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Lord Eclipsion

Sarge Potteiger said:
Wutz did you mean about Antares? Oh god that sounded wrong.

Sarge Potteiger

Half-Glimpsed Dreamings
why am I not surprised you listen to David Bowie

and Antares is the type to think you can attack with the Force through a Force Barrier.

He ain't the biggest bang in the armory; nice guy, just a little iffy in fights, etc.
It's Real to Pretend
You need a biofiber arm. I can do that for you. As for making it look like the rest of your skin - we'll clone it. Or dye it, if we want to be cheap.

[member="Sokrai Ronaro"]


[member="Sokrai Ronaro"] - My alt's subsidiary, Mirage Cybernetics, can develop you a new military-grade arm. They'll never see it coming! All very hush hush business as well. :3

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