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  1. Vergessen Contii

    Catalog  LORD Contii's Capital Armaments | Droids, Weapons & More

    C a t a l o g Droid(s): Expendable Multifunctional Personnel - "Made Men" Model: HYDRA - E.M.P Model: Hydra E.M.P ELITE Series - "Fleshgait" [for hire] Armaments: Lightsaber manufacturing service - [refer to "custom manufacture" section for further examples] General purpose cybernetic...
  2. Raphael Gallustrade

    First Reply  Please, sir, I'd Like Some More

    The ship gave a slight lurch, as he came out of hyperspace, and Raphael gave a grunt. He was in a borrowed transport ship, given that his own was still... well, on Tython, which REALLY sucked. But, for now, he was borrowing ships from the Order. They didn't have much time, with reports of both...
  3. Tefka

    Staff  Recruiting 1 more RPJ

    If you are interested, please send the @Admin team a DM listing your credentials, portfolio, history, and interest in the position. Valiens Nantaris Tefka Srina Talon John Locke Collector My aim is to bring the Staff team back up to 10 strong. These apps are pretty fluid, put as much or as...
  4. Adeline Noctua

    LFG  Some more story

    To those that know the character, they know Adeline is a wild card. Well I am looking to add one more thread to my bundle right now and I am open to any idea! Just put it here or in my DMs if you want, it can be threads with Jedi, Sith, Criminals, Military.. List goes on. Things my worn out...
  5. Gatz Derrevar

    Less LOA, More Stepping Back

    For the foreseeable future, I'm not going to be engaging in anything on this site in an OOC manner. I don't feel comfortable writing anything but an actual RP post at the moment. I likely won't be responding to LFGs or DMs here on site. So for those of you who write with me, or have been...
  6. Briana Sal-Soren

    LOA  More of a notice, I guess?

    This is less of an LoA and more of an FYI. I've basically been on an un-announced LoA the last couple of weeks. Life hit unexpectedly and I kept thinking that I'd get on the other side of it, but what was on the other side of it when I got there was exhaustion and mental burnout instead. I've...
  7. Katarine Ryiah

    Discussion  Seeking More Advice About Family Expansion etc

    Last week I posted this thread where many people were very kind to give me ideas and thoughts for moving this character forward. I was originally debating on if I should use a character from Kat's past as an NPC to start her family, or if I should wait for a PC relationship to form here. I have...
  8. Aris Noble

    LFG  Aris Needs More Friends!

    I'm feeling better (not 100% but certainly better) after my loa, and I want threads! I like threading, it's just what I do, I like to write. And so, more threads for Aris. He's a lil' guy who is still trying to learn what it means to feel and be a person. A lot of his formative years were spent...
  9. B

    LFG  Connections and more!

    Hello writers of Chaos! I'm reaching out to explore potential developments for my characters: Bastila Sal-Soren and Darth Ira. If you're curious about their backgrounds, you can delve into their character biographies, or feel free to ask me for more details. Firstly, let's focus on Bastila...
  10. Saahar

    LFG  Back for more

    Hi there! Got this character up and running about a month ago but had to take a little break from writing so her arc kinda stagnated. Think I'm going to commit to her turning over a new leaf so if any Jedi want to deal with a brainwashed Sith who's a bit morally skewed, feel free to give me a...
  11. Gatz Derrevar

    Faction  [NJO] A Jedi Once More

    Ship: The Red Night Weapons: Tag: Open to members of the Jedi Order There was surprisingly little fanfare to returning to the Order. Oh he hadn't expected a party. Too few people gave a damn about him for that. Gatz had, however, expected more of a fight to get back in. Especially considering...
  12. Jonyna Si

    LFG  Need more social threads.

    Been thinking about the fact that Jonyna has garnered a bit of a reputation as a fighter, and I'm in the mood for something more chill. Anyone want a social thread to just vibe? I'll make it a beach thread and we can go surfing lmao.
  13. Cremek candorus

    LFG  the sand dragon stirs once more!

    greetings! looking for more interactions with the (slightly schizophrenic) mandalorian samurai cremek candorus, anything is appreciated!
  14. B

    LFG  Some more writes.

    Hello! Again! So, with stability in life comes time for some great stories! I'm looking to have Bastila get involved in...well, whatever! I'm open to rivalry threads or establishment thereof, friendship goofy times - look, those are real fun! And any character development that people would be...
  15. Cremek candorus

    LFG  Looking for friends, rivals, and more!

    What better way to introduce cremek candorus (and myself) to chaos than to build up some relationships with other chars! mostly need a rival for cremek so his sweet, sweet, psychotic self can truly shine
  16. Darth Nwul

    Faction  [GC/SO] More than a mere Knight

    OOC: I'll be going sans divs going forward, while they're pretty not everyone can read them properly on mobile and cause more trouble than good. It was a strange thing, one of the guardsmen hired from the native population of Thule had thought, that there were rainclouds again in the sky...
  17. Zinder Tokarache

    Searching for Friends, Enemies, maybe more.

    Zinder here is in need of friends, enemies, and more. Wanting to get some old and new connections for him after finally returning from a lengthy deployment in Maw space. Formerly with Aiden Rennek's marine squad that was ambushed during the Maw fighting and left Zinder MIA for a time while he...
  18. Jasper Kai'el

    LOA  Less LOA, More Soft Reset

    Hey everyone. For the past week I've been fighting a really bad cold, and it's sort of completely thrown me off my groove for posting. Only problem being I'm in a fair number of threads, and I've sorta lost track of them all in the chaos of my health situation. I do rather hate leaving people on...
  19. Thelma Goth

    LFG  Padawan Seeking More Threads

    Thelma is fast approaching the 50 thread minimum for achieving knighthood. I took a break from writing her for a while, but now I want to fill out that last home stretch with some stories that may help to tie up loose ends before she gets promoted. The possibilities are endless, but here are...
  20. Relana Rekshara

    Public  More arms, More problems

    Relana smiled like a kid as she felt her U-Wing lift off, but gave a nervous gulp as it lurched downward for just a moment. "Jeez, this thing needs some TLC for sure. Oh well, nothing ventured!" She closed one eye as she slowly piloted the U-wing away from the mining vessel that had been her...
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