Star Wars Roleplay: Chaos

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Lets do a lil something naughty!

So who's with me!!!

Well I guess a little explanation is rightly deserving. You see I am looking for some good old fashion fun. A bit morally ambiguous, possibly do some good as a result, but in the end its all about the money. So I wish to put a group together, for a couple of RPs, with a little Suicide Squad amorality, some Guardians of the galaxy crazy, and a dash of ship borne fun. What say you?
*face palm* Make one reference and the comedians at it literally. Anyways, this all started out as just an idea for an RP or two, but its sort of transformed into an idea of how to breath fresh life into the bounty board. I have some more thinking to do, but in the mean time how about a heist?

Though I'm not just going to throw out something. I want you guess to give suggestions. What planet, or will it be in space? What will we steal, and from whom? etc.

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