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Lucrehulk-Class LH 3210 Freighter

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  • Classification: Escort Battlecruiser/ Freighter

  • Role: Troop Transport, Personal Transport, Cargo Transport, Armored Personnel Carrier,

  • Length: 3,170 Meters
  • Width: 3,009 Meters
  • Height: 1,029 Meters

  • Armaments: Low ( 30 Quad laser Point-Defense cannons, 10 Quad Turbo Laser Cannons )

  • Defenses: High ( Quad Thick Durasteel plating and 4 Deflector Shield Generators)

  • Hangar Space: 21

  • Hangar Allocations: DroidFighters (VultureDroids) 15 SupportCraft (Shuttles/Dropships) 4/2

  • Maneuverability Rating: Very Low

  • Speed Rating: Low-Average (Ship is designed to be safe as an Escort)

  • Hyperdrive: Class 2, with a Class 10 backup.
  • Durasteel Hull, 4 Deflector Sheild Generators, 30 Quad laser Point-Defense, 10 Heavy Quad Turbo Laser batteries, 2 Primary Proton 2 Engines and a single Proton 12 secondary Engine, 10 Droid Recharge Bays, Massive Hanger Bays (Storage for Goods and Droids)
  • N/A ( This is an Outdated Vessel made for Escortation of VIP and Transport of Goods)
  • This Escort Frigate has all the armor and protection of early Trade Federation ships with a full Vulture droid compliment to assist with the defense of the Ship.
  • Can also be a minor mobile repair platform to get damaged ships into stable condition.
  • This cruiser is controlled by nothing but Droids, so any form of extreme EMP blasts can and will disable most if not the entire ship and crew.
  • As an Escort craft it is not built to sustain a full on assault.
CNS Orray, is an outdated Lucrehulk-Freighter, that has been renovated for use as a new project for use as and escort Craft for Diplomatic arrangements, and as a Logistic carrier for immediate needs for any Naval Conflict, as the ship can store repair materials and other useful items needed for the more Organic crews of various ships across CIS Space. With its main crew being all Droids the new program is using an upgraded OOM Unit, designated as SC-A1 (Special Commander Alpha 1) as the ships commander. After the conquest of Naboo and the massive refugee outbreak that happened, the Admiralty moved funds towards this OOM unit and the old ship to see how it fairs in practical use and need as the borders of CIS space grows. Primarily flying routes between Naboo, Geonosis, Kamino, and Hypori

The Lucrehulk Model has a skeletal Crew of 100 Droids, a full crew of 500 (400 Crew 100 Guard/HouseKeeper Droids)
Passenger limit is 250 Organics, and up to 139,000 Deactivated droids, which are stored in the Hangers)
Cargo Storage capacity is roughly 25,000,000 Metric Tons of goods.


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Before we start, I will note that Canon starships don't need to be codified in the Factory to be used in RP.​
Anyway, there are a few fundamental issues to deal with before we can move on to the smaller details. I realize that you are attempting to mimic a Canon starship, but Combat Ships of this submission's length is only permitted at Limited Production, for a Major Faction, or Semi-Unique Production, for a Minor Faction/Company. Please lower the rating (or, for that matter, the ship's length) accordingly.​
Starships of this size also cannot be affiliated directly with your character, see the image linked above or the source.​
Moving on, please include the Hangar Rating, in this case High, not just the number. The vessel in general is also pretty underpowered, as this shows; if this is intentional due to it being in your own words "outdated", good for you - if not, you may raise a few at your discretion.​
Finally, I have to ask, is this meant to be Unique? The Description seems to refer to it as a singular vessel, namely the "CNS Orray"; if this is meant to be a singular, unmodified Lucrehulk I would actually suggest making use of the Codex Location template, keeping in mind that "The Codex Location template is not a work around for the Factory, and a ship with significant technological changes from a canon model will be directed there."​


I'm Sorry Dave
Roleplay Judge

Update on this? If you need any further assistance feel free to ask. I can give you a few more days if you need them; should you require more time to make the necessary edits, I can also move this back to Pre-Factory, which would give you around a month to work on it.​
If no response is received by the 28th of February, I will be archiving this submission for inactivity.​
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