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It's What's Inside That Counts
Hello everyone. :)

With this character, I've gone to lengths to exemplify his AI's prowess. I'd like to also showcase the android's ability to fight.

Therefore, I am wanting to set up a thread in which his NPC companion gets kidnapped, and Harvey must come to the rescue.

You can help me out in different ways:

You can somehow meet up with Harv and offer assistance.

You can be working for the kidnapper.

You could even be the kidnapper him or herself.

Anything goes, all that I ask for is that Elsa isn't killed or maimed and that the two are reunited at the end of it.



It's What's Inside That Counts
[member="AD-Iqatar.13"] [member="Valkren Calderon"] [member="Hala Jast"]

Awesome. I'll be in touch with the thread link once it's up.


I'd say so, yes. Likewise, I'll be in touch.

[member="Lady Kay"]

I know, a tragedy. :(


Of course! You're more than welcome to join.

I think all we need at this point is someone willing to play the antagonist and we're good to go.


Orwell, The Librarian

Excellent. I'm sure you'll be able to contact me by searching for Orwell. Considering I'm connected to the holonet, anyways.

Bear in mind, I may have worked with your kidnapper. Just business.


It's What's Inside That Counts

Not a problem. I'll be in touch.

[member="Raven Elrimina"]

Sure! The more, the merrier!

I think we have enough here. Thread will be up momentarily.

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