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Let me build you something

Hey there guys. Recently I have had a fixation with making stuff. I have so many different things I want to make, ranging from swords to armor, or even just a few trinkets here and there.

I have made a few already for my Company, but I feel like nobody really wants to have stuff thats created for general people. So, I have an offer for you guys.

If you want me to make something for you guys, then message me here, PM, or on Discord. We will talk it over, and I will see what I can do.

If you want a special set of armor, weapons, or just trinkets, let me know.

*Information* As a writer, and a real person, I have the right to deny the creation of an item if the item is not possible, or if the character I am making it for does not meet possible IC reasoning for Atheus, or his company to make.


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....will it be cool gel? XD

Lol but Dark is the basic honor bound warrior. He uses unorthodox tools, such as a near weightless super long sword, and I just subbed a sentient liquid weapon that was already trainee approved.

If you wanna make a weapon thats not a normal style, sounds good. Or a super lightweight armor, sounds good. If Athens has the means to make something that will lower the effects of UV rays, thats a great one.

Whatever you think fits that bill. Unorthodox warrior, doesn't like heavy or even medium armors, vampire, honor bound. Etcetera.

[member="Darth Abyss"], Trick weapon? Like one that takes a lot of skill to perform "trick" or as in it looks like one weapon and becomes something else? Just to know what kind of trick you mean.
I was wondering, if I could possibly have a special body glove style suit built that would feed diamorphine and battle stimulants into my system?
This is a barbarian type character that uses a Greataxe. So, I expect some DnD5E style raging. Thought a suit like this that could go under my Beskar armour would be awesome.
Not currently affiliated with anything or anyone. Let me know if you're interested.
[member="Aedan Miles"], not sure how big of a ship I can make with my company... design one, sure. Actually make it? Might need a little extra with that one. Lol

[member="Jaryn Rhane"], sure! And by your thread, and you being Mandalorian, Atheus supports them whenever he can. PM me the details of anything else that you might have in mind, and we can figure out something for ya!

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