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Approved NPC L1-AL-0999, "Al 2.0"

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Belle of the Brawl

  • Intent: Fabs needs some company on those long voyages into nowhere.
  • ​Image Credit: Assassin Droid by ApneicMonkey
  • Role: Translator, co-pilot, keeping Fabs sane in the social vacuum of her life
  • Links: Al's first appearance, forever ago
  • Age: About thirty months, give or take
  • Model: Sallust-Class Service Droid
  • Appearance: While the Sallust isn't really pretty from the word "go," Al is singularly busted-up and grody. His chassis has been replaced piecemeal with as much desh plating as Fabula or the respectable businessman who sold him to her could scavenge. His vocabulator has a bit of a gravel to it, and one of his arms has had to be replaced entirely with a much less polished version.
  • Name: L1-AL-0999, "Al 2.0"
  • Loyalties: Fabula Caromed, sometimes [member="Fable Merrill"]
  • Notable Possessions: Access codes to the Bloody Pilgrim.
  • Personality: Limited, but pretty default protocol droid. "Oh heavens, Mistress. Please don't do this cool thing! I'm wildly overestimating the odds that you'll be grievously injured!"
  • Combat Function: None. While pretty rugged, Al isn't a combat model and has no combat-related programming. He's a pretty good defensive driver, though.
During a pilgrimage to Kashyyyk with her daughter, Fabula came to the sagacious understanding that she didn't speak Shyriiwook, and that that would make communicating with the locals difficult. As a result, she picked up a protocol droid for just such an occasion. Al spent a lot of time powered down in her cargo bay afterwards, of course, as she was living with her family and had no need for companionship.

Now, though, she definitely has need for it. The bad news is that being deactivated for years in the back of a junker that got bashed around the rim left Al's entire body a little...ruined. Fabula, after landing on Redshift Station, got in touch with some of the more colorful local elements to help her procure a new chassis for her old protocol droid...or, more accurately, just get a whole new droid and upload Al's memory to it.

Al 2.0 enjoys more than a few benefits from his new model. The Sallust-class droid is fantastically versatile, which means that Fabula didn't have to work hard to outfit him both for civilian piloting and protocol. Now he has a genuine purpose on the ship, and so he's been slowly assimilated into her family.
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