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LOA from Tuesday until - who knows?

To my Chaos friends,

I have a rather unforgiving and inflexible schedule for this upcoming work week, so I'll be taking an LOA to deal with the grind. I will try to post to a few threads, but there's a chance I may not get to any or move very slow.

Thanks for your patience and flexibility. This affects the following characters: Cim Salro, Varas Ren, Rujat Aola, Zyrias Pax, Tha'ga Temi and Yasmyn Australis. If I'm lucky, I'll be back in action on Friday night or Saturday.

Be good to each other and may the Force be with you!


Tagging partners in current threads: [member="Oregano"] [member="Darth Metus"] [member="Scherezade deWinter"] [member="Allana Badeaux"] (<3) [member="Kyrel Ren"] [member="Derek Dib"]
I was hoping to come back to Chaos at the end of this week, but now I'm going to be traveling for work (nowhere fun, I assure you). I'm extending my LOA, but will still be on Discord periodically.

Happy RPing!

[member="Oregano"] [member="Darth Metus"] [member="Scherezade deWinter"] [member="Allana Badeaux"] [member="Kyrel Ren"] [member="Derek Dib"] [member="The Major"]