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Looking for Either Rouge or Light Side Master/Knight

Zair Xanatos

Fluffy Puppy
Looking for either a Master or Knight to start Dorian path in the force.

I like to learn Shii-Cho, Makashi, Ataru ((Like to learn Shii-Cho first seeing it's the basic one))

As for force powers Force sense, Dopplegänger, Force Pull, and Push. Would be cool start out with hopefully.

If anyone interested PM me.

Alexandra Feanor

The Lady in Silver/Grey Historian
[member="Dorian Van Seafire"]

I can help you out here and there with some of those Force powers, though I think someone else might be better as a full master, as Alexandra lacks the ability to do things like Doppleganger or to reliably teach saber forms. Certainly able to thread with you and train a bit though.