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It was a new day on Coruscant.

Dawn's first light slowly intruded on the Jedi Temple. Most of the Jedi in residence were still asleep although a few early risers had already paid their visits to the refectory for a warm meal. Some wandered halls enjoying these twilight hours before the temple grew more crowded. Scattered bars of some half remembered song emanated from one of the showers heralding a padawan who was as talented as they were lacking in self awareness. Ryv Ryv Karis was doing yoga on the roof without a shirt probably. All in all another perfectly normal day for the New Jedi Order.

Except for the sign on the library doors.

It caught a few wandering eyes at first, eliciting groggy curiosity and then eventually gathering a small crowd. Murmurs echoed strangely as padawans and even a few knights chattered in confusion about what the sign could mean. There had never been a sign here before. Certainly not this sign. It was written in a pleasing script but the letters were large and emphatic. It said the following:


Closed? The Jedi Archives? It was unheard of. Not without any kind of notice in advance. Yet what had drawn a crowd was not just the very strange sign but even stranger sounds that came from within. Loud thumps and clatters as well as even odder noises like breaking glass and what might have been an electric discharge. Disturbing sensations in the Force accompanied the muted cacaphony. A few avid readers discussed investigating this very unusual disturbance until the matter turned to who would volunteer to go first.

Imposing doors of wroshyr wood loomed before them.
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Loquacious Librarian
Oros Oros

The tranquility of a morning from the right side of the bed, a warm cup of tea and an even warmer smile. Aeris was not one to waste the good fortune of such things. Happy greetings to those she passed on her way to another day of work, another day of sorting out the trashy ‘so-called romance’ novels people kept sneaking into the library between the sections of autobiographies and active Jedi Knights whose name started with R, M, or L, the former two of which seemed to be a particularly popular match-up.

In truth, Aeris had lost track of how many such s-rated books she had confiscated over the years, let alone the last four months. There certainly was no shortage of them, and they were books so they were clearly in the right place It was just a matter of them not being in the right spot. These wordy novellas belonged not under non-fiction but rather under fiction. There was an order to these shelves, and for someone who had spent a majority of their life seeing to such orders in several different archives, Aeris was less than enthused when in a chaotic display of… Non-orderism — or something like it — a crowd had gathered around the library doors.

From within there was a ruckus, from outside there was heavy speculation over a sign someone had posted. It might have applied to them, but Aeris worked in that damned room. She was quite clearly exempt, and as such she stepped up in front of the crowds, turned to look at them and raised her hand to gesture at them to move along.

“Sorry about the… Mess.” She cleared her throat. “We’ll see to it that the archive is opened as quickly as possible. Now please, be on your way. We’ll send a message to you all when this is seen to.”

The few that left seemed disheartened. Aeris knew what they felt. Not having access to this marvelous room, the best room at the entire campus, would have made her quite sad too.

With a grumble she turned back towards the door and moved to open it up and step inside. “What the hell is going on?”
When Aeris Lashiec Aeris Lashiec stepped over the threshold she passed through an invisible energy barrier. Sounds outside which had seemed muffled before now roared in her ears. Ancient holocrons and musty old tomes fluttered through the air erratically. Diabolical laughter boomed from the shadows above them. What appeared to be a living breathing massassi warrior was destroying everything in the mythical creature's sight.

Ah. Archivist Lashiec. Forgive me for not summoning you promptly.

Oros did not speak. Instead the Force conveyed his thoughts as musical chimes which evoke meaning. It was a method of intuitive communication that nevertheless for most took some getting used to. The unusual looking Jedi Master was still something of an enigma. Recently returned from an expedition to the distant Firefist satellite galaxy he'd humbly petitioned for lodging on Coruscant.

It is the latest shipment from the Stygian Caldera. I fear one of the artifacts possessed violent sympathetic properties I did not quite anticipate. Our containment rituals have been severely compromised. For everyone's safety I am maintaining a one way barrier which should prevent any darkside breaches beyond the archive perimeter.

Despite the anarchy reigning around him Master Oros floated serenely in his crystalline life support chamber. It towered over Aeris held aloft by softly humming repulsorlifts. With the library doors now open Laraine Laraine could see a blurry reflection of the same wondrous sight however Knight Lashiec's voice and his thoughts seemed distorted. There was a vague sense of alarm. Would she choose to step through as well?
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Anxiety over Adversity
Linny stood with a gaggle of other padawans, staring at the wroshyr wood. They'd all hurried over after the rumours had worked their way through the Temple. Linny'd been halfway through a bowl of cereal when everyone had rushed off to see what was going on. Nothing spread quicker than a juicy rumour and trouble, right?

Even when Archivist Lashiec gave a brief dismissal, very few of them moved. There must've been a really good reason why the library was shut. Especially with the noise. Linny paused for a second to admire the penmanship on the sign, before she zoned in on the conversations some of the other padawans were having.

"- heard that some Master went crazy and they're trying to dig her out from the cookery section."

"No way, it's totally because they found some secret Sith book that turns everything it touches into plasteel..."

"I heard they found the master copy of The Totally Real Adventures of Auteme in there and they need a disposal team to get it out..."

All sensible suggestions requiring much caution, but Linny'd never been one for personal safety. She frowned as she stepped towards the slightly-open door, scoffing as she heard some of the other padawans gasp.

"Oh come on, it's a library. What's gonna happen?" she told them, rolling her eyes as she pushed through the threshold, leaving the rest behind. Instantly, the roar filled her ears. She smacked her hands against them, trying to muffle it as she stepped into the swirling chaos beyond.

"What in the he-" she started to say, before WHAM! A cackling tome, ancient and heavy, smacked right into her face. She slipped, falling right onto the polished floor with an embarrassing squeak as the book flew off. A smug flutter of pages followed, as if it was laughing at her.

Linny stared up at the splendid ceiling, blinking hard as her vision swirled. Her fingers gently massaged her face, her sore cheeks, her aching nose.

"I'm okay.... I'm okay..." she called out, lying through her pained jaw. "I haven't broken... anything.."

Oros Oros Aeris Lashiec Aeris Lashiec Laraine Laraine
Three years at the Jedi Temple and not one day had she not been able to get into the library. Holidays, war... nothing had stopped her.

Athena stood among the mass of other sleepy padawans, wearing her robe loosely over the pajamas she'd slept in. She clutched a stack of datapads in her arms across her stomach.

The whole situation was irritating. If she couldn't get into the library to study, she wasn't ever going to be able to leave the temple and do... something.... anything really. Helping people, preferably. She looked down at the top datapad in the stack out of boredom: Potent Plants and Premium Poultices. Riveting stuff, she thought.

Towards the front of the crowd she could hear chatter about what was going on inside. It wasn't long before someone dared to open the door, ever so slightly. Athena set down her pile of knowledge and pushed her way through the ranks of the tired and groggy.

"Oh come on, it's a library. What's gonna happen?"
Before anyone could stop the bold padawan at the head of the group, she pushed through the door. A few other padawans followed sneakily. Athena was both irritated by the wait and curious about the goings on inside. So, lacking the restraint to just sit idly by, Athena slipped her small frame through the door before it closed.

"OH!" she exclaimed at the sight of the padawan who'd led them in laying on the floor. "Are you ok!?"

"I'm okay.... I'm okay... I haven't broken... anything.."
The Melodie that had entered with them voiced the same concern Athena was feeling.

"You're crazy, you know that?" Athena chuckled as they helped Linny up.

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Oros Oros // Linny Rennis Linny Rennis // Laraine Laraine // Athena Panteer Athena Panteer

“Oh, heck!” Aeris exclaimed in surprise as the usually quiet library seemed to be anything but as soon as she had stepped through the door. With her hands up to cover of her ears she glanced up at Oros. “Is that—?!”

A massassi warrior?! Here?! Aeris didn’t quite manage to voice that concern. Her eyes set on the creature with the horrid laughter as it bellowed in spite of everything that Aeris had spent the last few weeks working on. A bothered sigh blew through her nose before she let in another inhale and let the frustration go with a hoarse exhale.

This was just all the more reason to work even harder next time, right?

As Aeris began to take her first step into the library proper she couldn’t help but notice the shuffle behind her. A padawan well on her way into the chamber had begun to pass through the barrier. Before Aeris could get her hand up to try and push the kid back it was already too late. First one, then two, then three. The second of which was struck by a book.

Aeris exclaimed with worry and walked over as one of the other kids seemed to extend their hand towards the one who had been struck down. She threw each of them a worried glance. “Fools, the lot of you.”

Her head shook before she turned back towards the Celegian at the center of the room.

“How did this happen, Master Oros?”
Aeris called out, loudly. “And how do we pacify it?”
“Is that—?!”

I am afraid so, Oros chimed at Aeris Lashiec Aeris Lashiec mournfully, It is of small consolation we now have new insight into the nature of the Sith curse bound to the Books of Massassi recovered from Korriban. Summoning a homonculus guardian was not my first hypothesis.

Three new souls emerged from beyond the library passing through the Jedi Master's barrier and into across the threshold of his awareness. Oros did not need eyes to see. He could see with the Force. Centuries were spent in meditation and study overcoming his corporeal limitations. Everything within the Jedi Archives was revealed to him, the only limits were his concentration.

“Fools, the lot of you.”

Misguided perhaps, he gently corrected his colleague, but now that they are here at least we have some provisional assistant librarians.

“How did this happen, Master Oros?” she asked him, “And how do we pacify it?”

The blame is mine, archivist. I was preparing one of the unidentified Ziost acquisitions for containment prior to further study. Only too late did I uncover its true nature...a Phobis device. My ritual merely placed it into a dormant state. Somehow it generated waves of psychic fear powerful enough to overwhelm wards around several proscribed relics. I am afraid since then the situation has only grown more...chaotic. Each is dangerous in their own way. Enough must be recaptured for the balance to shift and light prevail.

Oros swayed back and forth suspended in a golden liquid while his life support chamber rumbled forward a few meters towards Laraine Laraine Linny Rennis Linny Rennis and Athena Panteer Athena Panteer . Most humanoids were accustomed to a voice coming from somewhere. His disembodied thoughts could cause a disconcerting first impression. There was no face to look at or anything else that suggested comprehensible sentience. It was just a bulbous squid like creature floating in strange waters.

Do not be alarmed young Jedi, the librarian's mind touched theirs, You are now in mortal peril.
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Anxiety over Adversity
Others followed her through the doors, which was quite embarrassing for Linny. The first thing they see is her, lying flat on the floor with a face turning red. She took the offered hands, getting helped up onto her feet. Her cheeks blazed red as her nose stung, still sore from the errant book-related injury. Linny blinked a couple of times, just to help hold back the tears.

She was vaguely aware that people were talking to her. An irritated-seeming librarian and another padawan too.

"I'm fine. I'm totally fine," she lied, squeezing the bridge of her nose as she looked around at the chaos. "I'm fine... I'm... I'm..." The words trailed off as she heard the voice speaking straight into her mind. She blinked a few times and stared at Oros, floating in his tank. Unfortunately for Linny, she'd never met the esteemed master before.

"There's a brain talking to me. I'm not the only one who sees that, right?" she asked, looking at the others that'd followed her through. She had to be sure. It could be a Jedi thing, but it could just easily be her rattled, book-splattered mind. The threat of mortal peril would support that... if it wasn't for the cacophony of floating books, evil laughter and the rampaging warrior off in the distance.

Okay, not volunteering to deal with that one, she thought, but hey! She was here. She'd help! Danger was her middle name, after all! No it isn't, it's Pia, stop pretending you're something out of some bad adventure vid.

"Don't worry, we're here to help?" she said, trying to seem brave and bold and ready to roll... but sounding more apprehensive than she intended. "Right guys?"

Oros Oros Aeris Lashiec Aeris Lashiec Laraine Laraine Athena Panteer Athena Panteer
"We are." Athena replied confidently. She always talked big game about helping people, and now was kind of her chance.

"But, uhm, Master Oros, are you sure about this mortal peril stuff?" her tone of voice soured with a hint of fear as she turned to look at the librarians. Mortal peril and Jedi Temple were not usually paired together, unless maybe one was to stand on the roof on an extra windy day.

Athena stood as straight as she could, channeling as much confidence to fight the growing fear inside her. She certainly didn't look the part with her disheveled pajamas and robe that was far too large for her. Her body tried to return to a natural morning slump, but duty as a Jedi called. She was ready for this, right? She really, really hoped she was ready for this...

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Oros Oros // Linny Rennis Linny Rennis // Laraine Laraine // Athena Panteer Athena Panteer

Phobis device, Massassi warrior, homunculi raging around in Aeris’ favorite sections of the library; non-fiction. The librarian placed her hand to her forehead and gave an annoyed grunt before she stood up. Her hand hovered above the saber on her belt but it was not yet withdrawn. There were yet ways that meant she didn’t have to use it, there had to be.

“We’ll talk more about blame once this is under control.” She spoke as she began to sneak closer to the Master Jedi, her eyes fixated on the movements of the Massassi warrior as her senses expanded to see if there were more of them.

“Why would Master Oros not be sure about something this serious?” Aeris asked the padawans without losing her focus on the creature. “The amount of information that we can lose if that thing is allowed to continue its rampage is sure to set the archives back by a decennium at best.”

All those books and tomes and disks, lost like tears in the papyrus and ink-spilled hellrain. When Aeris finally allowed herself to pry her attention away from the intruder she set her sights on Linny with a critical eye before it set on Laraine and finally Athena. They were young, but they seemed more eager to fight this battle than they seemed to want to run away, so that was a good start.

“First step, getting that thing to stop moving around, second step — get a handle on those fear spheres?”

Kat Decoria

It had been a rough night, she didn't sleep much at all so Kat was not in the best of moods when she arose. There didn't seem to be a caf strong enough to fix her mood, she cursed herself going to that nightclub of all clubs, now she had a black eye and massive hangover. Finishing the caf and already pouring her second, Kat dressed in her usual wear of a white top, cropped leather jacket and ripped jeans, though for today she was sporting some large sunglasses as well, to hide her bruise. Kat stumbled down the hall, her plan was to spend the day in the archives, check out any new books or holocrons on Jedi and Force Users who lost their heart to be a Jedi and if they were able to recover it. First she wanted breakfast, something to help with this hangover she felt punching her brain. Wandering over to the cafeteria, Kat ordered herself the greasiest breakfast that she could, devouring the meal in several big bites as she winced whenever the pain from the blackeye kicks in. Healing the wound would be nothing for her, but she also didn't think she deserved relief from the pain, not yet anyway. Memories of the previous night were foggy but she was sure that she messed up to get punched.

Finishing the meal and put her plate away, next stop was archives. She made her way to the archives and noticed a gathering of students outside the archives whispering and then loud noises echoing from inside. Kat found this curious, not many students were usually outside the archives, and it was never that loud inside, looking at the sign Kat let out a sigh. Seemed that something was going on in the archives and Kat just wasn't in the mood to wait till it was sorted. Downing her hot brew of caf, crumpling the cup and throwing it in the direction of the bin, where it kissed the lip of the bin and scattered noisily down the hall. Pushing the big doors open, Kat stepped into the room and surveyed it. Seemed there were already a few people around, one was a brain alien stuck in a tank, which was new to Kat. Pushing the sunglasses up the bridge of her nose, Kat looked around "seems like someone has been messing around with things in here."

"GA will not be that set back, pretty sure everything is backed up, kept safe. Otherwise any raid on Coruscant would ruin our knowledge, which would be irresponsible of us." Kat pointed out sharply, pulling out her saber pike, she ignited the green saber and went after the big Massassi warrior she could hear stomping around.

Oros Oros Linny Rennis Linny Rennis Athena Panteer Athena Panteer Laraine Laraine Aeris Lashiec Aeris Lashiec
"There's a brain talking to me. I'm not the only one who sees that, right?"

We are all brains communicating with other brains, padawan. If you are referring to my appearance, I am a Celegian. Likely the only one you will ever meet. My kind finds the oxygen you humanoids breathe extremely toxic. Now remain still please.

Oros waved one of his tentacles and any remaining discomfort Linny Rennis Linny Rennis was experiencing from her collision with higher learning faded away. He noticed the other two young Jedi Laraine Laraine and Athena Panteer Athena Panteer radiating disharmony as well. It puzzled him that they would respond this way. Perhaps he had not explained the nature of their possibly impending demise clearly enough. It was not always easy to anticipate such strange alien creatures.

“First step, getting that thing to stop moving around, second step — get a handle on those fear spheres?”

Dealing with our massassi friend over there is indeed the first step, the Jedi Master mentally intoned, Unfortunately several other concerns must also be seen to before enough light shines through. Ochi's Blade has become rather animated. It is currently dicing as many Jedi scrolls as it can to pieces down in the stacks. A spirit urn containing Kressh the Younger's essence was cracked. He is responsible for most of this rogue psychic activity. In life Elcho Kressh was known for his indulgences...I believe his ghost is still drunk.

More somber chimes now echoed through the assembled's minds. Aeris Lashiec Aeris Lashiec could sense his deep sorrow.

In a valiant attempt to seal off the upper levels Archivist Koth hastily made direct physical contact with the Mask of Lord Momin. I am afraid its driven him quite mad. He's declared himself Lord Momin reborn and claimed the library as his 'new empire'.

"GA will not be that set back, pretty sure everything is backed up, kept safe. Otherwise any raid on Coruscant would ruin our knowledge, which would be irresponsible of us."

Excellent, another assistant. Oh my how proactive of you. Top marks!

His life support chamber turned to observe Kat Decoria Kat Decoria striding toward the rampaging massassi.

Normally you would be correct, Oros explained, However the last disturbed relic is also our gravest concern. Despite several redundant security protocols the Rur crystal has infected our archive's data core. There is no telling what irreperable damage Rur might cause, both to the Temple and wider Jedi Academy Network. We must not allow it to escape into the HoloNet. All communications are currently being jammed.

As if sensing his name had been invoked, a robotic sounding voice emanated from the library intercom.

"False Jedi! I am the Ordu Aspectu! I am Eternal Rur! The Force's secrets are MINE!"
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The librarian did have a point after all. Why would Master Oros be unsure? He wouldn't, and that made things all the more worse. That made the threats real.

As the synthesized voice of Rur blared from the intercom, a chill ran down her spine. She reminded herself that she needed to stay composed, so she mustered the words that might get the ball rolling. "Ok Master, let's stop this. I'll go... right."

She turned to look to the other padawans for more reassurance. It looked like she was assured as she'd get. Before Aeris and her judge-y eyes could say anything Athena ran off, determined to help and finally prove herself as a Jedi.

She made her way quickly through the library, winding through the bookshelves so as to avoid the Massassi warrior that was stalking them. She stayed close to the side wall of the room when she was suddenly knocked to the ground between two shelves. Pushing herself up slightly on one arm, clutching her elbow from where she landed on the hard floor, she looked up. On the wall at the end of the row of shelving was a bulbous black urn with a large crack running down the side.

"Kark." she cursed as the ghostly shape of a Red Sith appeared standing over her.

"HAHA! Puny Jedi fall so easily. I don't care how many of you there are, for I am in the heart of the Jedi Temple and my conquest is complete!"

"What?" Athena scratched her head. The next thing she heard was the large crash of a thick textbook hitting the ground beside her. She let out a yelp at its near miss. Looking up, she could see another wiggling itself off the shelf. She got up off the ground promptly and grabbed the book before Kressh could lob it at her. She slid it neatly back where it had been, then turned to the ghost.

Through his ethereal body she could see the bronze plaque on the urn's pedestal. It read:

Sith Spirit Urn containing the ashes of Kressh the Younger, son of Sith Lord Ludo Kressh, who famously drank himself to death the night before he planned to invade the Galactic Republic.

Athena snickered when she read it.

"Do not mock me! I am Elchooo Kressssh," the drunken spirit slurred. "My forces burn your holds and slaughter your people as we speak!"

Another book flew from the shelf and hit Athena in the shoulder. "OWW"

Athena managed to duck another book flying for her head, before realizing she had no idea how to put this guy back in his... pot. She certainly wasn't going to go back to the librarians and wound her pride. At the moment she was stuck between some books and a hard place...

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Anxiety over Adversity
The brain, who turned out to be a lot more sensible and talkative than she'd imagined, gave her a brief lecture about the nature of being and communication whilst he tended to her mild case of book-related concussion. Linny had to admit he had a point, which made her warm to him even more. If he was a him. Questions for later, Linny.

Still though, she'd promised to help. After their impromptu briefing, and much glaring from the archivist, Linny followed the example of Athena. Namely, go and try to be helpful in a way that would probably get her killed. "Okay okay okay, I'll go ahead. If I'm not back in twenty minutes uhm... name a shelf after me," she asked as she wandered past Master Oros, heading down one of the vast shelf hallways that dominated the archives.

It didn't take her long to find one of the sources of the chaos. She heard the rip and tear of paper from three aisles away. Carefully, she edged her way from one shelf to the next, using the piles of books and scrolls and datapads as cover, to stop whatever it was from getting wise to her. Luckily, she saw it was too busy enjoying itself with some scrolls. The Blade of Ochi itself shone with a dull, sickly light as it swished through the air, cutting another scrap of scroll into pieces. It slashed again and again, turning it from ancient source of knowledge into millenia-old confetti.

Suddenly, Linny felt a little underprepared to deal with psychic knives. But there'd be a way to stop it. After all, she was a young, hotshot, Jedi detective-to-be, and that thing was just some cutlery with ideas above it's station. What could it do to her really?

She soon found out as the blade seemed to twist in the air, the point looking right at her. Linny gasped and fell back, just as the blade pulsed and shot through the air towards her. Linny screamed as she rolled out of the way, just in time. She felt the white-hot slash across her cheek as the blade just snicked her, leaving a cut there that oozed with a weird, ill-feeling darkness.

Instantly, Linny felt unwell. And very, very silly for doubting the knife's abilities. Woozy and nervous, Linny reached for something as the knife span back in the air. As it turned and pointed back towards her, Linny's fingers wrapped around something heavy. The knife blasted towards her again, speeding towards her chest....


Linny huffed as she heaved the object and slammed it into the knife. It span off course, twirling into the air and clattering into the shelves. Linny breathed heavily as she scrambled to her feet, looking at what'd saved her.

The Philosophies and Studies of Master Ler Sa Talo, volume 53. A tome thicker than her head and with an impressive looking dent on the front, now.

"Sorry, dead Master," she whispered as she clutched onto the heavy tome, ready for the blade again.

They're always telling me that knowledge is a weapon.

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It would've been a good day, a great day even. The sun, somehow, pierced through the orange haze of Coruscant and despite the tibanna fumes Ryv was right - the roof of the Temple really was a decent place to meditate at. Nothing could ruin this day.

Except for smuggled porgs.

His shiny lightsaber hilt left carelessly beside his shirt attracted the attention of the dastardly gang of porgs. A smoothly carried out operation and off they went into the ventilation shafts of the Temple with the lightsaber. How? Teamwork. Dagon chose reckless pursuit picking up Viers for help on the way.

The ceiling shook and rattled as if rancors were having a scuffle in the shafts before a plate gave in to their stomping crawls and sent both crashing right behind Master Oros. Groaning, Dagon staggered back up on his feet with zeal in his eyes to get back his blade. He pulled Viers up on her feet, glanced left and right, then turned around to see a crowd of Jedi; awkward silence befalling the area. Ah, yes, he had left his shirt behind on the roof and tunnel visioned straight after the porgs.

"Err--it's not what it looks like." he drew out his words, red faintly crossing his face. "We were, err, we were chasing--" the Jedi pointed upwards diligently then shook his head and waved his hands, reiterating, "It's not what it looks like; whatever it is you think it looks like."

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Fueled by Montage
Viers wasn’t the biggest fan of the little buggers, mostly because she was typically the victim of their ‘drive-bys.’ So when Dagon looped her into his operation to remove them from the temple, she jumped at the opportunity. Viers paused for a second as she got the rundown for the mission; everything seemed simple enough - minus the fact that he was shirtless. Dagon was a military genius - from the padawan’s assessment of the raven-haired, chiseled jaw and extremely intelligent senior padawan.
It didn’t take long for Viers to instantly regret following closely behind Dagon through the maze of the ventilation system. Still, to rid the temple of the porg infestation, anything and everything was worth it.
“Dagon?” Viers paused as the rocking of the thin metal tunnel alerted her to what was about to happen. “Dagon!” She shouted as they fell. She felt the ground of the library under her as she looked up; vision blurred as she groaned. Dagon suddenly came into view and helped her to her feet, knees weak, and a sudden dizzy feeling made the girl stubble slightly as she pushed back her disheveled hair.
Confused, she looked over at Dagon, who was sputtering some nonsense. “What do you mean it's not what it looks like? It looks exactly what it looks like.” Unfortunately, Viers wasn’t on the same page as Dagon’s assumption.
In her effort to learn and explore more of the various Jedi Temples, Viera had travelled to Coruscant to experience the famous one that stood on the city planet. However, the Thyrsian found the place to be far too noisy, the voices in her head buzzing about like pesky bees.

Maybe it was just because of how the planet was, or the fact it went so deep down. Viera had to find a place of solace, somewhere she could find a measure of peace and quiet. She thought of the Jedi Archives, something Aeris had raved about during one of their group’s little gatherings.

That girl was a bookworm through and through. Heavens have mercy on whomever winds up drawing out the inner fury in her one day.

With no real intent to explore the contents of the archives, Viera sequestered herself in a far off spot within the expansive area. Away from others, giving her the most sense of peace she could find.

Unfortunately, that ended up deafening her to the chaos that would erupt hours later.

Her meditation the previous night had drifted into sleep as the night wore on. She was only disturbed and awoken by the sudden cacophony of chaos that erupted throughout the Archives.

That...and well, running face first into a towering Massassi warrior in the middle of a hallway.

Anyone who was empathic would feel a sense of urgency and panic growing ever closer. The sounds of chase growing clear as heavy footfalls rocked the ground. Moments of silence followed before an audible curse was broadcasted telepathically.

The sounds of a wall being smashed open tore across the area everyone was gathered in. What was once a mental cursing storm became audible as Viera came soaring into view. She hit the ground hard, rolling a bit until she finally stopped in her tracks close to the group.

Ow...that hurt…” Viera groaned as she slowly sat up, immediately looking around to gain her bearings. That was when she caught sight of the assembled group, recognizing a few of the faces.

Aeris, Kat, Viers, Da-wait, why was he shirtless?

Viera blinked as she just stared at him, before shaking her head to clear her mind. “Did you guys know there’s a Massassi warrior storming about the archives?” The Thyrsian’s eyes fell upon Oros and she just blinked.

A...floating brain in a tank. That...that’s certainly new.