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Approved Tech M-10 "Wolverine"

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Sergei "Jack" Jachovich

  • Intent: To create a smaller more widespread and adaptable sidearm for people to utilize
  • Image Source: Gallery
  • Canon Link: None
  • Permissions: None
  • Primary Source: None
  • Manufacturer: Freebirds Industries, Confederacy of Independent Systems
  • Affiliation: Closed-Market
  • Model: M-10
  • Modularity: Can utilize laser sights, under barrel lights/lasers, suppressors. Also has an alternate slide that can be swapped out containing all necessary blaster components to turn this pistol into a blaster.
  • Production: Minor
  • Material: Duraplast lower receiver, Durasteel trigger assembly, Phrik-A Slides, blaster components for blaster configuration, Duranium barrel, Alusteel Firing pin/Recoil Spring assembly for slug thrower configuration, either Synthetic Yorik Coral or Carbonite anti-corrosive coats for the weapon
  • Classification: Slugthrower/Blaster
  • Size: Average
  • Weight: Light
  • Ammunition Type: 12mm x 25mm Cased Ammunition/Blaster Charge Pack
  • Ammunition Capacity: Very Small/Average
  • Reload Speed: High
  • Effective Range: Personal
  • Rate of Fire: Low - Semi-automatic only
  • Stopping Power: High
  • Penetration: High/Low
  • Recoil: Low
Blaster Pistol Configuration

Slug-Thrower Configuration
  • Easy to configure from Slugthrower to blaster configuration by simply changing out the slide containing the barrel and firing mechanism of the weapon system. This is achieved due to all of the necessary components for each version of the weapon system being contained within the slide of the pistol. With all of the parts located here, it is easy to swap a single weapon system out to not only change it from a blaster to a slugthrower, it also has adjustable grip sizes making it easier for any size of being to be able to utilize the weapon system.
  • Rail system and quick attach barrel system allows for the easy attachment and detachment of silencers, lights, lasers, and any other common pistol accessories. This allows for easy tailoring of the pistol to a variety of situations, from a civilian personal defense version that has no attachments, to a military version with a holographic sight, underbarrel attachment (light or laser), and optional silencer for slug throwers.
  • Slug Thrower's total analog construction means that when in this configuration it is completely impervious to EMP/Ion weapons.
  • Easily configurable pistol: So in order to swap this pistol from its blaster configuration to its slug thrower configuration, you just have to swap out the slide. This allows you to swap it with relative ease from a slug thrower pistol or blaster pistol with only changing out the slide and the ammo supply.
  • Light weight and easy to control: This weapon has a low relative weight to most service pistols and a really good and controllable recoil pattern. This makes this weapon a breeze to learn even for new shooters. This makes the weapon easy to use and gives it good performance in most combat scenarios.
  • Blaster Configuration has less penetration: This weapon while doing more damage than average blasters, has less penetration and shorter range.
  • Slug Thrower configuration: This weapon has a small ammo capacity and its optimal range is lower than that of standard pistols.
The service pistol developed by Freebirds Industries is unique because it takes two things that normally would take significant modifications and/or work to make into a single weapon system, and brings them together. Are you on a planet where blasters typically are ineffective, malfunction, or otherwise just don't work? Swap the slide of this weapon out for a slug thrower slide, and start firing away. On a ship where punching holes in things is kinda detrimental to your mission or need a larger ammo capacity? Swap it out to blaster configuration. This weapon allows for shooters to take advantage of both style of weapons, allowing for a versatile platform that gives good punching power in a easy to control pistol that even a new shooter could use effectively. This makes for a great entry level pistol for any and every shooter, or just a reliable backup when those particular yahoos get a little too close.
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