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Krupx Munitions - Marketplace

Gorba the Hutt

Smug Slug


Fulfilling all your explosive needs.

  • KXM-114 BBQ Missile - Anti-tank missile capable of eliminating even those pesky beskar tanks by burning their crew alive. Yay.
  • KMX-114 SAW Missile - Thermobaric missile capable of clearing out bunkers, entire building floors, and caves.
  • KXB-110 Sandman - A non-lethal, shield penetrating bomb that disperses paralytic gas over a wide area.
  • KXB-110 Red Blanket - A shield penetrating bomb that carpets a wide area with an incendiary paint, then triggers ignition.
  • KXH-120 Pike - A man portable, variable payload missile launcher.
  • Void-7 Seismic Charge - The original Krupx death dealer, with an implosion wave so powerful it can crack asteroids apart.
All ordnance will be shipped in crates of six.

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