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Looking for a Dark Side Apprentice (No Sith)

I've been getting a bit lazy regarding Chaos these last few days because Real Life and the new Mass Effect, but I finally have the muse and time again to do things here.

Training others always has been what I enjoy most, don't know why but I just dig this master-apprentice thing that star wars has, which is why Abyss had like two million apprentices already lol.

As a semi rule of the two guy Abyss won't take on another sith into his ranks, so what I am looking for a general dark side characters, be it witches, dark jedi or anything else. Training wise I ready to work something out for any kind of desired skill set, as well as creating a few good stories around this training instead of bland "here learn his trick" threads.

Anyone interested?

P.S. I'm also looking for a personal bounty hunter to work for Abyss, so that position is also free if anyone wants it lol.

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