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Approved Tech Kalyr Alor's Beskar'gam

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  • Intent: Armor for an old Toon
  • Image Source: Halo, Master Chief
  • Canon Link: N/A
  • Restricted Missions: The Past Lives - Single Post thread in which Alor is told the capabilities of the armor.
  • Primary Source: N/A
  • Manufacturer: Mandalorian Scientist/Kalyr Alor
  • Model: Beskar'gam
  • Affiliation: Kalyr Alor
  • Modularity: No
  • Production: Unique
  • Material:
  • Armorweave,
  • B'sant
  • Kinetic Gel layer
  • Insulated Thermal Armor
  • Graphene Weave
  • Friction Grip
  • Magno Grip boots
  • Jump Servo components
  • Crushgaunt technology

  • Classification: Anti-Blaster, Anti-Ballistic, Anti-Lightsaber, Power Armor
  • Weight: 45kgs
  • Quality:
    Lightsabers - 9
  • Blasters/energy weapons - 10
  • Slugthrowers/piercing weapons - 8
  • EMP - 5
  • Kinetic impacts - body:7, Head:2

  • HUD and interface that can link up to other HUD features, Vehicle Systems, Weapon systems, and even AI.
  • Created using Crushgaunt Technology but envelops the entire body.
  • Nightvision
  • Lowlight Imaging
  • Infrared
  • Armor output
  • Motion sensor
  • Ally/Enemy tagging system
  • Mapping system
  • Encrypted Communications link
  • Microbinoculars
  • Holo Recorder
  • Domelights (one on each side of helm)
  • Oxygen Filtration System
Mandalorians are known very well for their coveted beskar, as well as Crushgauntlets. A set of gloves with a reactive fabric that increases the strength of the wearer dramatically to break bones, crush weapons, and even catch lightsabers. A scientist has created the very same design, however invested it into a full body suit and later armor set for his most prized customer. It acts very much like a crushgauntlet. Increasing his entires bodies strength and subsequent speed almost tenfold. With the HUD setup that allows more communication, and various additions of magnetic boots, and jump servos, it aids in any use that Alor needs for his armor.


  • Sturdy, and can withstand just about any weapon the average soldier, or force user may have. Blasters, Lightsabers, Slugthrowers, and grenades.
  • Strength and Speed is dramatically increased to allow Alor to perform feets that are considered inhuman. Punch easily through walls, metal doors, and ram through a permacrete wall.
  • Armor fits Alor perfectly Not hindering his movements in any way.
Weaknesses :
  • Back of the head is vital. Hitting it hard enough can sever the connection between the suit and the wearer. The suit would reverse its actions and try to "ball up." This action can crush the wearer with the suit. Greatly injuring the wearer, or even killing them. Simple slaps or taps or even accidental banging of one's head won't set it off. It will take a little more than that.
  • EMPs and electronic uses of the force can damage the HUD systems and disable the connections. While it wont cause the balling up that would happen like the back of the head, the suit would become extremely heavy and will weigh down the user.
  • Chinks in the armor can damage the wearer more easily than trying to break through the plate armor.
  • The Armor may increase the wearer's strength and speed, but it does not increase the wearers stamina.
  • Without the use of reactive fibers that increase the wearers strength, the armor could hardly be used, let alone worn without tiring the user. Thus shutting down the fibers and HUD system causes a lax of the armor. Making it feel extremely heavy from what it was.
  • The armor aids in strength. However, should the armor be taken off, the wearer would feel a sudden shift in strength needed to perform simple tasks. Such as taking it off, then trying to lift up a cup. The person would feel as though the cup is heavier than it really is. Or just the opposite. Should someone put the armor on, and be used to their normal strength, and reach for their nose, its very possible for them to give one epic level facepalm to themselves.
Simple compared to the various suits of armor that other Mandalorians have created, Alor wanted a simple set of armor. Plates, some armor weave, and a nice HUD to go with it. Having the armor is great for Alor with his coming back into the galaxy to aid the Mandalorians in their quest to become once more under the banner of Manda'lor.

Using technology from the Crushgauntlet, The bodyglove is created the same way any crushgaunt would be, and is layered with Mandalorian Iron in very heavy plates. Connected together by various large bolts and screws that hold the armor snug against the wearer, and prevent the armor from slipping off, or otherwise disconnecting from the user. All of the systems are connected to the helmet. Allowing for one central point in which the armor acts upon. This helps prevent spasms in the suit, and the accidental crushing of the wearer.

Other layers of weaves are put into place to protect the wearer from slugs, blasters, and other weaponry, or even help to defend against heat and cold temperates. Otherwise, this armor is just armor. No additional items or weapons are added on, or graphed onto the plating. Its armor, and armor alone.
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