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Tyr-Kyr Magnus

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Alright so I have been thinking over an idea to progress Tyr-Kyr's story. I know for a fact that I want to do it in the near future, but I honestly do not know how to progress as things are.

My question is, how does one such as a Jedi with no monetary assests or property of value acquire large sums of credits? I thought it over for a while and the only way I could determine to do this, without going to the Republic, was to get a loan from a character of ill repute.

If there are any other means then please tell me, or if you are a loanshark type character I would love to know.


You can borrow from me. Mommy #1 is filthy rich and runs a T5. Mommy #2 is up there in the rich ladder, maybe not 1%, and works between private military contracting and a T3. Saera will either be pressed as a sorceress into hurting you if you don't pay, or might just be so well to do that she stops caring. Who knows. It's a roulette chance.

Or you can ask @[member="Alachei Mnemenos"]. Honest money for an honest debt.


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@[member="Tyr-Kyr Magnus"]
I can do credit loans, but for Jedi with no actual income, my interest is high and the amount loaned is generally low. How many credits are you looking to get? I might have some work that you can do for me in exchange for payment.