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Approved Tech Liberty's Flame Whiskey Line

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Captain Ash

For your everyday acts of rebellion
  • Intent: Create a specific, highly volatile line of whiskey for the Rebellion
  • Image Source: Me, in Canva
  • Canon Link: N/A
  • Permissions: N/A
  • Primary Source: N/A
  • Classification: Beverage
  • Method of Consumption: Orally, sold in bottles
  • Average Life: Half-life of 5 hours when drank, time-dependent on amount consumed
  • Nutritional Value/Allergies/Side Effects/ Purpose: Very high level alcohol content- causes intoxication, weight gain, liver damage, and all other side effects
  • Flammable: At 97% alcohol by volume, the Liberty's Flame whiskey line is incredibly flammable, hence its name, and it will stay burning until all alcohol is burnt off.
  • Antiseptic: Not only can this drink kill your liver and brain, but it will also kill most forms of microbes, especially in open wounds.
  • Special Bottle: This line is only sold in specially designed whiskey bottles. Essentially, they look like a traditional whiskey jug with an extra side nozzle. On this side nozzle, a small flint and steel lighter is set on the edge which can be used to vent and burn the vapors with a small blue flame for special flair.
  • Numbing agent: A couple of shots of this and you wouldn't feel an amptuation.
  • Versatile: For a whiskey, this is crafted and designed to perform a multitude of functions.
  • Flammable: It is very flammable, enough to be used as an improvised incendiary device, which the bottle is conveniently designed for.
  • Field Surgery: In addition to setting things on fire, the whiskey can also be used to disinfect wounds, numb pain for emergency surgeries, and sanitize equipment.
  • Get Drunk Fast: This may well be one of the the most concentrated forms of alcohol sold for public consumption in the galaxy. At 97% alcohol, it is incredibly potent.
  • Cheap: There's not a ton of flavor in this whiskey, just a few woody notes, and traces.
  • Flammable: It can very easily be ignited by things like stray blaster rounds, lighted death sticks around open bottles, explosions, not closing the gas valve on the secondary nozzle.
  • Glass Bottle: Not particularly durable when jostled around, which is not a good combination with flammability.
  • 194 Proof: Will absolutely cause liver failure and other alcohol poisoning symptoms in a much shorter period of time than more palatable forms of alcohol.
Aeshi has always been a bit... obstinately difficult when it comes to her relationship with governments, laws, and a general sense of civic duty. Her initial form of whiskey, Tillian-Cola took the effort out of making a coke and whiskey, as well as ensured underage drinkers could drink without looking like they were looking, and she had no compunction about selling it to minors, feeling a strong sympathy with underage drinkers as she had been growing up in the seedy side of One Sith occupied Coruscant.

With her second line of specialty whiskey, she has an entirely different clientele in mind. Many civilized societies frown on alcoholic beverages with such a high concentration. It wasn't easy, but she managed to create a whiskey that was nearly entirely alcohol, for cheap and only mildly tricky. However, the goal was not only to thumb her nose at governments with such stipulations, but to provide a cheap and versatile substance for the Rebellion and other resistance movements and practitioners of civil unrest.

The alcohol was the easy part as she had already been experimenting with stronger and stronger alcohol, so only a few tweaks were needed to increase the alcohol content as high as possible. The tricky part was the bottle- which she eventually made out of glass with the second nozzle to burn off the vapor, but also to ignite for use as a Molotov cocktail, or to be used as a pressurizing nozzle to clean wounds by blowing hard into the main mouth of the bottle. By doing so, lightly pressurized stream of whiskey will be shot from the bottle with the force of a syringe. If lit, the whiskey will ignite on its way out, creating a graceful, elegant, and rather beautiful, but non-dangerous stream of fire to light up any sort of party or event. Fire-eaters and other entertainers find this particularly valuable as part of their show.

As an incendiary device, the second nozzle is ignited to burn some of the vapor and then the bottle can be tossed. Upon shattering, the whiskey will ignite with a small explosion. Glass shards will be flung out and the whiskey will burn as long as any alcohol remains, usually no more than a few minutes, less if intentionally extinguished through methods such as stop/drop/roll, sand, heavy cloth, and fire extinguishers. As far as weaponry goes, it's very weak, with no military components, but it burns just long and hot enough to set most targets on fire.

Naturally, no instructions are provided for any of these additional uses. Instead, Aeshi chose to trust on the natural cunning and resourcefulness of rebel agents and resistance fighters used to having to improvise, adapt, and jury-rig most of their equipment. The whiskey is cheap, easily transportable, and more importantly, ultimately untraceable. It can be used as a barter sort of currency to evade financial trackers and investigators, it can be used as a basic, short-range weapon, and emergency medical supplies, as well as the moral elements of some incredibly strong booze that can be issued out in rations when needed.

The label includes a wide variety of warnings in large, bolded print about the dangers of liver disease, alcohol poisoning, operating vehicles while under the influence, and drinking while pregnant. These warnings take up an entire third of the label, with the logo on the front, and the tagline For your everyday acts of rebellion. A limited-edition red label bottle also includes an additional line reading You are the Architect of Your Own Freedom.
Factory Judge
Aeshi Tillian Aeshi Tillian

Well... oof... 97%... most of them who drink from it will die before poisoning! I would also suggest opening a funeral home, I think you will be needed. I also recommend writing a consumption guide, suggesting that it be diluted before consumption if someone wants to survive if drinking from this whiskey.

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