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Approved Starship Kes Harpa-class Frigate

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Kes Harpa-class Frigate

A mainline Assault Frigate for the Lastwall Fleet
Image Source:[HERE][HERE]
Artist - Junji Okubo
Canon Link:Frigate
EF76 Nebulon-B Escort Frigate
Missile Deactivation Transmitter
Anti-Missile Octet
Permissions:Not Applicable
Primary Source:Not Applicable
LastwallPrimary Design
Von Sorenn IndustriesPrimary Manufacturer
BvK Fleet SystemsShield Systems
Phylon TransportTractor Beam Systems
Galactic Alliance ArmyMissile Deactivation Transmitter
Affiliation: Lastwall
Confederacy of Independent Systems
Model:Kes Harpa-class
Hull PlatingInternal StructureAdditional Materials
Carbon-Durasteel ArmorAluminiumTransparisteel
Quadanium SteelTitaniumStarship Components
Classification:Assault Frigate
Length:500 meters
Width:149 meters
Height:32 meters
Hyperdrive:Installed - Class 2
Armament:Very High
Defense: High
Hangar: Very Low - (1) Squadron
Armaments and Defenses
Hangar Allocation
Starfighter Squadrons:(1) Squadron
Support Squadrons: (0) Squadrons

Crew Compliment: 125 Officers 895 Crew 70 Gunners
Minimum Compliment: 56 Officers 316 Crew 39 Gunners
Passenger Capacity:100 Troops
Cargo Capacity:6,000 Metric Tons
Consumables:2 Galactic Standard Years
General Systems
Internal Security Features
Sensor Systems
Communication Systems
Life Support Systems
Shield Systems
Engineering Systems
Starship Hull
Hyperdrive Systems

General Systems
Sensor Systems
Shield Systems
Starship Hull
  • AR-0B Damage Reduction Armor Component - A feature that is often noted as being a hallmark of the Von Sorenn Industries manufacturing, this armor component maintains an ablative current that is sent coursing through the hull of the vessel. This current is utilized in reducing damage to the hull plating while also prolonging its longevity. This often results in longer periods between repairs or full hull replacement retrofitting.
  • Galaxy Guard Mark VII - A commonplace hallmark among Von Sorenn Industries manufacturing, specifically their Starships, this system component provides additional endurance to a vessel's established Deflector Shields. An additional effect of this system is an increase of the shield's range - further increasing the Deflector Shield's protective capabilities.
  • Maneuverable - Though the vessel overall is slow in terms of speed, its capability of maneuvering is remarkably higher than it likely should be given its size and categorization. Once the vessel is moving, it is relatively easy to maneuver the Frigate into position or formations as needed or demanded as a situation unfolds.
  • Heavy Armaments - Relative to its classification as a Frigate - the Kes Harpa-class Frigate is considerably heavily armed, often relying heavily upon its twin Dual-Heavy Turbolaser Cannon Turrets, as well as its General Projectile Launchers.
  • Heavily Defended - Equally relative to its classification as a Frigate - these vessels retain a series of defensive capabilities to assist in protecting the vessel during combat. These systems include though aren't limited to additional armor plating, Anti-Missile Octets, and Transmitters to further provide protection against missiles and torpedoes.
  • Quad-Laser Auto-Tracking Fire Control - A supplemental system often installed in Starships, that allows for fully automated firing of Quad-Laser Cannons rather than manual operation of the weapon systems. This allows for gunners to be freed up to focus on other tasks or weapon systems.
  • Eshan Accords - Directly established after the well known Mandalorian Invasion and subsequent Destruction of Eshan which saw the mass deployment of Thermonuclear Weapon Systems. While the Kes Harpa-class Frigate is capable of deploying similar weapons, the launchers - although General Purpose - prevent the mass deployment of such weapons after the events at Eshan. This means that only one such of these weapon systems is capable of being deployed at a singular time - even if multiple Frigates were fielded with such weapon systems.
  • Shuttle Reliance - While capable of deploying a singular Squadron of Starfighters - it is heavily reliant upon exterior shuttlecraft and troop transports for the loading of resources, personnel, and other materials required for the effective deployment and operation of the Frigate. This also limits its capabilities to execute missions that would require the utilization of Shuttlecrafts or other Support Crafts that it would be incapable of carrying in its hangar.
  • Aft Defenses - The majority of the Frigate's weapon systems are focused forward - even with turret systems - the bulk of the rear of the Frigate is relatively unguarded. This often means that the Kes Harpa-class needs to rely on its Starfighter Compliment or Anti-Fighter Corvettes to ensure that it is not outflanked or overtaken from the Aft-Flank during conflict.
  • Slow Moving - As mentioned above, the vessel is highly maneuverable once it gets moving - the problem however is getting it moving in the first place. The Kes Harpa-class Frigate is relatively slow, even more so when compared to Frigates of a similar classification or design.
  • Off-Set Engines - Connected to the main fuselage of the Starship - the Kes Harpa-class features off-set engine sections - which due to their design features similar weaknesses as seen with the connection piece of the Nebulon-B Frigate. Sufficient damage or focused-fire on this section can often result in the Kes Harpa-class losing its engines as they are shorn away from the main section of the vessel. In this event, catastrophic damage - including the destruction of the vessel - can result from such damage.
  • Limited Hangar Capacity - While capable of carrying Starfighters, it is limited in its capacity as such - with the Hanger itself only capable of supporting a single Squadron of Starfighters. This often requires it - in specific situations - to rely heavily on Carriers, Starfighters, or Corvettes for added Anti-Starfighter Defenses.
As the Galaxy faces horrors beyond comprehension that crawl and undulate towards the more populated regions of the Galaxy - there are those that have stepped forth from the darkness to prove that the Galaxy is not yet ready to merely lay down and accept its fate. Those that have taken up the mantle of the Last Vigil have struck out from the darkness in vessels gleaming of gold and white and it is the Kes Harpa-class Frigate that is often one of the first vessels at the front of these formations that seek to push back the aberrations that seek to consume the galaxy. Following a military doctrine of holding the line and never turning back, the bulk of these Frigate's weapon systems are focused forward - even with the majority of these weapons being turrets - though this, in turn, leaves the aft section of the vessel heavily vulnerable to attacks, provided the enemy is capable of outflanking the fleets or formations of these Frigates to strike from the rear. The Kes Harpa-class Frigate is equipped and predominately relies upon its heavy armaments - specifically its duo of Dual-Rail Gun Turrets located at the forefront of the vessel - that launch solid slug projectiles into the vacuum of space.

Comparatively heavily armed when brought up against similar Frigates that are designed specifically for Assault duties - it is equally heavily defended and is equipped with a series of additional defensive measures to further protect the vessel. These measures include Damage Reduction Components and Systems that boost and provide additional endurance to its already impressive Deflector Shield Generators. Its mixture of Projectile, Ion, and Laser weaponry ensure that it is capable of standing against a variety of situations and enemy vessels that it may come in contact with - with an additional feature being its Quad-Laser Cannon Fire Control System - a component that allows for the fully automated firing of the weapon system rather than leaving it in manual control. It should be noted, however, that the Frigate is lacking in Speed - often slow-moving at the outset of a battle - though more than capable of performing agile maneuvers once underway and provided the needed room to execute such maneuvers.

While it is capable of supporting a Starfighter Squadron - often deploying Interceptors, Bombers, or standard Starfighters as dictated by their current mission and needs of Lastwall - it is otherwise incapable of supporting Shuttlecraft or what many would consider Support-Craft. To this end, the Kes Harpa-class Frigate must rely on external Shuttlecraft and Support Vessels when it comes to meeting its needs for ferrying supplies and personnel to and from the vessel. Though lacking in other areas - often requiring the assistance of Corvettes and Starfighters to meet certain, mission-critical roles, the Kes Harpa-class Frigate is well suited for its intended role as an Assault Frigate - with its focus on dishing out a beating and equally capable of withstanding and taking one in turn. It serves as the first line of defense in pushing back the encroaching horde that seeks to consume the wider galaxy.

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