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Approved Tech M.I. Multi-Fuel Fission Reactor

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The Wardog


  • Intent: Create a reactor for various uses
  • Image Source: Here
  • Canon Link: Reactor
  • Permissions: N/A
  • Primary Source: N/A

  • Manufacturer: Maji Ironworks
  • Affiliation: Maji Ironworks
  • Market Status: Open-Market
  • Model: M.I. Multi-Fuel Fission Reactor
  • Modularity: Highly Modular
  • Production: Mass-Produced
  • Material: Impervium, Duranium, Durasteel, various other materials.

  • Capable of running on various types of nuclear fuel, including standard hypermatter and coaxium.
  • Design of the reactor allows it to be scaled up and down to fit various roles.
  • Smaller models can run on normal combustible fuels.
  • Powerful performance, particularly when pushed hard.
  • Insulated design and casing drastically lowers radiation levels around the reactor.

  • Flexible: The design of the reactor allows it to be used in a variety of places, from small vehicles to enormous starships. Smaller reactors can also utilize combustible fuel instead of nuclear if the vehicle permits it.
  • Powerful: The reactor is able to put out ludicrous amounts of power with the right fuel.
  • Simple: Utilizing a simple concept and few moving parts, the reactor is easy to maintain and use.
  • Compact: No matter the size, the design of the reactor makes it compact and simple to install.

  • Unstable: Due to the nature of fission reactions, damage to the reactor could result in an enormously significant emotional event.
  • Radiation: If the reactor’s casing is broken, unlucky bystanders can be showered in lethal radiation. The reactor also produces a lot of waste and exhaust, depending on the fuel used.
  • Fuel: The reactor is only as strong as the fuel it uses. Weaker fuel types could result in poor performance and power.
  • Cooling: The fission reaction causes extreme temperatures which uses up a lot of coolant in the reactor.
  • Performance: While the reactor is efficient under heavy load, it wastes a lot of energy and coolant when simply “idling”.

An old design of reactor, but still capable of reliable power. The Multi-Fuel Fission Reactor is a design of reactor meant to be used in anything that needs power. Small models can fit into small speeders and swoops, while large models can power enormous space stations and warships.

A big advantage is the ability to use different kinds of fuel available in the galaxy. Power levels may vary depending on the fuel, but the engine will split whatever is thrown into it for power as long as it can burn or explode. The reactor is quite efficient under load as well, making it fantastic for long journeys and fast movements, or heavy power requirements.
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