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The Blood Hound
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  • Intent: To create something that helps those who are helpless.
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  • Name: LMC - Lupine Madness Controller
  • Manufacturer: Whimsy
  • Affiliation: Closed-Market
  • Modularity: No.
  • Production: Mass-Produced.
  • Material: Pharmaceutical components, hormones

  • Classification: Drug (pill form)
  • Method of Consumption: Orally
  • Average Life: One week.
  • Nutritional Value/Allergies/Side Effects/ Purpose:
    • Nutritional Value: each pill contained 0.5 grams of sugar.
    • Allergies: Incredibly rare.
    • Side Effects: Mood swings may occur for the first three months. Phantom sensations of limbs not currently worn has been reported by a small percentage of test subjects.
    • Purpose: The purpose of the LMC is to keep Lupines from going mad when they are unable to shift into their wolf form for an extended period of time.

  • A monthly supply of LMC comes in a pill tray form, which holds 28 pills.
  • The first 21 pills contain the active ingredients, the last 7 pills are blanks just to make sure the habit does not break.
  • One pill must be consumed every day, preferably at the same hour.
  • Each box comes with a small and personal alarm that can be set as a reminder, and will also keep the required relative track when moving between worlds and locations in which the standard day length changes.
  • The pills balance the hormones responsible for the Lupine madness, essentially dampening to removing the madness effect completely when pills are taken as per the instructions.
  • LMC does not keep a Lupine from being able to shift at will, but merely puts more choice in their hands about it.
  • When the Lupine stops taking LMG, it takes about a month before the effect of the pills is entirely out of their system. During this month, there are no assurances as to what can happen; for some, they'll be fine without shifting for the entire month, while others may experience the need to shift more often than they normally would.

  • After a month of consuming the LMC regularly, the Lupine will in most cases no longer submit to the Lupine Madness which occurs when Lupines don't shift into their wolf form for too long. Some Lupines may require up to 3 months for their bodies to adjust, and a negligible percentage do not respond to the treatment at all.

  • While the Lupine's body adjusts to the LMC, mood swings may occur.
  • While the Lupine's body adjusts to the LMC, the Lupine may sometimes feel phantom wolf limbs while they are in their human form. This is mostly a discomfort that goes away.
  • Allergies, while incredibly rare, may occur.
  • Missing a pill by more than 8 hours will usually draw no negative effect if it happens once per month, but more than that and the stability of the Lupine Madness might be lost.

The need for something that would function the way the LMC does had been an idea that began to float in Scherezade deWinter Scherezade deWinter 's mind in her early days out of the pebble, when she and Katrine Van-Derveld Katrine Van-Derveld were friends and sisters. With so many events that had taken place since those innocent and naive days, the idea ended up being shelved, and eventually, forgotten about entirely.

But when Scherezade's friend, Alwine Daye Alwine Daye , could no longer shift without breaking her own body entirely thanks to being murdered and then brought back to life by Lirka Ka Lirka Ka , Scherezade sat back to work on a solution that would let her friend be able to heal her body without needing to lose her mind.

The LMC was developed in the Whimsy Labs after several tests on Alwine and a few more Lupine volunteers to monitor their brain patterns and endocrinological systems to see what exactly brought the Lupine Madness on. As the data gathered, they were able to offer solutions which gradually ensured a better accuracy.

Eventually, the LMC was completed. The best method found thus was oral consumption, though Whimsy is working on alternate methods at present as well. The pill must be taken every day, more or less around the same time. A small personal alarm arrives with every box, which counts 24 hours - the length of a galactic standard day. The alarm ensures that even while traveling in space or being on planets with a different day cycle length, the pill would be taken at the same time to ensure efficiency.

The LMC can be taken indefinitely, and as long as it is consumed, the Lupine will be able to control when they wish to shift.
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