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Looking for Jedi Master

Tha'ga Temi

Minister of External Affairs for Hapes
I'm joining the bandwagon here and trying to find a Master for Tha'ga Temi, a Force Sensitive Hapan. A couple of notes to help narrow down the search:

- She's a politician so she will probably be hesitant in embracing a traditional Jedi type path. Consular might work though.

- I am willing to join a faction, but her primary loyalty is to the Hapan Consortium.

- Lightsiders only.

- My posting speed can vary, but for the most part I'm steady with at least 1 post a day. If I can't write, I'm communicative about my schedule and when things will pick up again.

Feel free to post here or PM me directly and THANK YOU! :)

Stephanie Swail

Look what they've done to my dream
[member="Tha'ga Temi"] Come to us....come to the Silver Side.... I'd love to help you but being a Paddy, I'm out.

I'd love to help you develop in any adventures however if you need a hand.

Tha'ga Temi

Minister of External Affairs for Hapes
Thank you for the response! [member="Stephanie Swail"] [member="Garith Organa"]

I've found a Master/Trainer for Tha'ga but I'd LOVE to thread with both of you in any kind of RP.

Matsu Ike

Emberlene's Daughter, The Jedi Generalist
[member="Tha'ga Temi"] well can offer but am uncertain if you still need one

married to a Hapan politician
loves to teach
pretty much active daily before and after work with weekends free