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Looking For Light/Neutral Character To RP With

Amara Zarides

Clones just wanna have fun!
Amara is a clone created by genocidal droids. She has escaped them for now though and whilst plotting how to free her ‘sister’ from their clutches she’s on a quest to learn all she can.

I’m not a quick poster but once every day or two is the likely speed.

I’m not too fussed who she interacts with.

So you know a bit more about her:
  • She is the clone of a pretty terrible (in many ways) Sith named Kaelin Isandros. ( [member="Bethany Kismet"] I have a pear for you….)
  • She’s trying to subvert expectations by trending towards the Light Side.
  • She has a pretty fun and bubbly personality, but can be serious when needed.
  • Has a thing for socks.

So let me know if you’re interested. If I get multiple interested parties we can set up a threads as each one finishes.
[member="Amara Zarides"] Myles leans toward the Neutral side, though not entirely. He pretty much does what suits him best, you know? He's a pilot and mostly a criminal too. Arms dealing, drug slinging, merc work, etc. Though that's not the entirety of his character, of course. He faces a lot of internal struggle, which often leads him to having dark side tendencies, but he does do things one would consider towards the 'light'.

If I'm going to start a thread, I'm also looking to finish it. I most likely post at about the same frequency as you- at least daily or every two days, and maybe more if I have spare time.

Shoot me a PM if you're interested and have an idea. :)

Amara Zarides

Clones just wanna have fun!
[member="Myles Vylumnar"]
I will definitely do so!

[member="Jonas Vile"]
What ideas do you have, big boy? ;)

[member="Bethany Kismet"]
I know we've scheduled an RP for when we both have a bit more time...but I look forward to presenting you a fruit basket.

[member="Lok Jorunn"]
Oh hai
Got any ideas?

Amara Zarides

Clones just wanna have fun!
[member="Jonas Vile"]
Oh really? Anything huh? ;)

How about checkers?! That's a lot of fun.

Also, you should wear a shirt, you'll catch a chill going around like that.

Anyway, tell me about Jonny V. Where does he tend to hangout?
[member="Amara Zarides"]

Aside from sock shopping, anything really.

This man is freedom fighter to the core, as well as a raging alcoholic with a past filled with regret.

Training, dueling, exploration. Space malls. I'm up for whatever.

Amara Zarides

Clones just wanna have fun!
[member="Jonas Vile"] [member="Lok Jorunn"] [member="Myles Vylumnar"]

Well, how about we get something unified going? An exploration or other scenario where something dramatic happens and they have to work together to survive?

Sound good?

Amara Zarides

Clones just wanna have fun!
[member="Jonas Vile"] [member="Lok Jorunn"] [member="Sirius Nova"] [member="Myles Vylumnar"]

I know it's been a while, but I think a lot of people were busy including me.

Anyone want to continue on with our story?

Stephanie Swail

[member="Amara Zarides"] Stephanie is on the start of her journey and will always be up for writing if you need another partner. :)
[member="Amara Zarides"] Arisa isn't an Archangel business partner. There was a couple of bulk purchases made by her home government and mentor several years ago IC, but that's about the extent of relations with Archangel. The KSU has long phased out the use of most Archangel gear for some security concerns, and Suravi is chilling out with her HRDs in FO space these days. Arisa recognizes clone rights, and would never agree to any situation involving handing back Amara to Archangel against her will.

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