry, sandy, dusty, if these walls were made of diamonds, all it was was non-descript rock formations looking like cave paintings. But she was not here for the cave paintings, she was here for the Maelridae that lurked in these tombs. Not lacking confidence, but smirking a grin for the other Acolytes who would have a tough time (or maybe not), taming these beasts.

Nothing could be seen yet, at least not now

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