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Lost in the Desert...On a Horse With no Name

Cedric Dorn

Diana pushed the speeder to the max as they soared through the the air above the crystal sand deserts of Tattooine. The Jedi Knight pressed the controls forward to push the vehicle to its very edge. In the Passenger seat sat her Bladesister @[member="Daella Apparine"], a panicked look across her face. The speeder rushed across the desert sands at almost impossible speeds, the engines running red hot as the desert heat scorched them.

“I told you they would come after us!” Diana yelled over the sound of the rushing wind as the speeder flew faster and faster. They crossed another one of the massive dunes, rushing over and blowing up a massive amount of sand.

Finally the noise of the chasing speeders stopped and Diana and Daella's own speeder seemed to slow down. The chase was over it seemed and whoever had been chasing them had now stopped. The speeder went over a section of nearly flat desert and Diana visibly relaxed, her body growing less tense and her hands sliding down the control yoke of the speeder. “Alright, I think w-”

Just as she finished speaking a massive tail emerged from the sands of the desert. Diana's eyes popped open in absolute shock as a massive form emerged from beneath the sands. A Greater Krayt Dragon emerged from beneath the sands, its massive maw biting and moving towards the speeder.

Diana screamed in shock as she pulled the control yolk to the right.

The speeder narrowly avoided the massive void of the Krayt Dragons mouth, Instead they crashed into the beasts snout sending them spinning into the sand dunes. Diana and Daella's crashed into the sands, in the middle of the Tatooine Desert, with no one around for hundreds of miles.
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“Padawan Jakobs! Your Master and Knight Diana have gone missing in the Tatooine desert!”

Sopher stood in all elegance and grace of a Jedi Padawan with his arms crossed as he looked upon the holo monitors. His eyes narrowed as he pulled up his goggles and looked at where they had last had contact with the two Jedi Knights. Sopher was a bit upset since the two had left without him; he was supposed to go on a desert adventure with them. Of course, the boy’s stomach took control and he was off on his way to eating a double McYoda burger instead of getting ready.

Guess this was some punishment for his growing body. Looking over his shoulder he waved his arm.

“I will go get them, put the coordinates into my data pad.”

Standing there he waited for someone to acknowledge his orders, but as usual the Republic moved about without noticing he was there. Groaning, he plugged his own data pad into the system and downloaded the information he needed. He was going to show them when he was a hunky Jedi Master who’s boss – they would all notice him…maybe? Grabbing his water bottle and speeder key he walked out towards the speeder bikes and climbed onto one. Closing his eyes he dreamed of the day when he became a man – what a glorious day that would be.

Pushing his foot down on the throttle, he sped off in search of his Master!

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@[member="Diana Moridena"] @[member="Daella Apparine"]
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"GOD DAMNIT!" I had thought about hunting a Krayt Dragons. I wanted to hunt for the beast and mount its head in the Hall of the Varad Clan that I was adopted into, but for this, I needed to be alone. I could feel the slight rumbling of the sand and could see the movement of the grains as the beast rose. Only to realize that it was just not some simple lizard, it was a Greater Krayt Dragon. One of the largest creatures known to the Galaxy. Dressed in my Mandalorian armor, come complete with a brown cloak to protect myself from the possible chance of a sandstorm.

With my farsight I looked to see the beast fly up from the ground, and at the very last second did I see a speeder slam into the hulking beast. This was not good. Pulling up my far sight, My lime green HUD showed me that I was not far from them. Quickly I rushed unto the borrowed Snakeyes tumbler. Activating the engine I set the landspeeder into high gear.

Tearing down to where they might be, with how quickly the beast had rose from the sea of sand, I suspected that ether the beast would leave, or it would attack because of having a controlled missile hit its nose may piss it off.

(If you don't mind me joining.)
@[member="Sopher Jakobs"]m @[member="Diana Moridena"]


When the Krayt Dragon popped out, Daella quickly looked back with wide eyes and peered into its gaping maw. Unlike her companion, she did not scream. Yet immediately, she drew her lightsaber hilt with her right hand. With the beast being over a hundred meters, it easily dwarfed both Daella and @[member="Diana Moridena"].

Once Daella and Diana fell onto a sand dune after crashing into the Krayt Dragon’s snout, Daella quickly got up and assisted Diana to her feet. She began to run in the same direction that they had been traveling. Threatened by the speeder, the Krayt Dragon took a bite into it and threw it a distance away. Since it was hardly edible, the Krayt Dragon focused on the tiny scraps of potential food before it in the form of two Jedi.

After running just ten meters, Daella came to the top of a sand dune. Before the Jedi stretched a perfectly vertical cliff with a couple meter drop. Daella took a step off and landed on the soft sand. To their good fortune, the Krayt Dragon seemed to be distracted by @[member="Zack Varad"]. Plus, the entrance to a cave was at the bottom of the drop off. Daella ducked into the cave, surrounded by sturdy stone.

Noah Corek

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@[member="Zack Varad"] @[member="Daella Apparine"] @[member="Sopher Jakobs"] @[member="Diana Moridena"]
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Like Zack,Noah had been hunting,but his form of hunting involved a 6 soldier squad of Pyre soldiers and some pirates that had been attacking Protectorate trading routes near Tattooine and its surrounding system. As he and his his drove through the desert in two speeders,Noah was unaware that as soon as he drove over the next dune he saw a Grand Krayt Dragon attacking a man and what looked as if it was a jedi there as well. "Oh poodoo." He said as the thing noticed them and began to lumber towards the two speeders.

Cedric Dorn

Diana ran after Daella as fast as she possible could. There was no fighting the Krayt Dragon, there was no combating such a massive creature. She ran as fast as she could, holding onto her sword tightly and rushing after Daella. When the other woman reached the Cliff Diana looked behind her before jumping. She saw the massive Krayt Dragon roar loudly and snap after whatever it was that was in the sky. She frowned, and then followed her Bladesister.

She bounded off the cliff edge and landed in the soft sand like a ballerina.

The Jedi Knight grabbed Daella by her arm using the other Jedi's momentum to pull herself forward. She began to run through the sand until they reached the cave at which point she bounded forward and slid across the floor into the darkness. She panted, out of breath and nearly having her lungs deflated.
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Getting ever so closer to the Dragon of the sands, I saw that the people had found a hardend cave of sand, Seeing as how they were sitting ducks. I had to draw the beasts attention towards me. Using the light repeater on my speeder, I shot off a few rounds at the beast. zooming past it, Missing the huge clawed hand that came to squish me by a meter. Sliding to a stop on the sand made the rear of the landspeeder turn 'round to see that other speeders were coming. Ether that was good, or it was going to be very bad.

"Oh I am so going to hate this."

@[member="Diana Moridena"], @[member="Noah Corek"], @[member="Daella Apparine"]