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Approved Starship Katitik Hive Industries Operator

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Cruk Tuk



  • Intent: A space station used by the Katitik Hive as bases of operations.
  • Image Source: https://imgur.com/t/scifi/7bg3Mn2
  • Canon Link: N/A
  • Permissions: N/A
  • Primary Source: (No space station used as source but I did use the Providence-class_Dreadnought for some of the decisions on scaling up weaponry numbers.
  • Classification: Military base/construction site
  • Length: 3000 m
  • Width: 3000
  • Height: 4000 meters
  • Armament: Very High
  • Quad Turbolaser cannons (56)
  • Proton Torpedo Launchers (408)-10 missiles magazines.
  • Heavy Ion Cannons (16)
  • Heavy Solar Ionization cannons (40)
  • Defenses: Extreme
  • Alternating heavy Ray_shields each with a backup ready to activate if the previous gets overheated. Separating the station into 20 separate locations instead of a single encompassing shield.
  • Flak Guns alternating with Point-defense Laser canons for more variety against missiles or close range fighters (62 each)
  • Large number of Blast_doors to handle internal disruptions.
  • Agrinium used on many station systems, especially vital ones such as generators, weapons, atmosphere controls, and the blast doors. for extra protection against EMP’s or radiation.
  • 50x Heavy Tractor beam projectors (trapping most stations under corvette size, or used to move debris or asteroids out of the way. Can be used on larger stations that don’t resist for docking purposes more easily)

  • Hangar Space: Very High: 34
  • Hangar Allocations:
    • Starfighters: 24 squadrons
    • Support Craft: 10 squadrons
  • Maneuverability Rating: Very Low
  • Speed Rating: Very Low
  • Hyperdrive: Very slow 10.0
  • All standard features

Communications systems: As communication with distant stations or clients is important the Hive Operators are equipped with high quality communications systems which are often available across much of the ship. Though all communications can be monitored or shut off from within.
  • The Katitik Hive Operators are very highly armed and defended. Equipped with flak guns and point defense canons spread across the station to defend against projectiles, small craft, or debris, that gets in close range of the station. As well as heavy tractor beams for capture or movement of stations, debris, or other large amounts of matter. And alternating Ray Shielding designed to prevent a single well placed hit from disablement. And in addition Agrinium lining for certain systems to prevent the station falling too easily to EMP or ION based attacks inside the station.

  • Internal controls: Since there could be considerable traffic occurring within the station. There was a necessity to have an extra level of control over its internal systems. With more complicated and unique operation systems that often require multiple points of agreement before making changes. The station utilizes a state of the art environmental control system to keep the entire crew, passengers, or customers, in the environment best suited. And can change these environments from location to location, if they are sealed off properly. This is made easier by use of the Blast Doors which double as both protection and a way to regulate possible variations from spot to spot. In addition, should they be boarded by someone they do not want to deal with, the station can alter its systems to create extreme conditions in the sealed locations whether that be sucking out all the air or increasing the heat to the point of boiling. The station also has some control over its artificial gravity, however it is not able to increase it high enough to cause extreme conditions, and primarily uses it for species that are used to more dense planets. However the gravity can simply be outright deactivated. Activation or increase is also slower, and more widespread, than would typically be useful in combat.

  • Construction site: One of the actual main purposes of this ship is construction. However while the ship does have a large amount of machinery inside to preform that construction of droids, weapons, or other smaller equipment. It is actually designed with compact systems that are more easily deployed in space or brought down to planets where they can be used on larger projects. For this reason even if the construction site is working on a ship, it is likely it would be doing that outside of the station itself, whether in space, on a planet, or a moon. While it could make some large things within the ship, they would also begin taking up room and may require being released into space or taken by a cargo ship for another location. This would also be simply slower than setting up the appropriate location and constructing more there.
  • Very well armed
  • Very well defended
  • Excellent room for ships
  • State of the art environmental control systems
  • Designed to be capable of construction
  • Very slow
  • Not very maneuverable
  • Hyperdrive is very slow
  • Functionally impossible to go undetected
  • Incapable of landing planet-side, as a result would require any such interaction be done via other ships.
  • Cannot perform many large construction works inside the station, most ships or larger machinery would need to be made outside of the station itself.

The Katitike Hive Operators were created as a form of semi-mobile base for their company and hive overall to allow themselves even greater ability to spread and choose exactly what and where they did business. Although strategically not meant to be brought to a fight, due to not only a slow speed but a very slow hyperdrive, the Hive was not going to take the risk their technology would simply be stolen. This was the same reason they made several instead of just one. They are designed to be extremely self-capable if they do come under attack, with the intent to make attacking them seem like far more of a cost than choosing another target or just letting them be.
While these stations did typically stick within the same system at least, they were often at least partially spread out. This was to allow them to react more easily to any potential invasions, as well as sticking near different planets or moons allowed them to use the land or orbit as a way of setting out their more mobile construction sites.
Crew capacity: 3600
Passenger capacity: 20,000
Cargo Capacity: 108,000 tons
Consumables: Luxury foods: 4 years. Common Food/Rations: 10 years.

Notes: While the military space station is listed as having a hangar space, it does not list specifics. Since my size is limited to 4000 meters I based its hangar size on the battlecruiser of the same size.
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