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Catalog LORD Contii's Capital Armaments | Droids, Weapons & More

C a t a l o g

  • BLITZ - The "superhuman" drug. (Effects may vary among species. Recorded effects advertised impact species as listed: humans, twi'lek, der'vergeben, [remaining text is redacted]
  • RAGE - Synthesized anger hormone that enhances a dark force user's ability.
  • [More entries to be included after more submissions are created.]
Custom Manufacture Service:
  • This section is an open invitation for all complex and/or personalized services. The number of "favors" that are owed are proportional to the cost, effort and quality of the production. "Favors" will be outlined in any proceeding contracts. Examples of specialized services include the exo-skeletal generator array and versatile design philosophy of Contii's self-made lightsaber.

"We pay in favors here. Your money is useless to me!"

O.O.C Details

Manufacturer: Vergessen Contii
Payment: Outlined in a contract involving an appointed "favor" or multiple. These can come in the form of a service trade, e.g Contii produces an army of Made-Men, while you provide him with a small militia of quality battle droids. Numbers, resources and labor estimates can be haggled with Contii when drafting the favor(s). The payment can also come in the form of information, loyalty to Contii or inter-governmental assistance.

Permissions: Zar Kevdac (regular access to [BLITZ], [RAGE], [FLESHGAIT] model (1) & [Made Men] models for the purpose of completing missions for Contii).
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