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Light! And Other Tugs (Joshua DragonsFlame)

@[member="Joshua DragonsFlame"]
I'd like to start by telling you how I got here, but quite frankly somewhere near the second star to the right I lost track. Landed Roy on a landing pad and locked the tiny ship up tight before booting it off in my brand new brown combat boots Aella and Nato helped me buy, then followed Nato's advice on where to go next. Jedi, she babbled, were safe-keepers. Healers.

Helpful sorts, who didn't like taking peoples' livers for their Nexu and also didn't really do the whole violent choking thing. Sounded more like the kind of people I'd want to be around than some darkness loving bints with red lipstick pasted round their eyes and broken souls which could only be bought and paid for by melodramatic holonovel authors. Again, really hoping in this whole 'finding Anders' endeavour that's not my thing. It will be my thing if I stray too close to one, and it chills my joints at night. I pass by a group of people and the hum of their emotional words threads through my hair like braids on a little girl.

Subtle, tight. Unravelling if not fastened securely.

I lick my lips and move forward, feet rushing past a gaggle of teenaged girls. BEST AVOIDED.

Smack! Right I go into a surly looking dude with more muscles than sense. I snarl, he's obviously on a power trip, who wouldn't be not to notice someone standing in the middle of the hallway! Who did he think he was bumping into!? I'll tell you, the respect paid nowadays is apauling! I dust off and stare him down, just like he'd stare at me had he been able to find my eyes for all his tallness. I huff off and brush off my arms.

Not worth it. The man has me in a bad mood, a twisted wreck of what should be a chipper day. My empathetic ability in the Force flows constantly like grey fog, and I lost within it search the morning dew for the next personality to come upon me strong enough that it chases the dignity away.
And that man came.

As he approached, @[member="Anders Sivas"] could feel it... An aura, an aura of the light flowing brilliantly from Jedi Council Member and Jedi Weaponmaster Joshua DragonsFlame, who was walking in Ander's direction just shortly after the seemingly arrogant Force Sensitive had tried to intimidate someone much taller then him.

Josh meanwhile, wasn't in any mood to be messed with. He had just found out earlier in the day that Jedi Master and his fellow Jedi Council Member Syn had betrayed the Republic and Jedi, and had left. Following that betrayal, Josh was in a foul mood naturally. His mind filled with thoughts of... Why? Why in the world would Syn, a man he once considered a friend, do something like hire pirates, paying with republic capital ships, to attack Republic worlds and try to instigate a war with the Sith by framing them? What was the point?

@[member="Anders Sivas"]
The point wasn't likely to come to Anders Sivas. The mutable twenty two year old braced for emotional impact the second @[member="Joshua DragonsFlame"] and his bombastically shiny aura paced closer to the scene. Space was peace, a drifting loneliness that revealed Anders' kernel of self sufficiency in his truest nature. One thing was certain, this wasn't space and if it was?

Anders would be shooting something. A wash of betrayal, of justified anger splashed him in the face and left the young man balking, gasping and swerving in the middle of the way. "Woa."

The ignoble scheme! The destruction left! Without context all Anders could muster was the strength of present self to stare at Josh and throw up his hands. One hand went to his forehead, cupping against the fretting eyebrow there with a hefty slap. The other went straight out toward Josh.

"Dude! There is some sick betrayal, or anger management or or or or. . . seriously, what the flying creepazoid?"

Anders stood in his confusion and huffed in distress and anger. He didn't dare move. Not yet. Not in case he moved toward the fuming bundle of nerves.
The Jedi snapped out of his stupor to realize someone was yelling at him. His eyes darted toward the reason, and he raised an eyebrow as he looked @[member="Anders Sivas"].

The guy must have been loopier then Luna Lovegood, he thought to himself. Finally, he spoke.

".... What?"
@[member="Joshua DragonsFlame"]
Anders gritted his teeth and exhaled through his nose, purging the immediate coils of empathetic nonsense from his body. He rubbed his forehead and swerved this way and that, looking for the center of the emotional entity which was putting off this much rage.

"Gosh, tell me you can feel that. It's not me, it's not me. Someone's on a major vindictive Jones. Or not. Or they're I don't know. Is there some dude breaking up with his girlfriend or something, 'cause someone's on a major down. Can't you feel it? Isn't someone all up on someone's face or steaming. I thought the Jedi Temple was supposed to be all with the happy lulls and peaceful vibes. Kinda..."

He tossed himself from foot to foot, balling his fist and letting the ball go finger by finger to relax.

"Why I came, you know? Why I'm here. . . is this always what it's like? Who is that? Can't they deal with their stuff?" The kid wasn't the Force's main powerhouse, nor was he more than a speck on the radar screen, but he threw his fist down and paced, beginning to mimic what he felt inside.

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