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Looking for some Sith Lords

I've begun to formulate a plot for an unused planet in the Free Worlds Coalition Hex.

The idea revolves around a group of individuals known as 'The Order of the Beast'.

This planet was once in the domain of the One Sith Empire and having no real strategic resource other than people, the people were taken. Since the fall of the One Sith Empire, this Order of the Beast has been holding claim over the world.

The Order of the Beast itself is a cult of fanatics that worship the Sith Lords much in the same sense of the cultist that worship the Great Old Ones. They're insane and have no idea what they're getting themselves into. They have continued to brutalize the people of this planet in hopes that it will bring the Sith back.

My question is. Who among the Sith Lords would like to be worshipped as a Deity by this Cult and would give permission for their names and likeness of their characters to be used for this story?

Just as an additional note. I am looking for between 5-7 Sith Lords, with at least one female Sith Lord.
It does not need to be an active and still being written Sith Lord.

For example, I was hoping that [member="Fatty"] would permit me to use [member="Darth Voracitos"] as one of the deities.


Thank you [member="Krest"]
The Order of the Beast has various sects involved and are split according to their Sith Lord God that they worship.

The titles are as follows

  • The Rough Beast
  • The Destroyer - [member="Darth Carnifex"]
  • The Unmaker
  • The Worldbreaker - [member="Krest"]
  • Mother of Monsters - [member="Matsu Xiangu"]
  • Lord of Beasts
  • The Consumer - [member="Darth Voracitos"]
  • Untitled Sith Lord Deity 1
  • Untitled Sith Lord Deity 2

Which would you like to be marked under [member="Krest"], [member="KenRath"]
[member="Amelia Sorenn-Syrush"]

I don't I was just curious as to if you were focusing on more recent Sith Lords or any time during the One Sith reign.

May I recommend considering Rev, Mephirium, Isolda, Hauntruss, or Venefica for this list. They stick out in my mind as good candidates for such a thing.
[member="Amelia Sorenn-Syrush"] Voracitos was dead when the One Sith were around, but if that still works for you, you have my permission :) It'd be nice to come back from bootcamp to see new material on one of my favorite characters :) Besides, when he makes his return, he might look more like a Great Old One than he would a human ;)
Even though Ophidia is supposed to be a very obscure figure IC, I am intrigued by the idea. I mean, who would not love to be worshipped?

For the sake of lore however, there are a few I would like to tag in order to see their interest (and inevitably fawn over their accomplishments).

[member="Darth Hauntruss"] and [member="Matsu Xiangu"] would be excellent choices for "Mother of Monsters", or any of these titles be they willing. They have the notoriety, the power, and the penchant for dark, twisted creations.

[member="Vrag"] seems to me like an obvious choice for Destroyer, being arguably the most iconic military leader in the history of the One Sith. Besides, look at that visage. It is terrifying. As [member="Vengeance"] mentioned, [member="Reverance"] has the weight of history, and ought to call back memories of the One Sith at its height.

I will also mention Vornskr-era [member="Darth Carnifex"] , as he is an iconic bad egg. Even though, he has way too many worshippers already.

You guys all have your reasons for yes or no, but I stand by my comment.
[member="Darth Ophidia"]

I totally forgot about Vrag and I think Matsu was before my time. Both really good choices based on reputation from OOC chatter.

[member="Amelia Sorenn-Syrush"]

Perhaps given the list of potentials a more even mix of male and female Lords could be a consideration?
I was hoping for an even mix of male and female Sith Lords.

I just had a preference that one of the female Sith Lords be marked as "Mother of Monsters" and that Voracitos be marked for "The Consumer". I was also looking at coming up with two more monikers to bring it out to a total of 9, so there would be three sets of Tribunal Pantheons.

Thank you for the added suggestions as well.

If there is a title that you like from that list, or if you'd like to suggest a title that matches your character Ophidia, I'll gladly add it to the list.

[member="Darth Ophidia"]

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