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LFG Looking for small squad

Renn Garrick Renn Garrick Oops! forgot that the "Watch" function isn't automatic anymore. Anywho,

What if we're all meeting someone to accept a contract on some HVT? maybe we're all surprised to learn that we'll be a big team of some kind?

OR- if you want something more intense right out the door,
What if we're part of some weird proving grounds scenario, kinda like the box? We get tossed in with a bunch of NPCs and by the time the games are over we're (hopefully) All standing. Last ones standing too, and that's how we all meet and then hear about just who we're hunting?

Legit just random chit off the top of my head, whatever happens works for me regardless
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Drahr kuryida
Renn Garrick Renn Garrick
and the suggestions made by Joti Johayc Joti Johayc also sounded good. Kovhorn would certainly be fine with going on a big team, or alone, so whether he knew or not that he would be on a team he'd show up. And while he believes he has proven himself already, I think adding onto that experience would also be something he would do.
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This might be crazy, but there is this Thread here: https://www.starwarsrp.net/threads/we-do-not-falter-cis-viceroyalty.132975/#post-1866598, and Valencia Hadley has a bounty toggle on. I don't know what for, but given her political position, she would be a high-value target and one that would probably need a larger team to take down given the company she is in.

Feel free to shoot the idea down, but I figured this would be an interesting opportunity to utilize the latest bounty hunting feature on the site.

Renn Garrick

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I’m down for all of this, I don’t know how to run something like the box, so I will ask her about the bounty. Though I’ve never gone after a bounty in a while, I sort of forget and honestly don’t know what to say