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Art by
[SIZE=10pt]Name: Lexington, though prefers to be called Lex[/SIZE]
[SIZE=10pt]Faction:[/SIZE][SIZE=10pt] Mandalorians[/SIZE]
[SIZE=10pt]Rank:[/SIZE][SIZE=10pt] N/A[/SIZE]
[SIZE=10pt]Species:[/SIZE][SIZE=10pt] Gen’Dai[/SIZE]
[SIZE=10pt]Sex: [/SIZE][SIZE=10pt]Everything[/SIZE]
[SIZE=10pt]Height:[/SIZE][SIZE=10pt] 2,6 m/8,5 foot[/SIZE]
[SIZE=10pt]Weight:[/SIZE][SIZE=10pt] 128 Kg/282 pounds[/SIZE]
[SIZE=10pt]Eyes:[/SIZE][SIZE=10pt] Yellow, Red[/SIZE]
[SIZE=10pt]Hair: [/SIZE][SIZE=10pt]N/A[/SIZE]
[SIZE=10pt]Skin: [/SIZE][SIZE=10pt]Purple, Red, Orange[/SIZE]
[SIZE=10pt]Force Sensitive:[/SIZE][SIZE=10pt] No[/SIZE]
[SIZE=10pt]Strengths[/SIZE] [SIZE=10pt]and[/SIZE] [SIZE=10pt]Weaknesses[/SIZE][SIZE=10pt]:[/SIZE]
[SIZE=10pt]- Great Swordsman.
- Fast, strong and high range in melee combat.
- Gen'Dai.

[SIZE=10pt]- If Lex sustains too much damage during a fight, he enters a self-repair mode, during which he is unable to do anything.
- Easily angered and provoked.
- Untrusting of non-Mandalorians.
- Not very skilled when it comes to ranged weaponry.
[SIZE=10pt]Biography:[/SIZE][SIZE=10pt] Lexington is not very known around the Galaxy and not much is known about him. He was adopted into the Mandalorians and participated in a couple small scale raids here and there. Participated in a couple of small scale battles and killed a couple of bandits. All of that didn't bring him a lot of attention, which was good, since he never wanted to be known as a great warrior, until now. Now he decided that he would make himself known across the galaxy by aiding the Mandalorian cause.
*Note: I'll add some background, once I get some character development done.
- Beskar Mandalorian Armor (Shoulder-Guards, Wrist-Guards, Helmet and
- 2 Beskar swords shaped like Katanas
- Dual Blaster Pistols
[SIZE=10pt]- Flamethrower
- Jetpack
[SIZE=10pt]Ship:[/SIZE][SIZE=10pt] None yet.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=10pt]Kills:[/SIZE][SIZE=10pt] N/A[/SIZE]
[SIZE=10pt]Bounties:[/SIZE][SIZE=10pt] N/A[/SIZE]
[SIZE=10pt]Roleplays:[/SIZE][SIZE=10pt] N/A[/SIZE]


Like Lightning
Sawa Ike said:
beskads were fashioned by the maker.
To a point, or the would not be considered a Beskad. In the site that I provided it explains exactly what a beskad is. SO yes they can be customized, though to and extent. I don't want someone to come and say that he has to make a forum later for his weapons during the middle of his Roleplays.


@[member="Xander Carrick"] Is it really that awful that I have 2 swords made of Beskar that aren't shaped like a beskad? Why couldn't my character have made 2 swords that weren't shaped like a beskad that were made of beskar?


Like Lightning
@[member="Lex"] No not to me atleast. I don't mind that you do have them. I rather like the idea actually.

Others though, I can't say the same.