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Approved Tech Kyr'am │ The Possessed Shotgun

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  • Intent: To create a double barrel, sith alchemized, super shotgun.
  • Image Source: Here.
  • Canon Link: N/A
  • Permissions: N/A
  • Primary Source: Force Phase
  • Classification: Alchemized Slugthrower
  • Size: Small
  • Weight: Heavy
  • Ammunition Type:
    • Custom Slugs w/ Alchemized Inscriptions
  • Ammunition Capacity: Extremely Small
  • Effective Range: Average
  • Rate of Fire: Extremely High
  • Stopping Power: Extreme
  • Recoil: Extreme
  • Extreme Close Range Stopping Power
  • Double Barrel Action
  • Computer Integrated Aiming Procedures
  • Possessed with Angry Mandalorian Souls
  • Force Enhanced w/ Dark Side Alchemization
    • Slugs meld through any inorganic material.
    • Carry a dangerous Sith Poison.
  • Lock, Stock... -
    • Through the use of the Force, the Exodus is capable of pushing its payload through Armor - through a 'melding' process that bypasses the nature of what it is shooting at. Through this, it can impart the alchemized slug directly into flesh; as it was meant to be. This means that some of the strongest materials in the galaxy won't stop the round - but neither will the round be able to damage the armor, as it never actually touches them.

      Additionally, the shotgun carries a specialized Sith Poison kept within each of the rounds that is designed to tear apart Force Users from the inside, out. Once bedded in flesh, the round will begin to release vast amounts of a highly toxic poison that turns ones own Midichlorians against themselves; meaning the stronger the Force User, the harsher the effects of the poison, as their own powers are used to rip and tear. How this is done is entirely dependent on the power and skill of the receiver, however.
  • ... And Two Smoking Barrels. -
    • Besides it's Force Alchemization, the mere fact is that the Exodus is a powerful double barreled slugthrower that utilizes a very unique ammo. Even if the Force Powers don't work, the shotgun is an excellent example of 'power' in the fact that it carries enough force to throw a standardized human off their feet and across a room - should they recieve even one of the barrels. Two would see a standard person torn apart, if not denting durasteel. With a fire rate restricted by the speed one can pull two triggers, there is little than can stop the Exodus from ending a life.
  • Only Two... -
    • While the actual payload and rate of fire on the weapon are exceptional, it does only have two rounds. Two rounds of very specialized ammo that is limited in number - meaning that each round needs to be placed very carefully, as it is less than accurate at anything further than standard engagement distances. This also means that its 'reload' rate is restricted to the speed at which someone can load the weapon; and with exceptionally high recoil, it becomes exceedingly difficult to actually do so with ease.
  • Berserk -
    • With the soul of more than a few dozen angry Mandalorians stuffed inside the weapon at any given time, it becomes exceedingly easy to fall to the symptoms of the weapon. A thousand voices speaking out to you at any given moment drives someone away from society; and while it doesn't effect those who can't hear the voices of the dead, it is a dangerous factor in ones own self judgement. Especially when it calls for rivers of blood - and you're not anywhere near the enemy.
  • Immaterial Defenses -
    • While it can meld through regular armors, it can not meld through energized materials. This means that personal combat or dueling shields wills top the round as well as any other slug orientated shielding. Instead, a shield will mostly negate the strength of the round entirely - but it will still be forced to combat itself up against a close range slugthrower with an immaculate power shot.
  • The Force -
    • This weapon is aggravatingly weak when utilized within range of a Ysalamiri shield; as it cannot infact shoot its round, since its firing mechanism is almost entirely done through the Force and telekinetic strikes. In addition, Ysalamiri will entirely negate the blood poison inside of it - and stop the round from doing its melding. This makes it poorly set up to fight Mandalorians, and almost exclusively used against more 'Force' orientated combatants. Walls of Light will additionally destroy the weapon and its ammunition, due to its heavy dark side influence.
  • The Force, Again -
    • Ysalamiri shields and Walls of Light negate the weapon, but on a very real level the Sith Poison built into the round is only effective against Force Users. Meaning anyone who doesn't have a strong affinity to the Force will likely not see the sickening effect of the rounds, and the Force Dead won't be affected at all. It simply isn't a poison that would hurt those who don't know the Force. Additionally, it has a poor effect on those who haven't tempered their Force Muscles - meaning that Sith Acolytes and Jedi Padawans are by far less affected by the rounds compared to someone like a Sith Lord or Jedi Master.
  • Vong-Be-Gone -
    • The Melding affect additionally doesn't work on the Vong due to their organic armor. This applies across the board for any 'organic' armor plating, from Gen'dai to insectoids from across the galaxy. If the armor carries 'organic' matieral, it will not go through, and simply hit with the full force of the Slug.

Just as its companion armor, Wraith, Kyr'am was built with the heart and soul of the Mandalorian within it. Literally, more than a dozen dead super commandos were used to invigorate the spells cut deep into the beskar of the double barrel. From its genesis, it was designed to assault the Force Users of the galaxy; but most notably, against the Dark Side - those who focus on the strength of the sensitivity. Blessed by the Mandalorian Gods of War; it serves as a weapon built for crusades, and the cure for those who seek to destroy Mandalor.
In some reality, Maliphant built it using his own anger in mind. Against the Sith, for their transgressions on his freedom, he helped build a shotgun that could decimate force users in spite of themselves, and their armor. With a terrifying power, Maliphant helped ensure its strength through imbuement - carefully intricate sith runes intertwined with Mandalorian sigils all along its barrel and wooden frame. These offer a variety of strengths - but chief among them is the ability to meld through regular armor.
While the regular rounds are launched with an immense shot of 'Force Push' that gives it exceptional kick back to the average user - the true danger comes in the round itself. Heavy and laden with alchemy and sith magic, the shots pierce through armor with ease and bury themselves deep in the body. Once there, they release a specalized poison that can turn the midichlorians against its own body - effectively creating a 'Force Cancer' that spreads so long as the poison is within the person; made that much harder to get rid of through force related means by its internal dark side presence. Leave alone its great strength in its shot.
Despite this, the Kyr'am does suffer in a variety of ways - most notably against shields. While it can avoid armor, it fails to hold up against the shields one can carry; bouncing off them in a poor display of piercing power. In a sense, they are like the opposite of a 'solar ionization' cannon - where the shields can be bypassed, but they do less damage to the armor underneath. For these, it can bypass armor, but it fails when met with most type of shields. Add on its inability to bypass Vong formed armors, or anyone with a ysalamiri field, or that it only carries two rounds at a time makes it terrible ineffective against all but the most specialized of units.
Overall, the weapon is a dangerous thing - but it suffers in a variety of ways. Despite that, it is an exceptional side arm for use against Force Users; and the more powerful the Forcer, the better. This is where Kyr'am's strength comes in - and why it is the most exceptional example of an alchemized shotgun to date. Built for Mandalorians, used by Mandalorians - and killer of the Sith that subjugate Mandalor now.
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King of Pumpkins
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This is a very impressive stuff just not fully understanding how it combines or blends it's way through inorganic materials. Could you perhaps explain it more how it is able to do that?

Darth Maliphant Darth Maliphant
Essentially, each of the bullets are heavily alchemized and imbued with the power of 'Force Phase' - just to allow it to get through inorganic matierals, but not shields or organic matierals. Just a creative way to give it an extra bit of oomf, while still having drawbacks.

Ravenfire Ravenfire
King of Pumpkins
Factory Judge
Okay that’s pretty awesome I hadn’t heard of that power before so if you couldn’t add it to primary sources just so people who look at this sub aren’t confused like me that would be awesome
Darth Maliphant Darth Maliphant
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