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Lightsabers, you know you got it, want it, will have yours and yours alone.


Jedi Dragon
Ok we are a strickly Starwars board so I figure i'd see how far this will go. We are all here as fans of Star Wars so it only seems likely as fans we'd all of had our own lightsabers from one time or another. So I will put forth this question to all of you as I know there are fandom sabers and custom places out there that can fabricate one for you. Now my questions are these...

"Do you have your own lightsaber yet or ever owned one?"

"What does it look like?" Pictures description yada yada...

"If you do not yet have your own and could design your own lightsaber keeping with our universe's current capabilities what would it look like?"
"Hilt design, blade color, length, ext..."

I guess I will go first.

Years ago I did have a cheap knockoff of the current toy lightsabers out there that had come with a white blade. My brother and I both had one and enjoyed dueling with them. To this day I have not reaquired a new saber :( . Yeah, but if I could pull one off the shelves I would want the force action darth maul saber where both blades auto-extend and if possible replace the red blades with green ones.

Now if I could design my own it would first have to be fully fuctional. That means have a blade that can both auto-extend and also retract with the switches. I figure this would be achived via maybe a hydrolic type system or something with internal latches and springs. Now what is a lightsaber without a glow effect and clashing sound effects? That's right just another toy sword. The hilt would have to be wood grain to have an old nature feel to the hilt. Maybe with a nice stain to keep it looking nice and new but not take away from the natural look of wood. The blades would be green and the hilts would have to connect at the pummels so I can go dual-weild or saber staff as needed.

SO that is mine, so what's yours?


Disney Princess
I never had a lightsaber as a kid, but I did get my hands on one of those wooden samurai swords. Loved it just as much. :D


@[member="Jay Scott Clark"] Kendo stick? Iaito?

And yeah, I want this, if they could make it IRL.

In case anyone wanted to know about it IC:
Ri'essi Saber
Cobalt-Titanium Alloy Extended Hilt with Gold Trim
Refined Natural Kalestat Focusing Crystal
Dual-Phase Emitter
The first true signature lightsaber of the Justiciary, the Ri'essi model entered production in 834 ABY. Each one is a handcrafted made-to-order piece, forged by the Dominion's finest Mnenchei artisan smiths using practices centuries old. In order to prevent the leakage of these rare and finely crafted blades into the hands of others or the galactic market, attentive care is taken to ensure that there is never more then one blade per Justicar in existence. Every member of the order receives this special blade only once in their life, and responsibility becomes solely theirs to guard it until death or forever live with the dishonor of losing it. Every one has its intended owner's name engraved within. It should be noted however that a Ri'essi Saber may be passed down through succession of an acolyte or from member to member. Tampering with the original blade in any way is considered a disrespect and grave taboo.
Owner: Justicars

Antoir Setrrin

I've Met My End
My bro and me had a whole bunch (8-10), but we lost some/some some broke/got rid of some over the years. I've still got a few, but they aren't as cool as my Kendo sword (bamboo is bad-ass, trust me). I've been wanting to get a fancy lightsaber from one of the many shops, but I'm saving my money up, and don't feel like spending the amount necessary right now.
Jedi Mom
IC: A lightsaber shouldn't be treated like a toy, that's foolish

OOC: I had four of them at one point, three now. My shinai (kendo sword) and bokuto (hardwood samurai sword) get more use these days