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Limited Activity - Siobhan

Unbent, Unbowed, Unbroken
Not a character drop (though I was strongly considering it, but that's another matter) but Siobhan shall probably only be active in a limited manner. It's been fun writing her, though often frustrating. Presently it seems like her arc - guess she sort of had one , despite never progressing from being a death charging grunt, but plenty of roofs got torn down - is done and I'm feeling rather burnt out and devoid of an actual purpose for her. Since I'm in a merciful mood for a change Siobhan can go into semi-retirement without losing limbs or getting mutilated.

I'll conclude what threads I have and still do stuff with her. However, my focus is shifting to Moira. It is time for the Age of Steel.

Thessa Kai

Jane Doe
*reprograms @[member="MSE-007"] so it becomes a salsa dancing droid*

Everything is going as planned.

Moira and Maelion are next. I'm thinking - ice dancing droids.

We'll have to record it for Sio because it'll be on way past the retirement home lights out.

Anemone Nivalis

M.D., Expert Trauma Surgeon
Wait! She had to take her medication first! Though she has to take it with food, and I'm not sure if she can still chew on her own.

...... Anyone got a blender? @[member="Delila Castillon"]? @[member="Tamara"]?

Or we could hook her up to a tube for feeding!

Okay. I'm done now.

Sir Hammerlock

I do say my good Lady, I have heard rumors that I can replace my hand with a blender. Yet I've never had a need nor situation that would allow me to test this rumor. @[member="Anemone Nivalis"], @[member="Tamara"]

Sir Hammerlock

@[member="Tamara"] Either that or that Gundark I scraped with a few years back managed to take a piece.